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HOW I DEAL WITH DEPRESSION & ANXIETY (mental health, addiction)

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What’s up everybody i am finn mcentee this is my second channel where i talk about business and marketing and entrepreneurship and personal development all that kind of stuff that’s not really a fit for my main channel what i wanted to talk about in this video is topic that i know a lot of people are dealing with in general but especially now and that is mental

Health so i want to talk about what i’ve been through how i deal with it and give you a couple thoughts on how you may deal with it of course disclaimer i’m not a doctor you should talk to a professional or take their advice before i do that i wanted to apologize for not updating this channel and so long i think it’s been like almost a month now there’s two reasons

For that number one it just didn’t feel like a good time for me to be talking about money in business and stuff like that given all the stuff that’s going on number two it’s actually been super busy with my social media coaching program it’s pretty cool it’s been super fun if you were interested in that there’s only two that in the description but first this video

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Know when i can introduce you guys in an email anyway mental health i have been diagnosed with depression i’ve never been diagnosed with anxiety or hypochondriasis but i’m pretty sure that i have those two i’m pretty sure a lot of people watching this did do too but i didn’t know that i had depression until probably about eight years ago or so although now that i

Think about it i probably did my whole life because remember like in high school i remember just kind of waking up and feeling like blah like nothing mattered i didn’t enjoy anything i just felt shitty for like no particular reason and this was the 90s you know when people didn’t talk about depression like if you took any kind of you know psychiatric medications or

Anything like that that was like oh there’s something really wrong with that person if she takes pills like she’s she’s crazy thankfully we have evolved our thinking about that a lot more since then but like the idea of like going to a psychiatrist and getting diagnosed with depression was just not a thing that like that’s that didn’t happen in like the 90s because

Of that i just never really thought about it like it never occurred to me that i might have that or any kind of other psychiatric condition so i just kind of thought oh life sucks deal with it that’s the way it is and looking back on it i can see how i kind of dealt with it in some really bad self-destructive kind of ways from one that’s why i started partying

A lot at a certain point i don’t know it’s maybe like 29 or something like that when i started partying a ton because i realized oh when i’m like drinking and hanging out with people and acting like an idiot like i don’t feel shitty all the time so eventually i was drinking like five or six days a week like not getting like shit-faced five or six days a week but

Probably a couple days a week i wouldn’t say i was like an alcoholic or anything like that because i was able to quit literally overnight and it was fine no big deal but i definitely was using it as a way to self-medicate to treat this condition that i didn’t realize i had and then it got even worse because you know when you’re drinking that much and you also have

Like school and a job which i did at the time pretty hard to function you know if you get drunk on a tuesday night or something like that and get up on wednesday feeling like especially after you stayed up super late how are you gonna function well i started taking a bunch of adderall to kind of get through that because it is an instant hangover cure it’s pretty

Magical no matter how shitty and tired and rundown you feel like if you take an adderall fifteen minutes later you feel great up and adam and so i started doing that a lot and the problem with adderall among or one of the many problems with that are all is that you develop a tolerance for it first i was taking like ten milligrams or something like that then i had

To take fifteen then twenty than 40 like the most i ever took in a day i think was around like 300 milk is an absolutely insane amount and probably would like literally kill me now i’d probably have a heart attack if i took that now that didn’t last long that’s when i kind of realized like holy i just took like three hundred or three hundred twenty milligrams of

Adderall and need to pump the brakes here and even then it didn’t occur to me that i had any kind of like underlying psychiatric condition that might be kind of causing me to self-medicate and live this like super unhealthy lifestyle like somehow i managed to still do well at work and school so i knew that i was kind of doing things that i probably shouldn’t be

Doing but i thought i just like to have fun i may be partying a little bit too much but it wasn’t until somebody who i knew told me she’d been dealing with this stuff for a long time kind of talked to her about how i felt describing all the classic symptoms of depression and she was like you need to go to a doctor like you probably have depression that’s you’re not

Like supposed to feel that way so i did and they prescribed me one of the ssris i was on that and it did make me feel a little bit better but it made me like feel really tired and shitty rundown and i got kind of fat on it and so then i switched to the medication that i’m on now which is bulb uterine but is not an ssri it’s a completely separate kind of drug that

