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How Long CAFFEINE Stays in the BODY?

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Whether its tea or coffee, 90% of the world consumes caffeine in one way or the other

The one thing that keeps you going through the day keeps you active removes drowsiness and makes workout better yes we are talking about caffeine there are a lot of questions about it if it’s good or bad how long does it take to kick in how long does it remain or is it truly addictive or not well stay tuned to find out hey everyone this is dioscience simplified

Science to make you smarter using caffeine dates back to thousands of years when it was just some tea leaves brewed to form a drink it slowly developed into forms we used today caffeine is a psychoactive drug it works by inhibiting adenosine adenosine is a chemical compound found in all cells of the body it helps in the transfer of energy by forming atp and

Adb molecules but in brain it acts as inhibitory neurotransmitter it promotes sleep and suppress alertness as you consume your favorite caffeine beverage body starts to absorb it within a few minutes in 45 minutes 99 of caffeine is absorbed from the drink though it may vary based on age medical factors etc when it goes in bloodstream the liver initiates its

Breakdown into theophylline theobromine and pedexanthine liver can’t metabolize all caffeine at once some free caffeine that remains in bloodstream enters the brain caffeine molecules are very similar to adenosine molecules and are therefore able to bind to the brain’s adenosine receptors blocking it from binding and doing its work one of the important functions

Of adenosine is to signal the brain to sleep it is to be noted that caffeine doesn’t replace the need to relax it just hides it for some time the process also works in favor of dopamine which is the feel-good hormone without adenosine it becomes more abundant and instills a feeling of happiness and well-being besides these the metabolites formed by breakdown of

Caffeine also have other effects on body thiophylline relaxes smooth muscles that’s the reason some people need to use bathroom after drinking coffee pure bromine increases oxygen in other nutrients to be used by the brain the half-life of caffeine in humans is four to six hours that is if you consume 10 milligrams of caffeine five milligram remains in your body

After four to six hours caffeine metabolites are filtered by kidneys and they exit the body by urine when most of the caffeine is out of the body the person experiences a crash caused by elevated level of adenosine that can now attach to the brain receptors also the level of dopamine declines as well resulting in tiredness and lethargy consuming too much caffeine

Can be very harmful for you it may cause anxiety insomnia digestive issues addiction and heart problems if you’re used to drinking caffeine you might experience withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking it you can experience things like headache and fatigue within 12 to 24 hours if you plan to quit it completely they can last a few days consuming 300 milligrams of

Caffeine or 2 to 3 small cups of light roasted coffee a day is fine for most people exceeding that is not good for you do hit the subscribe button if you like this video let me know what topics do you wanna see next and as always keep learning keep exploring until you know everything

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How Long CAFFEINE Stays in the BODY? By TyroScience