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How I CURED my Vertigo

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This video is to show you that there are ways to help your vertigo. These methods worked for me and have kept my vertigo away. The exercises I used, I found on YouTube and can be seen here:

Hi everyone so today i wanted to do a quick video on the vertigo vertigo that i have been suffering with and basically what i wanted to tell you guys is how i have cured my vertigo i have found things that have worked for me and what i feel was my issue with vertigo and i wanted to share with you my vertigo happened two years ago major major bout of vertigo

Ended up staying three days in the local hospital which was a brand new two and a half billion dollar facility um really swanky probably the most expensive hotel stay in my life they ended up charging me 36 000 for three days in a hospital didn’t eat the food didn’t get anything other than an iv in my arm i had four or five doctors come and talk to me none of

Them uttered the words vertigo so i think it was a complete waste of money i heard words like brain tumor i heard words like stroke or heart attack or you know ear tumors all sorts of things like that but not one doctor said bird to go so my faith in the medical establishment is completely in the toilet um i ended up finding a homeopathy doctor that was

Able to cure me and the vertigo i had was laying down once i went to sleep or laid flat just the room just started spinning and spinning and spinning so it was just a spinning sensation you know it got to a point where i in the shower when you shampoo because your head is so tingly your head and your extremities were just tingling just tingling you know you had to

Shampoo and be careful when you wash your face or when i wash my face you know washing it and then you have to put my hands down slowly get up the smallest smallest things of dealing with vertigo just it’s it’s a curse it is truly a curse dealing with it and living with it and my vertigo was a horrible thing i had vertigo pre-vegan so this is when i was eating

Meat and dairy and any animal product that you put in front of me i would gobble it down so it has nothing to do with me being a vegan now two years ago you know i was eating organic local you know grass fed all that good stuff and i still had vertigo so today i’m here to tell you guys what i used to help my vertigo to help curb it the first thing i was the

First thing i was given to use from my homeopathy doctor who charged me 170 dollars for my initial visit and then it was like 70 dollars for each visit after compared to the 36 000 hospital visit and then the 50 visit to a specialist for a brain tumor plus whatever they charged my insurance company which was thousands and thousands of dollars so just you know

Put things in perspective 170 versus 36 000. two billion dollar facility hmm something’s wrong here so basically what they um what my homeopathy doctor can put me on the first thing she said for me to go get and mine knew i was standing like this because if my head was in this position and then i had my glasses on everything was dark i could function i could

Walk around but i had to turn like this and i had to turn like that just be very careful so the first thing she put me on was bryo mia and this is what it looked like right there and i put first time i’d never heard of homeopathy or homeopathy medicine but when you have vertigo you are desperate you will do anything anyone tells you you will take anything to

Stop the spinning so i was like what the heck my health food store sells it it was ten dollars or nine dollars and 20 cents and what it says on the back it says muscle and joint pains improved by rest so this is for muscle and joint pains which i was like what this is gonna help me so i put five of these under my tongue every 15 minutes for an hour now before

I started putting this under my tongue so let’s say i did it at four o’clock at 3 30 i was with dark glasses in my house sitting in on this sofa like a mummy like this could not do anything couldn’t you know tuck my kids in at night because i’d have to bend over it was a nightmare after i took this for an hour i was cooking dinner and laughing and smiling and

Having a wonderful time the spinning did not go away but it stopped the spinning but it made me more able to function i still was dizzy but it wasn’t nearly as dizzy as before i’ll tell you something funny i would walk my kids to school with vertigo and because you learn to live with it you have to live with it and i had one mom come up to me and say maybe i

Should stop drinking so early in the morning people at my kids school thought i was drunk because i couldn’t walk in the street i would like stumble it was so oh my god like one of those moments i was like no i’m not drunk i have vertigo and then the more i mention the word vertigo the more people would say to me oh yeah my mom has it and she lives lives with

