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How I got off prescription opioids and got my life back | This Happened To Me

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Kirk Foat severely injured his hand while on vacation, so badly that when he returned to Canada, doctors feared they might have to amputate it. He underwent four surgeries to rebuild his hand, and was prescribed opioids to help with the pain.

If someone told me what i was gonna go through on opioids i probably wouldn’t have done it hello my name is kirk boat and in 2008 i experienced a severe injury to my right hand while i was on vacation as a result of that injury i thankfully had four hand surgeries in london ontario which saved my right hand as a result of those surgeries i started taking opioid

Medication to counteract the pain that i was experiencing over an eight half-year period i took over 600 scripts being on opioids created a mind fog i couldn’t does that decipher regular things my sleep was often interrupted and i really couldn’t get to any normal emotions as time went on i felt like i was becoming a lesser version of myself even though i kept my

Medication in a locked safe i always had a very large concern that my young children 3 and 5 at the time would find a stray pill a key point that i learned from my psychologist before i started my taper was the difference between pain and how i was interpreting this pain let me give you an example when i’d be on the road driving to a meeting in toronto and they’d

Be gripping the steering wheel for about three hours the way i originally thought of the pain was really in a circle man this pain is awful let me take a pill wait 15 minutes his pain is i think even worse let me take another pill so this cycle of pain is the way i used to think about pain after i learn these tips from my psychologist the way i thought about pain

Was i’d acknowledge the pain and then move on during the seven-month process of tapering it was really hard for me to prepare what had experienced during an actual taper started off with every three weeks i dropped ten milligrams of oxy and i would do the taper i would start the taper on a thursday or friday and i planned to be really sick for those first three

Days it was always the worst part of the taper and then come monday morning after i was done sweating being very sick experiencing things like restless leg and just think of your your worst nausea your worst diarrhea and you’d experience that you’d know it’s coming and you prepare for it so the seven-month taper was was really like a marathon in the sense that

The sickness didn’t go away i truly understood why people stopped tapering and went back to the regular medication because it was a lot easier once we got to zero i should feel great everything should be normal it wasn’t that way at all things were still very very exaggerated it took me about nine months from the point of zero to feel totally normal it didn’t

Happen quick enough and an example my psychologist explained to me was she said kirk during your medication you were wrapped up in a blanket you were protected by this barrier of medication from both pain and all your other emotions that’s the way you’re going to continue to feel as the medication exits your body and for many many other reasons i can’t explain to

You how long it’s going to take for you to feel normal again but in my case it took nine months when in fact we were hoping everything was going to be back to normal at the point of zero and it’s very satisfying for me to tell people about my experience about what work worked for me i mean i’m not a scientist i’m not a doctor but i’m a guy that did it i’m a guy that got to zero

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How I got off prescription opioids and got my life back | This Happened To Me By CBC