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Yo someone actually needs to put they stop on me for real like these markets are just getting destroyed the amount of money i’ve made this week is over six figures i’ve never done this before in trading i’ve just literally changed my life this this week it’s nuts and you know 16 22 buyers we call all in free trades link in description 1660 sells we call and

Then me we’re just catching the 164150 entries bang then obviously we saw the pullback after the push-up that was a fake out we held and yeah man my tree closed for plus 95k but i’ve caught the buyers and sells buyers now we’re on the sales up here as well we got a 1674 entry on this one as well i just wanted to say guys the money that we’ve made this week is

Ridiculous and it’s all down to hard work i’ve i took a massive break you can see on my youtube channel i went to dubai i had to mentally reset i come back got into a good gym routine and now i’m slaying forex trading again i’m back again grinding my absolute four percent off the percent off the percent and this is all free now i can explain all of these reasons

To why we entered the markets they’re so simple reasons now we see the push-up here at 1642 or actually let’s just talk about let’s talk about these these buyers the 1641 buyers now we see gold push up and make highs the real price retracement from the previous sales was 16 17 1673 slash 1674. if you look on the 4h price sold here we see it sell from 1690 all

The way to 1660 then when price resold back up it come to here and sold down all the way from 1616 so this is just a price retracement now 1662 would have been good sales which we caught because obviously you’re seeing the bullish push up that is some huge momentum you will see pullbacks now we pushed up and that was just a price retracement of the previous

Bearish on the 4-h and it’s same on the daily as well by the way on their daily you seem to push down so therefore you know you’re gonna sell back down now on the daily you’re gonna see support at 1642 on this daily high this is when price pulled back and then push back down again and because we broke up on this daily we know that we’re now biased because we’ve

Gone into a bullish market because we’ve taken out previous hires made highs up here now obviously today we’ve seen price push all the way up you could see price push up to 1676 because in theory on the daily that is a good position for price to pull back on because that is the wig right there now that will probably take place at some point today we’re in cells

At a minute at 1674 because of the previous highs now this is on the one h which is why you can day trade and swing trade the daily is better for swing trades the 1h is better for in and out if you’ve got 100 pip take profit 60 80 pip take profit now that’s the reason why we got in 16 4150 1642 on the 1h the highest made for the break below but then huge bullish

Push-up and we took out new highs we know now it’s going to push to the high made end of this in this zone right here marked up that is a zone the highs of this zone pulled up pull back push up and because we break out of into a bullish market we know that this is going to be the range where it’s going to collect and continue to stagger up because if you look

Here we’ve already found support here so this is the new range and this is all due to like life experience training experiences why i know this you know and sometimes it might not do it but most of the time it will because we’re breaking out main new highs we’re going to see the pullback you know we’re breaking our zone we know that the 1662 is a good point in

The market because of the one h where the highest dropped here we know this is a good point or price retracement just because of the whole bullish momentum of this staggering zone there we know it’s going to pull back at some point that’s a good point where markets will gather orders and then obviously impulse off now that’s why we entered themselves and that was

During tokyo session and then we catch the buyers buy limit set too now with this trade it’s a five to one i wanted to make it ten to one and we could have but i was like yo i’m just gonna make it five to one prove to people that you can use 20 sales or 10 perfect cells when you’re catching these insane sniper entries and obviously the only reason i know this is

Because i’ve studied the charts and i’m actually putting a lot of effort into the markets to make and change my life and this week has been the most life-changing thing ever so make sure to join up the free trades and all that good stuff but yeah now quick sales back down could probably see it pull back and you gotta look on the 1h collect rulers here going to

The 4-h where could we pull back from we could pull back to 1652 or 1660. so i’m not really too sure where gold could go now but once it starts selling as i said on the daily 1675 we whipped out of the body but we want to try and work out on here or at least reach up to close to it now we’re not that close to her in a minute we could see pullbacks to 1664 1663

Which is why this take profit is a quick easy take profit because previous highs here 1663 and 1665 now you’ll just see an impulsive spike down and then it will take out orders now that will hit a take profit and then we’ll wait and see how gold moves throughout the day as i said it’s friday it’s only quarter past 10 in the morning like subscribe i appreciate you

Guys support if you want to change your life the buy your prop firm challenge try and pass it use risk management join up the free trades and yeah i’m gonna keep grinding my youtube channels all of them my free trading group my goal group i’m grinding everything right now so stay tuned because it’s only been things to come tick tock instagram you

Name it we’re grinding it peace

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