It or oh my brother-in-law has it or my friend has it everybody knew someone with vertigo which i thought was really interesting because i was like i’ve never heard of this so then a year later i get my blood tests we are smart vegans we get blood tests on a yearly basis and my homeopathy doctor not the regular doctor that rips me off the homeopathy doctor

Now says hmm your borderline anemic now quick pause all the tests that i did and paid for at the hospital would not be released to me they would not give me my blood test they would not give me my mri or my cat scan of the brain for the tumor or any of the tests they said no that’s at your doctor’s office it’s been forwarded there you can get it from them they

Wouldn’t give it to me either so that really pissed me off so this blood test that i took here with this doctor is sitting in my filing cabinet the results so she says maybe you’re borderline anemic she said i wish we had those other blood tests to see where you were before not gonna happen so i ended up she ended up saying maybe you know b12 deficiency ties

In with you know your your blood test shows that you’re a little on the like borderline anemic she says let’s do a b12 a couple b12 shock and see how you feel so at the time i was like i had controlled the spinning controlled like i had basically re-taught myself balance and that’s what these institutes do that you go to they we teach you balance but you can do

It on your own as long as you’re focused and so you know i still couldn’t look up or look quickly left or right but i could you know function and be normal so she said let’s do a couple shots so we did a couple shots the first shot i remember b12 shot i did she was like tell me how you feel call me in a couple hours tell me how you feel what doctor does that

Number one so um called her and i said god i feel really relaxed the tingling in my head is gone and the numbness in my thumb i had like a continuous numbness in my thumb like just would not go away is gone i said that’s amazing and i said i feel really relaxed like oh she said wow that’s great she’s like come back next week we’ll do four shots over the next

Month and see how you feel so i did that and i felt awesome not once did the word dizziness or vertigo come into my mind like it was gone naturally gone gone one one one so i figured i was like oh i was b12 deficient so then i was watching a video done by durianrider and friedley the banana girl which i love love love them and it said they said read this book

On b12 it was one of their older videos so i checked it out for my local library and i read it and it was very interesting because every single one of my symptoms that i had during the vertigo is in this book every single one they mentioned vertigo eight times but they mentioned dizziness over a hundred times in this book so i was like oh my god omg i had b12

Deficiency this is amazing so i called my doctor homeopathy doctor and i said i want to do the intense b12 therapy that they mentioned in this book which is one shot a day for a week so that’s seven shots in a row one shot a week for a month and then once a month for life if you are b12 deficient now mind you i was babe 12 deficient pre-vegan so i think that

Has a lot to say with it with you know this vertigo happened two years ago when i was eating meat and doing videos on tzatziki and lamb chops you know so this book really shined a light on how serious b12 is i thought oh it’s a little vitamin just take it and you’re done no so i have done my week of b12 shots and i feel awesome awesome no dizziness i could

Play with my hair i can scratch my scalp i can do you know my son had a birthday party and i was on the trampolines with them jumping up and down i couldn’t even look at the trampoline you know when pre b12 so i feel like my vertigo was caused due to low b12 so hopefully this helps you get your b12 shot it doesn’t hurt you if you’re not b12 deficient if it is

Something else but for me it was b12 it’s the cheapest easiest thing that you can imagine and not one doctor in the hospital two billion dollar hospital that had my tests i mean so many eyes went on my results and not one of them saw with this little doctor in a little teeny tiny office with no secretary just her and her herbs found so b12 deficiency is what

I found was my issue bryonia helped control the dizziness did not help get rid of it so for now maybe you can do the brownia and then get your by the time you get your b12 shots let me know if this helps i this information is free i’m not selling a book like some people are on youtube about their b12 cures this is just out there i hope this helps i was desperate

When i had the vertigo so i’m hoping that this video will really put you at ease and know that i too have suffered like you are suffering and that i have found what has help me live my life the way i want to live it and do the things i want to do now so stay healthy and comment below and let me know if this helps and thumbs up my video if you like it i know

I talk a lot so no comments about my blah blah blah blah but thanks for watching and i hope this helped have a great day

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How I CURED my Vertigo By Nini Girl Ⓥ