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How I Fixed My Gynecomastia: How To Get Rid Of It With TRT (by Danny Bossa TRT)

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How I fixed my gynecomastia (gyno, man boobs, chest fat, bitch tits) with TRT.

Welcome to the video everyone this is the trt and hormone optimization youtube channel i’m your host steve nichols and my guest today is danny prosser welcome danny thanks steven nice singing again danny has been on the channel and in videos many times before and sometimes he has got any comments on guy no maybe so he says yeah i had guy know in the past and

This is how i fixed it so then he is going to talk about that today go ahead honey okay so you guys have seen that i’ve done a lot of videos about not blocking estradiol and i’m a huge proponent of of not touching it just cos i mean we’ve just drowned you guys in studies and literature as to why it’s good for your health why you don’t want to block it under any

Circumstance during the time i was doing those videos i actually had some dynam the gyno was something i developed before i started to your team now if you’d like to see some proof here’s a picture of what i look like prior to starting trt and as you can see i’ve got boobs okay i’ve got fat around the midsection like crazy quite a bit of fat or on the chest and i

Had some huge lumps under my nipples back then so this is a little over five years ago so a lot of you’re gonna say oh you probably got this guy and i’ll back then because his estrogen was mine actually wasn’t when i got my labs done my estradiol or my u2 was actually at eleven pg/ml okay that’s like really really really low my cyst √∂sterlen was that 228 on gdl

Which is really really low so clearly high estrogen had nothing to do with me getting gyno it was insufficient arrogance okay so it was a lack or a deficiency in testosterone when i started up on trt my testosterone level started to come up and obviously my estradiol started to come up because that’s what happens when you raise the stas room i was doing weekly

Injections at the time and weekly injections are very very prone to causing issues with guys because they get a peek at the first day and it drops and drops and drops and drops throughout that we can get another peek and it drops and drops and during the time that i was taking doing that kind of protocol and i started off with a hundred milligrams a week which

Wasn’t nearly enough for me at all the lumps under my chest started swelling up they were big they were painful i couldn’t touch it you know if someone gave me a hug it hurt it always hurt not to mention i had the fact that i had accumulated on my chest was just not going away the other interesting thing that i found during that time was i could not take any type

Of vitamins or any type of minerals without killing my libido which was weird and if those of you that are in the facebook group you’ll have seen that i’ve done that ton of posts about this i tried vitamin d vitamin b12 zinc the whole nine yards it didn’t matter what i would take my libido would drop and it was interesting because my vitamin d levels were actually

Measurably deficient so was might be 12 so over the course of time i started bringing my dose up more and more and more more i learned that doing weekly injections was not the right way to do it and i started doing twice weekly injections and eventually it was doing every other day and then i started doing daily currently right now i’m doing every other day but

That’s beside the point by doing more frequent injections my hormone levels became more consistent they became more stable and i started to notice that even without an ai the lump started shrinking a little bit i did take an ai when i started off because i had issues about have said the the the swelling when i was doing a hundred milligrams a week once once weekly

Injections i was getting swelling and pain and i asked the doctor for an ai because i thought that this was being caused by a certain estradiol by e2 and i took the ai and it prevented the pain sensation going on but i realized later on again that it wasn’t good for my health and that basically all i was doing was masking the symptoms of a crappy yes i eventually

Got off got off the a i got my levels consistent and then that pain and swelling kind of went away interestingly enough the more that i raised my dose the more fat i was losing off my chest and the more that the lump under my nipple was shrink okay you know what don’t even i’m kneeling i take my word for it i’ll show you you just saw that before okay now here’s the

Aspirin okay i can finally take my shirt off in public and not feel embarrassed this what i’m getting now is i get pimples if i sweat and i don’t shower right away i guess it’s like the same thing when i was a kid when i was a teen but as you can see no sign of swelling no sign of lumps the fat on my chest is vanishing okay compared to the videos i did earlier on

A year word i mean they were sticking out but that wasn’t from higher levels of e2 it was caused by what i had develop treats here to put this back on so at one point i got my dose to 200 milligrams a week my free tea was at about 22 and i had stayed on there for quite some time it was getting a little bit better and then it just kind of plateaued i eventually got

My dose up to 250 that got my free tea 228 did love got even better the fat was going away even more and over time i got my tea or tea dose 300 milligrams a week that now has my free tea somewhere around 40 my e to right now is over 60 so my estrogen right now is or estradiol is six times the level that it was free tier team back when it was causing the actual guy

Okay so if that’s i don’t know what more proof i can offer to say that the higher levels of estradiol had little to do or nothing to do with me developing i know back the other interesting thing is once i got my dose higher up where all my symptoms were resolved i also then discovered i was suddenly able to take all these vitamins and minerals that i couldn’t take

Before it’s as if the higher serum levels of tests gave me enough libido enough direction straight and that’s energy and whatever that i could take these vitamins that have zero issues so then i was able to add 10,000 iu vitamin d i was able to add five thousand micrograms of b12 i was able to add 50 milligrams of zinc i’ve added some vitamin c some vitamin e and

Upon taking those and getting those levels up it has gotten even better and better and better and better so i’ve noticed now in the last few months a huge change in the lump that was there before that was hard when i touch it now i mean i have to go look for it before just going like that i could feel it it’s literally 80% gone right now and i’m noticing week by

Week by week improvements overall so now i’m gonna just keep everything the way that it is right now and i’m pretty sure that within a year from now it might even be 90 percent gone i don’t ever expect it to be a hundred percent gone but as you can see i have no reason now to want to cover up or be shy about my chest which i about the guy know that i developed way

Back when this has worked for me i have not touched an ai in four years at this point i don’t take anything else other than testosterone i don’t take the hea i don’t take craig i’m taking trt multi vitamins minerals i’m exercising as you can see i’m eating healthy and that for me with some time was enough to get this 80% or more resolved so i hope maybe that could

Help some of you guys out thank you so much for sharing your experience done you’re welcome and now do this next click on one of these thumbnails and go watch another video to learn a ton more about trt and hormone optimization

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How I Fixed My Gynecomastia: How To Get Rid Of It With TRT (by Danny Bossa TRT) By TRT and Hormone Optimization