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HOW I HEAL MY ACNE SCARS || I switched to BCP TRETINOIN .05% + 9 weeks update

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If you want to buy The Ordinary Rosehip Oil, I bought mine here:

For two months your very first question is that kona switch cough from one tretinoin brand to another makakaron kapanam perching i really really like this product hi everyone in today’s video i’m going to share to you guys on facebook after nine weeks of taking isotretinoid and as well as using tretinoin as my anti-acne cream for nine weeks as well so if you’re

Interested to know more please keep on watching if you’re new here hi my name is rv i am from cebu philippines and i’ve been experiencing acne for the last five years of my life talagang severe anki sang niko and nothing seemed to work hundred percent and something that worked for me right now is taking iso trading on a dermatologist and i am using the tritium

Cream as well and this also worked on my face so this is my face before and this is my face now i am not wearing any makeup right now with sunscreen and it was it’s already 11 p.m guys so i didn’t add any sunscreen it only named it and it gives a little coverage on my face but i’ll try to zoom it in face correct and then this is the left side of my face

Right now flat nominal surface now but i still do have a lot of scars and as well as the tuna area the very effects isotretinoin treatment but i’ll be using this it won’t be effective nah lip cream or lip balm i’m gonna go paramount but this is the left side of my face if it compared from how my skin looked like before telling difference and it’s been like two

Months plus and also hindi na ho mashaan nakahara acnes will be the scars but i’m really really happy with the results i’m done with all the purging hindina well i know irritations and face goblin redness manga rednalang because of the scars but everything is really well and alongside the effect when i experience gold lately is that hair fall and as well as

Dryness is very dry and as well as hair fall um if you’re someone who’s also taking eyes of chattanooga or kaitsi no no dandruff maybe you could share um what products you’re using parameter but aside from all of that everything is really doing well i am not depressed i’m not having anxiety as well because those were some of the side effects and also whenever

I’m using the tretinoin so you got moisturizers and as well as um products that could heal our acne scars so all in all side effects wise for two months telegram journey and i am not sure how long to take um iso 39 but i’ll be using tretinoin this product for a long time um getting pregnant because we cannot use this tretinoin if we’re pregnant also guys i’ve

Been using this tretinoin from dcp and brand the ginagameco before 0.05 percent and for some reason the misplaced home reserve nah from bcp which i ordered from shoppi um this was for 350 pesos by one take one so talagang soo let’s shine i’ve been in liquor before and i want to try this but when i checked shoppies uh bcp kuala lumpur i won’t take one a discount

But you will be receiving another freebie so if you’re interested to try this product then i will be putting the link on the description box below but before that guys i want to inform you that this product is a prescription product it’s best to ask your dermatologist if using this product is the best way to treat your acne if you’re someone that goes to mother

Like my heel and acne more in a proper way then it’s best to consult a dermatologist okay so now let me share to you guys while i’m using tretinoin bcp and tretinoin so i’ll just show you guys this is for 10 grams and then you is 90 is 30 grams and i bought that around 500 pesos and this is for 350. so must this is how it looks like i don’t know if you could

See so this is how the product looks like guys but this is actually yellowish i’m gonna feel good by the way but ginagamiko and tretinoin in comparison t is that must soft glides a face and mass mandalay cushion it blends the whole face or it applies a whole face go when i use um i just tried this bcp and i’ve been using it for around two weeks now so your very

First question is that gonna switch off from one tretinoin brand to another magazine purging while using another brand of tradinoid next question ano amasumura of course um would be the ac90 because you can buy it for 30 grams and then this one is only for 10 grams and nasha the other one would be around less than 500 or 500 plus so compared to bcp and if your

Question is online online consultation you can just search on facebook and um free consultations so just search in there description box below next question would be i know most effective the acknowlenty or this bcpa i would say effectiveness of both of course they are both products just different brands of course both and all of them are effective because

They are the same kind of product next question sanka baha well you can buy this immediately on the clinic of your dermatologist it is also available in shoppi na cavist canon dermatologist before or you already had a consultation from a dermatologist next question i know among products right now well i’m so excited to share to you guys order because of shoppi

I bought this with my own money of course nabeliko um but this is the ordinary 100 organic cold pressed rose hip seed oil um from a youtuber taylor win she had an isotretinoin treatment and sabina mcgill acne scars scars now would be this the ordinary rose hip oil and right now i’ve been using it i think for two weeks as well and um right now even after using

This talagang super glowy the face go of course because i’m using an oil but face i really really like this product and i will really use this this product is very effective now in healing acne scars and since i experienced a lot of acne health because we really need to heal acne scars as well and you know i just realized that acne and also since sobrang dying

On facebook lately i’ve been trying to um add more products then give them more hydration onto my face and right now um i will be adding a moisturizer by the way the moisturizer that i am using and always works for me is the one from seletech hydration maramina home review about this i’ve been trying to talk about this product every time so we don’t get a gummy

Corn moisturizer and then um moisturizers hey guys i do have moisturizers naloxone type this is the one from cetaphil meron did a home from a survey young thingy or napatma survey both of them didn’t work for me so i think um face whatever i’m using this kind of lotions on me so naive kona what if anga meet and go would be something like a gel type or a water

Type and i will be trying this a new product from raw vectin skin essentials activating treatment lotion a surge product and it really gives a lot of hydration on my face don’t worry today will be the first day naga meet and go on products you will see we break breakout bajo but i already tried to research all of the ingredients the ingredients this was given to

Me by wish trend and products and then i said i would want something that could give hydration onto my face and they said and they recommended this product so i’ll be trying to use this product thank you so much wishtrend this is not a sponsored video this was just given to me and i will be trying this one so who are getting effective why not try it right this

Is a korean product so aside from that sunscreen again a gamma kona sunscreen would always be the cos rx and alo soothing sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen you’re not gonna give it a sunscreen and um alcohol material fragrance but i really really like that product talagang parasha moisturizer because um it acts like a moisturizer but hindi was no breakouts

Moisturizers and also i am using this bellow sunscreen like that so it only products lately for cleansers and hydration serum hydration and lastly i just want to tell everyone so shout out to my mother i just want to remind you to always use your sunscreen so aside from my mother all of you guys should wear your sunscreen manga melasma anyway guys that’s just

Gonna be it for me in today’s video um or manga any research about new products but i just want to update you now i’m okay i’m doing well i’m doing great but you’re not busy long because of work um but so far so good i’m happy all the time i’ve been trying to be healthy i’m doing exercises so i will be updating you guys next week again kokomo stone face go but

So far everything is doing well thank you so much guys for watching this video and i hope to see you on my next video bye guys please don’t forget to like and subscribe bye so you

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HOW I HEAL MY ACNE SCARS || I switched to BCP TRETINOIN .05% + 9 weeks update ♡ By Arvie and Carsten