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How Sensitive Can You Be to Environmental Estrogens? 2

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Patients can be very sensitive to hormone disrupters.

Oh welcome back and glad t that you could join us again in our previous slide show we should we showed that not only your endogenous hormones or your internal hormones that you the ones that you make the natural hormones that you make affect you but also you can be affected by environmental estrogens and these environmental estrogens could be synthetic chemicals

Such as pesticides herbicides laundry detergents or they may also be something that you could find that is natural we showed that even organic lavender and clover can affect your hormones so the question is so now we’re going to talk about how careful you have to be and why some people are more sensitive than other people so how careful you have to be when you

Avoid these xenoestrogens well very simply if you have a mild pms suppose you just have some bloating and breast tenderness and some a little bit of chocolate craving and you don’t have to be that careful however if you have some kind of major pms or severe endometriosis suppose you’re having outbursts and you’re extremely angry at your office workers then you’re

Going to have to be a lot more careful typically severe endometriosis patients i have about as of 2010 i have about 5000 demetrios is patients some of whom are quite severe certainly i have i feel an above 90% success in helping people fight severe endometriosis typically these endometriosis patients have fear stress and anxiety and whenever you have fear stress

And anxiety it will decrease your ability to excrete all chemicals including xeno essence and we’ll go over that a little bit more as well in the next slide so the important thing to remember here is that anything put on the skin is ten times the oral dose and potency and that’s extremely surprising so you can think of the estradiol patch the patch you put on

Your skin people get estradiol directly from that patch and into the body or the nicoderm patch people get nicotine directly in the body so anything you put on the skin this includes longitude soap shampoo deodorant lotions these things go directly into the body and the reason why there are ten times the oral dose and potency is that it bypasses the liver and

So if you put something directly on top of your skin it goes directly in your body but if you ate something it would be first passed ninety percent inactivated by the liver so for instance if you had a twenty milligram topical dose of progesterone this would be equivalent to a two hundred milligram oral dose so what happens you take the oral dose and 90% of the

Progesterone 180 milligrams gets first passed and activated by the liver okay and so on let’s talk about fear stress and anxiety now for most of my patients let’s talk about the hallmark of symptoms of fear stress and anxiety and so the first thing that that severe patients usually have is a hypersensitive to smell or perfume that you should make have a headache

With perfume or they may smell newsprint and i have a headache and so it’s not unusual for these people to avoid in extreme cases to avoid the detergent aisle in the grocery store or some had some people wear gloves to read the newspaper and so on these people are sensitive or hypersensitive to smell it’s also possible to have a complete and nausea or no smell at

All and again you can read more about this in an alternative approach to allergies by sharron randolph and thurman randolph was a medical doctor md who used to chair we used to be the head of university of chicago on allergy to teach in the medical university of chicago okay the next thing that you could do is usually people who have in a few stress and anxiety

They have an impaired romberg so i’ll romberg test that was a physician’s name what you do is you put your feet together stand on your tiptoes and close your eyes and people who um have this chemical sensitivity or hypersensitive smells fear stress anxiety they will wobble so what you do is you get your a healthy young teenager have him do this to us put the feet

Together sound tiptoes closing our eyes see how much they wobble and then the person who you think may have this high percent of cypress sensitive to smell he would do the same thing and they usually wobble more as you get better and detox yourself and get rid of the fear stress anxiety the romberg tests will get better the third question i usually use to test if

This person has a fear of stress or anxiety is if you drink a cup of coffee just before you sleep it usually keeps you up all night this means you have difficulty excreting caffeine and what you’re saying is well your body has difficulty extreme caffeine which means your body has difficult excreting all chemicals including xenoestrogens including everything that

You put on the skin so these three questions are usually what i use to screen patients to see if they’re chemically sensitive and also they have this fear of stress and anxiety and so what happens is that typically a severe endometriosis patient will have all these things in addition to having allergies as well so whenever you have fear stress and anxiety you’ll

Also have allergies but these three questions will pretty much tell me that this person has difficulty excreting all chemicals and so on let’s talk about severe disease so in severe disease like a severe endometriosis view your health like a stream and at the top of the stream would be fear stress and anxiety and what happens is that this fear stress and anxiety

Creates high histamine levels with high allergies high interleukin 6 levels high catecholamines such as adrenaline epinephrine norepinephrine and then a decrease excretion of all chemicals including xenoestrogens and i call this a clogged toilet syndrome so what happens is if you have a severe case of endometriosis or severe case of these estrogen dominant diseases

At the top of the stream the real root cause of the disease is fear stress and anxiety and this leads to this cascade of chemicals that your body produces highest amin which makes it easier for allergies to trigger the high into lucan 6 the high catecholamines and then really resulting in a decreased excretion of all chemicals including xenoestrogens and so at

Your end and so the zener oceans come in to your body and you just simply can’t get rid of them so i here i am at the bottom of the stream and i’m saying hey take natural progesterone to sort of balance out the xenoestrogens and avoid xeno motion so that you don’t have them in your body but if you were able to get rid of the fear of stress and anxiety what would

