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How my life has changed since starting ADHD medication

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Howdy so being diagnosed with adhd is a mission in itself but what comes the following few months is another whole different part of the journey this video today i wanted to go over how my life is different now in comparison to what it was like pre-diagnosis so i want to go over um different parts of the day i want to start with how my mornings have changed and

Then how the mid part of the day has changed and finally how my evenings are now much much different in comparison to how they were beforehand so for some context um i used to be really bad for staying in bed for as long as humanly possible um before getting up to then start my day there was always a certain amount of dread about what that day would bring um and

I knew that once i actually got up that anxiety would be with me for the entire day right until i went to bed so i was kind of putting off the inevitable since starting adhd medication i can now finally get out of bed without having to go through that long drawn out process that i used to go through daily i spoke about this in another video but i really think i

Owe this not only to the medication but also to the timing of the medication so i set a timer for an hour before i need to be up and about um i take my medication at that point and then go back to sleep for an hour once i wake up the lvans that i take is starting to have its effect um and it it already starts my day in a much better mood because i’m not feeling

That real lethargic dread feeling that i have had for years the biggest shift that i’ve noticed in uh midday um or afternoon has been the fact that i don’t tend to get that post lunch slump that i used to this could just be placebo it’s quite hard to tell um but pre-medication once i’d finished lunch i’d spend the next two hours in a state somewhere between a

Sugar crash and a psychedelic trip it felt like since being on elvens my energy levels throughout the day have been much much more steady um i don’t get the peaks and troughs that i used to which means i’ve got a much more consistent energy level throughout the day daily life has also massively changed post diagnosis with regards to my evenings um in the sense

That now i actually do have one i’ve always been so exhausted after work no matter how long the shift was and so i could never get anything done in the evens that i wanted to medication has given me the the motivation and the energy to pursue hobbies and interests outside of work where previously i might have just come home and fallen asleep on the sofa i know

For a fact that doing this really helps my mental health as well because it doesn’t feel like i’m just going through the motions of wake up go to work come back go to sleep do it all again tomorrow and repeat indefinitely an example of me having time for my own hobbies nowadays is the fact that i am um making videos for youtube believe it or not i do actually

Write um write down what i want to talk about throughout the videos there is a little bit of preparation surprisingly um and nowadays i’ve actually got the energy of an evening to sit down and and write out what i want to cover what i’m going to talk about in the video so it’s really nice thank you everyone for liking commenting subscribing um to the channel i

Really really appreciate it and please do let me know if there’s any topics that you want me to cover in any of these videos as well and i’d be happy to do so but otherwise i’ll see you in the next one ciao

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How my life has changed since starting ADHD medication By OllieEdward