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HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET OVER GABAPENTIN WITHDRAWAL – my experience after a year of use. Full blog post –

Hey guys it’s sheila over at and it has been a hot minute since i’ve made a video and a lot of that has to do with the reason that i’m making this video today which is the fact that i broke the heck out of my arm skiing and i did this in february of 2020 so it’s been more than a year um i was snowboarding i took a lesson with my family one lesson i

Was at the very bottom of the hill i caught my heel lip against the snow and it kind of flung me backwards even though i wasn’t going very fast i put my arms out to catch myself which you’re never supposed to do and i’m that person that in real life can hyperextend my arm like i had this great mobility so i hyperextended it when i put it out and it pushed this part

Of my arm up into this part of my arm so i shattered my humerus this is the kind of injury that you normally see if you get into a car accident and you put your arms out and put them on the dashboard to like catch yourself and then you get that whole ram effect at least that’s what the doctor said he said it wasn’t an injury that he really saw with snowboarding

So i busted it up really really good i think i broke it into seven pieces um they had to do surgery on it they had to cut the bottom of my elbow off pull it up to my shoulder lifting my triceps with it so they could get to my humerus and fix all the damage and then put it back down and screw it back in along with i think 13 screws and two plates and that big rod

So it was a giant ordeal um about six weeks after i had the surgery i had been taking pain medication but i just really don’t like to do it it makes me feel funky and i have a really low tolerance for any type of medication like that but i was having pain in my hand and in my fingers and it was so bad that i couldn’t sleep um it would just shoot pain through my

Hand all night long and it was unbearable so i went to my doctor so he prescribed me gabapentin for the nerve pain and he gave me 300 milligrams that i was supposed to take twice a day the first time i took it i felt really fuzzy and woozy and i just knew it wasn’t something i could take during the day and still function and raise kids in homeschool and do all

Those things so i instead stopped taking it during the day and started taking two pills at night so that i could sleep and it helped the nerve pain went away enough that i could sleep and it was all good i did that for about three months and then the nerve pain i felt like it was getting better at night so i tapered down to just taking one pill at night um my

Hand hurt but not enough for me to want to up the dose again and i had read enough about gabapentin and had looked on the bottle and it did say things like this might cause mood changes and so every time i would like get mad at the kids or something i would think to myself am i mad at the kids or am i mad because i’m on gabapentin and it’s affecting my emotional

Well-being i didn’t know and i don’t like that feeling so i just tried to kind of reign it in and recognize when i was getting upset and then i kept taking the epipen for about a year because my hand just hurt so much and i had to have two more surgeries in 2020 to try to remove the hardware the first time wasn’t successful the second time was successful and i’m

Glad i did it it’s better but it was february of 2020 by the time i got to the point where i said okay i need to get off the gabapentin so i stopped taking it i didn’t think about calling my doctor and saying hey i’m gonna stop taking this what should i do i just stopped taking it i thought i’m only taking 300 milligrams a day i’m just going to go cold turkey this

Isn’t going to be a big deal so the first day was fine the second day i i started to feel a little bit nauseous and i was like hmm you know what’s going on but i thought well it’s going to take a few days to get out of my system and then i’ll feel better so what actually happened was as the days went on i started feeling worse and worse and worse until about day

Seven i woke up in the middle of the night and i ran to the bathroom and i was wretching my guts out and thinking okay this is not i’m not doing this i can’t there’s a lot of things i can deal with in life barfing is not one of them like it’s one of the worst things i can think of i just really hate it so i started taking the 300 milligrams again and all of my

Issues went away within an hour um but then i knew i needed to taper off so what i started doing the the next day was cutting open the gel cap because it’s like a gel cap that has powder in it so i cut the top off and i would pour half of it into a glass of orange juice and then drink that and that got me down to what i was assuming was around 150 milligrams

And i called my doctor at the same time and told him what i was doing and asked him if he could give me a lower dose so he was able to prescribe 100 milligram tablets so i did the 150 milligrams for about three days and then i started in with the 100 milligram tablets and i did that for three days then started halfing those pouring half the powder into a glass

Of orange juice um and i would try to stay on each new dose for about three days and then taper down once i got to where i thought i’m about 25 milligrams i was just like okay i’m just gonna be done so i just went to bed and didn’t take it and there was a little bit of nausea but not enough for me to want to get back on it because it really was affecting me in

This way that i never thought it would um i was super nauseous when i tried to get off of it i started having hot flashes i’m 43 and i was like okay i’m going through the change this is what’s happening right now it wasn’t i mean it probably is gonna happen soon but that’s not what was going on i was just having hot flashes because of having gabapentin withdrawal

I had really bad headaches i was feeling anxious and grumpy um i’m generally a pretty upbeat person but this last year being on the gabapentin one thing that i noticed that looking back on it now with a clear mind i was not my same bright sunny self i was kind of depressed and just kind of in a funk things did not have a great outlook i stopped writing my book

Series because my head wasn’t in the space to sit there and write kids books i was like what am i going to do i’m going to write these books and they’re going to be garbage because everything seems bleak and bad and i’m sure a lot of that was i was in a lot of pain with my arm i was dealing with a huge loss of range of motion um you know no matter how many surgeries

They do things are never gonna go back to how they were and you know like on this arm i can go like this and on this arm it’s about like this so i’m happy that i can touch my shoulder but it’s not this and for me it’s a big loss you know you just think that you can’t do this stuff that you used to be able to do i’m glad to have the use of my arm i’m glad all of

That worked out but it was a big change and it was um a frustrating year of my life for sure a lot of physical therapy surgeries recoveries um having my arm immobilized not being able to do things that i used to be able to do on my own it wears on you but i think that a lot of that too was the gavin penton so that’s how i got off of it i’m sure there’s symptoms

That you could have that i’m not mentioning because they didn’t happen to me but basically when i was trying to taper off of it i felt like garbage it was really bad um i know that for me i was prescribed it for my nerve pain but a lot of people get prescribed it for depression and anxiety so if you’re tapering off because of those things i really would stress

Talk to your doctor tell them what you’re doing you don’t want to mess with your mental well-being your psychological well-being you don’t want to mess with that stuff so talk to your doctor he’ll help you figure out the best way to do it and hopefully you can save yourself some discomfort nausea and hot flashes and all those things that can happen when you try

To taper off of this kind of medication if you have any questions let me know i’m happy to help if i can and um good luck i mean it sucks i’ve never been physically dependent on anything in my whole life so this was a big wake-up call for me and as soon as i realized that i was physically dependent on it it was my life’s goal to get off of it because i am not

That person i’m not going to deal with addiction it’s just going to be like no ma’am we’re doing this and that’s it it’s like when i decided to lose a bunch of weight same thing like it’s happening i’m not gonna be beholden to any chemical other than coffee one cup a day i will be beholden to coffee okay guys that’s it i hope it helps i’ll talk to you later on bye

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