Happen is all the high histamine high in to weaken six high catecholamines and decrease excretion of chemicals would all go away and your actually your excretion of all chemicals would actually increase and what happened is you would become less sensitive to xenoestrogens so in severe disease what happens is usually the root cause of disease is fear stress anxiety

At the top of the stream and at the bottom of the stream i’m trying to adjust the biochemical the biochemistry by taking natural progesterone avoiding seeing emotions but if you got rid of their fear stress anxiety you become less sensitive to xeno actions and less allergic in general so what we’re saying is that the way you think affects your brain chemistry and

The brain chemistry affects your body chemistry and your body chemistry affects your disease okay including allergies and decrease excretion of all chemicals so fear stress and anxiety makes allergies worse and let’s take a look at one experiment that was done at ohio state university in columbus ohio by kik colt and glaser phd and this was done i think about you

I want to say a year and a half ago i’m not quite certain but you guys can google it they took 28 men and women with a history of hay fever and seasonal allergies and so these people were prone to become allergic okay and the first day they made them read a magazine and then they did the skin prick test so you take an allergen and you prick the skin with a little

Needle the typical skin allergy test and then the second day they made them video tape of speech and said we’re gonna you’re gonna have to make a speech or go to videotape you and grade you and then or made them do math problems without a paper and then they did a second print tough prick tough skin prick test on the same people the wheels on which are the the

Red spots around the you know you pinprick with the needle and you have an allergen and then you measure the redness and also rays spot on the skin and the second pin prick test showed that the wheels are seventy-five percent larger after they were psychologically stressed the next day they came back and they were pin pricked again and the wheels were still larger

So the increased catecholamines histamines and into the can six um it kind of goes you know for a couple days and that’s what’s really nasty about about stress and these allergies so um and after you after you stress someone okay the wheels are 75 percent larger after stress and this shows that whenever you have fear stress and anxiety your reaction to allergens

Is greater and that’s why the root cause of the severe disease like an endometriosis usually the root cause is fear stress and anxiety and these are women with endometriosis severe endometriosis tend to have a few stress anxiety issue and if you ask them they may have had some kind of arm psychologically significant event in their life or they may have come from a

Family that just practices fear stress and anxiety okay so how sensitive can you be and this was kind of amazing to me okay and it turns out that these hormones are active at parts-per-billion and so parts-per-billion means that the same parts breeland’s means that you can spin an olympic sized pool and the spit concentration is parts per billion so these hormones

Are active at parts per billion so imagine spitting and this olympic sized swimming pool this is a olympic sized swimming pool in china and the concentration of the spit in the pool is parts per million so um this is kind of amazing to me i had some patients who had follow our protocol they were living a fairly clean life and when lee calls me up she said i put

This mascara on i could feel myself bloat i’m like no you know that’s crazy you know it’s just a little mascara how could that possibly make any difference okay so i hung up i go crazy lady this lady’s nuts y’all don’t know and then a couple days later i had a nut that different lady called me up said you know i put this mascara on my eyes and i felt myself blow

And i said oh really is that right you’ve got to be kidding me okay so i’m going well you know i don’t know you know who knows two or three months later a different lady till it calls me up and said you know put this mascara on and i could feel myself bloat and so here i am you know i don’t want to take away your fun but by using mascara you can get safe mascaras

But it’s amazing to me that people can be so sensitive to to just the small amount of mascara on their eyes and it was it was kind of unbelievable to me well here’s another page another example of being extremely sensitive one patient complained about a shampoo giving her sore breasts so this one patients she hadn’t even used our product yeah okay and she got rid

Of all this stuff tried to follow our protocol and she said for about a month and she said seven days ago my breasts started hurting i said well what to do seven days ago i said well i went to the health food store i got this extremely expensive organic shampoo and i started using it and my breasts started hurting seven days ago when i started using this shampoo

So i said why not want to read me the ingredients and she started reading off the ingredients and one of the ingredients happened to be pomegranate and pomegranates used in the ancient world to create miscarriages and if it’s used to create miscarriages therefore it must be a progesterone blocker okay so she stopped the shampoo and her breast soreness went away

And you think well how could that possibly make any difference you know the shampoo you put it on your head for about 15 minutes okay you you wash it off and you’re done okay and how could that shampoo possibly give her sore breasts but that’s what she was telling me okay so she stopped the shampoo and the sore breasts went away okay so again um a lot of these

Xenoestrogens hormones are active at parts-per-billion if you happen to have a few stress and anxiety okay or multiple allergies hyper sensitive smell impaired romberg drink coffee keeps you up all night then your sensitivity goes way up because you’re having difficulty excrete inkyung’s and emotions and so on the next slide that we have is i guess a plug for our

Product and that’s how i make my living and so on why is produce still our product different from many of our competitors and so when you come back to see our next slide we’ll talk about that so again thank you for joining us this is dr. eric art with women’s therapeutic institute thank you again for coming

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