Doesn’t have all the same effects so if you think that you have like anxiety or depression or any other kind of psychiatric issue the number one first thing you should do is go talk to a professional for whatever reason i know that that’s really hard for a lot of people just making that first phone call to set up the first appointment is really intimidating for

People just pick up the phone call somebody and make an appointment it will take you five minutes and it could change your life it could save your life and then once you have made that appointment there are a couple other things to keep in mind number one is it’s very important for you to find somebody who you get along with and something i’ve found out is that

A lot of psychiatrists are actually kind of weird people with bad communication skills that are kind of odd people and i guess this is a known thing in the field that like psychiatrists are weird and kind of off-putting if you don’t like the person you’re talking to then go see someone else it might take you a couple tries to find someone but once you do it’ll

Make everything a lot better the guy i went to i think just googled him he’s like an attorney who also has an md so he does a lot of like workplace disability investigations and stuff like that and he’s just a really like analytical like smart cool guy that i just kind of enjoy talking to on a personal level who also happens to be a very good doctor for me keep

Looking until you find somebody to get along with number two you may need to do the same thing with your medication so just like i had to switch from the ssri to wellbutrin and then once i did everything was cool it may take you some time to find the right medication or combination and medications that works for you and i know that that’s frustrating i know that

Sucks and you really especially when you’re like in a really shitty place you want to just take something and feel better tomorrow but unfortunately that’s not usually how it works can take a while to find the right medications and it can take a while for those medications to work like three four five six weeks it’s not fair but don’t run away from it the sooner

You confront it and deal with it the better you will feel so that’s the third thing i would say it’s like understand there is a light at the end of the tunnel like however you feel now you may have to put in work to feel better but you can feel better you do not have to just suffer through it with the help of professionals with the help of your friends with the

Help of medication if that’s what your professional decides that you need you can feel better and don’t disregard the advice of the doctor like you should get a second opinion you should talk to professionals and stuff but don’t do like the thing that i see so often is someone says like i don’t want to be dependent on a pill well i don’t want to either you know

But here we are i’m sure diabetics don’t want to be dependent on taking insulin every day for their survival but here we are unfortunately for some of us you have to take a pill in order to deal with this mood disorder or whatever other condition you have either way you’ve got to talk to your doctor and you really need to follow the treatment plan and if you feel

Like it’s not working for you talk to somebody else and follow their treatment plan but do not try to take this on yourself and lastly the lifestyle part is super important like it is so true that you are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with if you’re around other people who are either negative or have unhealthy lifestyles like people

That are partying all the time or something like you’ve got to get yourself away from those people it’s just like being on an airplane and there’s a bunch of people coughing do you like no matter what no matter how hard you try if you sit around those people long enough you’re gonna get sick you’re gonna get infected by them and being around people that are living

In on a healthy lifestyle and i mean unhealthy in the physical and mental and emotional sense that’s gonna infect you too so you got to audit your friend group as ruthless and difficult as that may sound it’s super important make sure that you’re not doing what i did which is self-medicating i personally think that for people who have any kind of psychiatric issue

I don’t think you should use drugs or alcohol at all and that’s not out of some like self-righteous moral standpoint those things affect the way your brain works and if your psychology if your brain chemistry is not in a good place like you shouldn’t be with it by introducing other substances that are gonna potentially upset it if you’re depressed consuming more

Depressants is not smart my personal opinion is stay away from the drugs and alcohol including weed including alcohol if you have some sort of psychiatric issue all right everyone i hope that was helpful for anybody who may be dealing with that stuff i know a lot of people are right now especially now people cooped up at home a lot of people are dealing potentially

Losing their job or being afraid of losing their job it’s a tough time for a lot of people so that really means that if you are one of us that does have to deal with some sort of mental health issue that you really need to look out for yourself you really need to practice self-care as much as i hate that term like it is a real thing and you need to think about it

So hope that was helpful and i will see you next time

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HOW I DEAL WITH DEPRESSION & ANXIETY (mental health, addiction) By Finn Mckenty