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How Many Days After Your Period Can You Get Pregnant?

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Hello everyone my name is dr. mark boyd i’m a board-certified obstetrician gynecologist i’ve been in practice a long time 25 years the question of when can i get pregnant how it relates to my menstrual cycle how it relates to ovulation is a very very important question that most women don’t feel comfortable answering on their own if you click the link below i’ve

Addressed this in multiple other videos that will take you to my site we have a large amount of information as far as getting pregnant and pregnancy care and postpartum care i encourage you to go to that site now how many days after you have your menstrual cycle can i get pregnant and the answer is the next day all the way until the end of that cycle and you’re

Getting ready to start your next cycle now that’s a huge range but you have to quantify what i mean by those numbers now we’re going to have several different scenarios that may exist here we’re gonna have a woman that has a 21 day cycle and we’re gonna also look at a woman that has a 28-day cycle and we’re gonna compare those two women as it relates to when

You ovulate after your menstrual cycle first of all it’s important to identify what a menstrual cycle is the menstrual cycle is a bleed i mean you did not get pregnant and you’re passing the tissue from your previous cycle first day that you see any blood that’s called day one you count from that point to your next cycle that’s called your inter menstrual cycle

In term in strolls on most women that are normal by definition or 21 days and they go up to 35 days so from the beginning of one to the beginning of the next if that’s 21 28 35 that’s all defined as normal now typically you follow the same pattern if your cycles are all over the place 21 48 35 typically in that woman you are not ovulating and in that scenario i

Would encourage you to get with your health care provider and decide if you want to have normal cycles should you be on the birth control pill so we’re gonna address the 21 day cycle first you go from one cycle to the next and when that enter menstrual period is 21 days typically you ovulate around day 7 so 21 days you subtract 14 days that’s day 7 but that doesn’t

Necessarily mean that you ovulate day seven you may subtract five days from that or you may add five days to that so potentially you’re ovulating from day two up until day 12 so again if you start your period on a monday and you’re gonna ovulate that particular month on day three that would be monday tuesday wednesday and potentially you can i be late when you’re

Still doing some bleeding that’s a difficult scenario for a lot of women so this was a 21 day cycle if you click the link below i have a guide that will give you help on where you are in an ovule ettore period from cycle to cycle based on your length i encourage you to click that below let’s give the 28-day scenario in a 28 days cycle you ovulate around day 14 so

You take 28 days you subtract 14 days and then you’re able to pee read is you need to subtract a week from that seven days and add a week to that seven days so your ovulate or e period would be day seven to day 21 now that means you get together with your spouse you say honey we’re gonna have intercourse every day every 48 hours now you can have intercourse every

24 hours it’s much more difficult it’s called performance anxiety for the man so typically we recommend every 48 hours that should give a length of time for the sperm and the egg to get together sperm still alive for 48 hours the eggs alive for 12 to 24 hours so every 48 hours we’ll keep fresh sperm in there to potentially identify an egg so very complicated issue

For most women very very important that you keep good records whether you keep a calendar on a piece of paper whether you keep a calendar and your phone if you keep good information in good history this becomes much easier and whether you’re gonna obviate as it relates to your period again i encourage you to go to my guide below click the link you’ll have a lot

More information to help you as a patient have a great day

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