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How magnesium helped relieve my headaches and muscle stiffness

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Journalist Clare Johnston explains why we need magnesium and the benefits she has found by using it as a spray.

Hi and welcome to another honest video and today i’m going to be talking about the importance of magnesium for our health and the benefits that i’ve found from using it topically every day so often when we think about the vitamins and minerals are essential for our diet magnesium can be overlooked but it is vital and it’s found in a range of foods from whole-wheat

Spinach nuts and seeds cultured yogurts to name but a few i first became aware of it when a few years ago i developed an irregular heartbeat which completely freaked me out it was like a kind of skippy that i would get over a period of a few minutes and i was so worried about it that i ended up having and this makes me sound like a complete hypochondriac three

Ecgs over a period of time and eventually they gave me one for 24 hours something i wore at home and it picked up the irregular heartbeat and happily they told me it was benign but it still didn’t solve the problem and at the same time i was also getting cramping in my muscles and my legs and twitching around my eye so when i did a good old doctor google search

And magnesium deficiency was one of the things that came up so i ordered a supplement and i would say that after a couple of weeks i noticed a big difference with the cramping so there was definitely something in it and then around the same time i was also blood tests showed that i had low iron so once i started taking an iron supplement the irregular heartbeat

Completely disappeared as well so i stopped taking magnesium for a while when that was all sorted out and then when the cramping came back i bought a topical magnesium spray started using up directly on the areas of cramping and it resolved so magnesium is an essential mineral for a number of reasons and it needs to be consumed and quite high amounts each day so

That’s where supplementing can be beneficial it’s important for bone formation and density for the function of heart and kidney and for muscle functions as well and it can also help us maintain levels of other important minerals like calcium and potassium i’ve started using the magnesium spray again recently because in the last few months i was getting really

Bad cramping between my shoulder blades and up the neck and along with that i was getting regular headaches as well so i went back to the good old magnesium spray this is the one that i’ve been using recently by seven minerals i had a look on amazon today where i bought it and unfortunately this one is no longer available in the uk at the moment and but another

Good one that i used in the past by life flu is available and it’s 999 in the uk and even cheaper in the us so i’ve got product links in the video description but there’s lots of good options out there so the way i use it is i just mix it in with a moisturizing cream and i give it a couple of sprays and rub it in directly onto my neck and between my shoulder

Blades every morning and that’s enough to completely take the stiffness away and has also helped resolve the headaches they’re way less frequent and less intense as well so a couple of things to note when you’re actually using the spray when you first use it it can feel quite prickly on the skin and there is a school of thought that when you are low in magnesium

It is more prickly on the skin but whatever when you use it over time that prickly anise goes down and i don’t notice anything at the moment but also take care not to use on cracked broken skin because that’s really gonna sting for arthritis sufferers it’s also worth noting that my dad who has developed arthritis in his foot i gave him a spray to to try out he

Uses every day now and he’s getting a lot of benefit from it in fact he told me that he uses the spray over the analgesic cream that his doctor prescribed from he recently seen finds it much better so i think a magnesium spray is something that’s definitely worth trying particularly if you’re experiencing muscular problems like i have been this is a magnesium

Chloride spray it’s naturally sourced and you don’t really have to worry about how much you use or overusing it because your body will get rid of what it doesn’t need so that’s it a short and sweet honest review for you this week i hope you enjoyed it i’d love to hear from you if you have experience of using magnesium yourself and you’ve had benefit from it let

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How magnesium helped relieve my headaches and muscle stiffness By The Honest Channel