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How Magtein Magnesium L-Threonate Helps Your Mood, Memory, and Sleep – Dr. Gu Explains

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Magtein Magnesium L-threonate is proven to cross the blood-brain barrier and increases synapse density, improving cognitive aging, learning, and memory. It also promotes relaxation and quality sleep.

See if this works there it goes it’s recording now okay i’m roy krebs the founder of natural stacks and with me today we have dr goo the vice president of r d at aidp aidp is the exclusive supplier of mag team which is an innovative form of magnesium that we have in our magtech formula we’ve been selling this product for years and it just it worked so well so i

Wanted to highlight that that special ingredient magtene and invite dr gulan to to give us a few points to understand how it works and what it is thank you roy it has been uh several years we’re just talking about it it has been a long time since we spoke last time when you were first considering to add maxine to your product line so i am so happy to see that the

Products doing really well bring benefits to your customer uh i myself is a first matching user in the us matching was actually a magnesium ingredient that is discovered by mit scientists through a traditional drug pathway but try to find ingredients that help with bring cognition so by experimental accident or like a lot of the ingredients was discovered it was

By experimental accident they found out this natural product works the best comparing to a lot of other brain stimulating activating agents okay so what is the difference of matching versus all the other magnesium compounds okay uh we know that magnesium needs to be absorbed and a lot of the magnesium are in the laxative products because it cannot be well absorbed

Most of it goes through in the i mean just washed out that’s why you have the laxative the effect but matching is different macting is a vitamin c metabolite linked magnesium so both of these things are already present in our body so it’s not a boring so it’s already there so our body is able to have this unique composition so it not only deliver magnesium very

Bioactively to our plasma intestine system but most significantly what the mit scientists find out is that it is the only magnesium they test it at the time that effectively to go across a blood-brain barrier to raise the magnesium levels in the central nerve system in the brain so that’s why this magnesium is different than all the other magnesium on the market

In terms of the raising the proper magnesium level in the brain which affect concentration focus effect mood affect anything that is more magnesium related in terms of the brain function okay yeah so i’ve there’s 15 20 different forms of magnesium and and i know that most of those forms are really poorly absorbed like magnesium oxide which is actually in most

Supplements and people when they try um our magtech that has magazine in it they say wow like actually feel the results of this magnesium and you’re saying it’s because mactine is actually absorbed really well and it’s not only absorbable but it can it can get into the brain for positive mental benefits as well yes i think there’s a several other magnesiums has

Been shown to for example uh go through the the intestinal system well but they do not go across a blockburn barrier and that is the difference for mac t in fact you can feel it i mean i have been taking it for since 2010. so this is my supplement to go in the afternoon to o’clock when i need focus on concentration i feel that 50 minutes of taking it afterwards i

Feel it it can make me focus and concentrate yeah amazing and then taking it in the evening really helps you just calm your brain right and so so why don’t we talk about a couple of of the interesting studies that that you adip is is so invested in research which i love and i know you have some some some really amazing studies showing the benefits of mag team so

Um can you highlight one or two of those studies sure yes i’ll be very happy too so in addition to how we feel ourselves and we also invest it heavily into human clinical studies okay so uh one there are two uh we i mean there’s a lot of public studies online from pubmed all the mechanisms and animal studies okay particularly on humans clinicals we invested in two

Human clinicals that uh in basically focus on focus and concentration at the present time so they’re all work at uh the studies were all done in a general population so the first clinical was done in the united states okay and it was shown that not only it raised the uh the blood the the blood and the brain magnesium levels in the participants okay it also improved

Their cognition overall cognition skill the uh the cognition was measured in four different areas as a well-accepted method in research and by combining these uh or aspects of the brain function which reflect overall cognition it was highly significant as compared to the placebo okay and one of the very interesting thing they did is that using the trail making test

B which is a common used method for cognition study which has already a population curve about what is the real age what is your brain age measured by this test we did a study and before and after of the matinee intake the bring age by using this method compared to general population improved nine years by matching intake so that was a highly significant exciting

Results um it’s amazing so their level of cognition was as if they were nine years younger yes they’re nine uh yes that’s that’s how the brain power is yeah because the standard curve about different ages you know bring in a normal population your brain age is established okay so our uh consumer uh participants when they started they were a little bit weaker in

The brain age why taking it they were moving back to their counterparts in general population so that is how powerful matching is is it actually clicks with how matter works at the cellular level so that is it brings the vigorous of your brain cells at the useful level so whatever we saw in the human chemicals actually what is exciting for me is that it fits with

How i’m active works at the molecular ls cellular level where it fits with the mechanism and getting down to that cellular level it should really help improve many different markers of cognition very true uh one of the along with that so uh we one of the very interesting things is that we know that magnesium is important cofactor for 350 biochemical process in

Our body so not only i mean the first thing we noticed is the focus and concentration okay but when we look further into the people who are taking the product we actually experience many other aspects of the benefits in terms of energy bring energy and energy throughout the body because magnesium is a very important atp cofactor so it invigorates all the energy

Productions throughout at the cellular level so you can feel it at different physical mental power and another thing magnesium are commonly used is mood and sleep okay so this is the new area that we’re going to we’re investing or investing already because in the animal study and in a cellular study the mechanism items about how matting works in mood and anxiety

And stress relief is already published and clear clearly demonstrated okay and we feel that in a lot of the customers who are using it and so we’re actually doing human clinicals to to substantiate the claims so the first study we published is that it actually helps with the fear okay and that was already clearly explained in the animal study the mechanism why it

Does and in the human chemicals we’re able to show that it helps with the fear and control of the fear come as significantly as compared to the placebo okay another study which is actually we’re finishing up we’re collecting all the data is about how nothing really in depth of not only fear but also the stress and the sleep okay so one of the mechanisms point to

How acting helps with the sleep is that it initially helps with falling asleep but after you’ve taken it for a while it really helps with the deep sleep okay so it is you know a lot of the sleep products we’re taking is really helping you to fall asleep okay but none of the product addressing how well you sleep so matching is really addressing this unique point

Is that help you to fall deeper into the sleep so you’re resting all your cells your or your brain cells so when you wake up you are fresh wake up you’re more focused and more performing so this would be a great combination important point to combine with your best sleep product yeah i think that’s amazing because i i know that sleep is a big a big problem most

People don’t sleep well and then it’s also been shown that most americans are deficient in magnesium so if you’re actually taking a high quality magnesium that contains magazine and it’s actually able to get absorbed and then into your brain you’re showing that not only are you fall asleep faster but you’re getting deeper more restorative sleep and that’s probably

The most important thing you know falling asleep you need to fall asleep but the important part of sleep is actually getting that rest and rest in your brain and having that restorative deep sleep so that’s that’s amazing and that’s actually the biggest benefit that we hear is that people are sleeping better and they’re waking up refreshed um and not having to rely

On other sort of sleep aids that you know make you groggy exactly that is the clear you said it really well you really said it to the point of why how magnesium matching works it’s really helped you sleep better and wake up a fresh wake up so i think that’s very exciting for for the sleep product also yeah it is the new what we’re doing for the new human clinical

Is really to specifically focus on this area of the benefits awesome yeah i look forward to seeing those results uh well thank you so much for joining me today uh i know people will really like to learn more about this special ingredient and how it works um so thanks again and thank you for your support thank you roy it’s my pleasure to bring this good product to

To your customers thank you so much thank you bye-bye

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How Magtein Magnesium L-Threonate Helps Your Mood, Memory, and Sleep – Dr. Gu Explains By NaturalStacks