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How I Flatten my Stomach in one Week with Metformin and other tips for PCOS

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This is what worked for me.

Hi guys it’s the huntress here and i got my stomach flat in about a week i know it’s not perfect but it used to be so much more inflamed and this is i used to look a lot more pregnant so even though it’s not perfect there’s a lot of improvement here guys it’s the baby steps it’s the success having pcos and having hormonal conditions we climb mountains that are a

Lot harder to climb than most people different foods and stuff affect us differently i’m able to accomplish this with 750 grams milligrams of metformin i’ve been able to do this with going to the gym five times a week and i’ve been able to do this with not completely getting rid of but eliminating most meat eliminating most processed sugar and processed foods

I’ve also been drinking lemon water like crazy and cutting out the carbonation even though i never drink pop really i do like carbonated water so i’ve been cutting that out and putting more of that lemon water in and getting those natural electro uh electrolytes so far i don’t see the results of losing any weight but i feel like i’ve lost inches i really feel

Like i have because my stomach’s flat my clothes fit on better when i say flat i mean it’s a lot flatter than it used to be guys i know it’s not perfect but it used to stick out so bad it made me look like i was pregnant but my inflammation is down significantly which is amazing so metformin works but you really need a combination of things i mean look at my

Complexion look at everything in one week just by taking care of myself i mean there’s no magic wand you have to put in the work if you want to feel better and you want to look better the thing with our society is a lot of people just don’t want to put in the work you know they just don’t want to put in the work and i’m going to encourage you today to put in

The work look at me in a week i feel so much better my mind my clarity my physical self my physical presence i haven’t lost a pound i’m still 160 but i feel great y’all i’ve lost inches i feel like and when you start exercising too you got to realize sometimes you actually go up on the scale a little bit because you’re turning that fat into muscle mass so even

Though my body’s going through changes right now it might not necess necessarily be that i’m carrying on a lot of fat it’s that i’m changing that fat into muscle mass guys i’m at the gym and my goal was to do 400 calories and i did it in the amount of time so you can do it if you put your mind to it it’s all a mental game if you’re not getting 10 000 steps a day

If you’re not putting the right things into your body you’re not going to see results you cannot just keep eating processed sugar after processed sugar and expect to feel or look good i’m not saying you can’t ever have it guys i love processor but i’ve greatly eliminated this week i’ve had a few cookies and i think that’s it i’ve stayed away from ice cream all

Together i stayed away from processed foods i i’m trying to stick to seafood i did have beef just very very little hot dogs no i’m eating mostly vegetarian so and just look in one week’s time wow in order for my health and business to be a success i have to feel good and i have to be my best self so i’m going to encourage you guys to be your best self put in

The work put in the work what i did was um on wednesday i made a schedule for myself i’m gonna go to the gym five times a week and i found the best days that work for my schedule so i don’t feel overly exhausted i’m taking fridays and sundays off so i can enjoy those days and not have to worry about go to the gym and that will help get that inflammation down from

When i do inflame myself because i’m burning calories i’m doing 250 calories on three days on work days and then my other two days i don’t have to worry about getting back to work i’m gonna do around 400 calories so i’m not in the place where i’m burning 800 calories a day but we’re going to get there we are going to get there these are baby steps how do you get

That inflammation down in your stomach guys it’s it’s simple count the carbs cut out the processed sugar you don’t have to eliminate them all together but greatly minimize them take your metformin also you need to start drinking water a crap ton of water and put some lemon in it makes it nice it helps with the electrolytes and it really works for me go to the gym

And get exercise and feel better we only have one life why not be our best selves thanks for watching on the huntress

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How I Flatten my Stomach in one Week with Metformin and other tips for PCOS By Native Roots