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How I target low back pain and testicle pain (pelvic pain/low back pain in women)

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Hey guys it’s alicia from mobility master comm and i want to talk to you today all you men out there who might have testicle pain and low back pain if you have these two things combined it indicates to me that you have an addict or passionate problem and if you have only one of them you might also have restriction in your adductors or your inner thighs so this could

Apply to you as well but if you’re searching the internet and you found your way here because you google the testicle pain and low back pain i’m pretty sure this is gonna provide some relief for you now i’m not a doctor there are plenty of other things that could be going on here but i have had experience in my private practice working with a few men over the years

Who’ve had testicle pain and back pain and this one technique takes care of it like that so i’m gonna actually show you what i use in my private practice that is very very powerful it’s a technique that i use with two feet on the adductors it’s extremely intense for people most of the time especially if they need it but we literally get it done in 30 seconds and

That’s how fast it can take to get significant relief if not complete relief so my method of fashion release is called kinetics i’ve developed this myself using a bunch of different principles and techniques i’ve learned over the years working with people in pain since 2008 it involves stepping on people so i step on people head to toe and this particular technique

Is the most powerful for the inner thigh or the addict er okay having a demo this technique for you right now so this is one of my favorite techniques not just for what we’re talking about today which is all of you men that might have testicle pain from type fashion in your adductors and maybe low back pain as well it affects men and women alike this area when

It’s restricted but this is an amazing technique that can do so much good in literally 30 to 40 seconds bam because i’m using two feet my full body weight which is pretty scary for a lot of people but personally i’d rather do it in 30 seconds then take three times to do it in ninety so i can handle a lot of intensity if i know i’m gonna get a reward for it and that

Reward is a feeling of lightness springiness pain relief if i have pain and feeling better and i think that’s worth it so alright you ready we’re going one foot high one foot mid and then i’m moving to grab that hi a doctor oh boy so flex your feet it’s only you guys can see its face right now his eyes are so big all right and then you’re gonna march so you’re

Gonna go up keep that heel low perfect and then push through you awesome one more time so no his femur is not going to break our bones are very strong all the way down one more time so i like to do three three is the magic number and then straight leg and rolling like a log relax your leg just let it roll not an easy technique to do when your adductors are really

Tight like sevens often are but it is amazing when you’re done alright alright what did you think of that did you cringe a little as you saw me step up on to stefan’s adductors i know it can probably feel crazy that i’m stepping there with both feet but the result is usually instance i’d love to know if you’d let me step on your adductors leave a comment below

Or maybe you’d let someone in your life do that for you so make sure to tell me what you think in the comments below but i don’t want to leave you hanging and just watch what i would do if you walked into my office i want you to be able to take action for yourself and get yourself out of pain if you’re experiencing either of the issues we mentioned add a testicle

Pain or low back pain so i have an amazing high adductor technique using a basketball and i would love for you to try that right now so we’re going to link to it right here click that link give it a try make sure to take action because as we all know information without action is useless and if you found your way here then i’m guessing you’re in pain and you want

To get out of pain so go do that let me know how it works for you and if you liked this video give me a thumbs up share your thoughts below maybe share with your friends and family or anyone who you think could benefit from this message if you’re new here make sure to subscribe we have episodes that go out every single week as always i hope you’re learning to trust

Your body so you can adventure through life with confidence i will see you next time

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How I target low back pain and testicle pain (pelvic pain/low back pain in women) By Elisha Celeste