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How Stimulants Affect Your Heart

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Feeling a little sleepy low on energy well there’s nothing a cup of coffee can’t fix with a little dose of caffeine you’ll be sure to get the kick of energy that you need but did you know that caffeine is a drug more specifically it’s classified as a stimulant that aims to keep you alert and awake have you ever wondered how it affects our body especially our heart

Hi how are you we hope you’re having a great day welcome to scope care where we discuss health tips and helpful information to make your lifestyle better healthier and happier for this video we’ll be talking about how stimulants affect your heart before that make sure to subscribe to our channel and turn on the notification bell this way you’ll get updated of our

Future uploads it would also be helpful to give this video a like and share it with your friends now let’s get started stimulants sometimes known as uppers are drugs that briefly improve alertness and energy levels they are used to treat attention deficit disorders narcolepsy obesity depression and asthma too in the past clinical stimulants were more commonly

Available to the public which explains their large potential for abuse their use has been diverted from medical purposes to being misused for their potential to improve physical and mental performance in the united states many stimulants such as pharmaceutical methamphetamine cocaine dexedrine adderall and ritalin are classified as schedule 2 substances while

Mdma is classified as a schedule 1 substance their controlled status means that despite legitimate medical uses they have a high potential for abuse which may lead to addiction abusing stimulants can place significant stress on the heart which increases the user’s risk of experiencing adverse consequences and even death these stimulants when taken alone or in

Conjunction with other psychoactive drugs such as alcohol or marijuana have a wide range of potential effects let’s talk about the stimulants that are commonly used and abused dextroamphetamine dextroamphetamine is a stimulant that is often taken for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or adhd it impacts the central nervous system and influences the nerves

And chemicals in the brain that lead to hyperactivity and poor impulse control examples of this type of stimulant include dexadrine and adderall like the dextroamphetamine methylphenidate or methylene is also a stimulant that affects the central nervous system in both adults and children methylphenidate is used as a treatment to address the symptoms of adhd such

As the difficulty in concentrating regulating behaviors and keeping still or quiet methylphenidate is also used to treat narcolepsy which is a sleep condition that causes excessive daytime sleepiness and unforeseen attacks while sleeping cocaine cocaine is derived from coca leaves that are sources of the alkaloid ester clinically it is used as a local anesthetic

And vasoconstrictor primarily in the ears eyes nose and throat similar to amphetamines cocaine also impacts the catecholaminergic neurons in the brain in a variety of ways the suppression of dopamine uptake is assumed to be the process through which it exerts its reinforcing effects methamphetamine methamphetamine or meth as it is more widely known is a chemical

Substance that is extremely potent and highly addicting according to the u.s national institute on drug abuse methamphetamine was first produced in the early 20th century and was initially used in nasal decongestant and bronchial inhalers this drug’s stimulating effects caused hyperactivity reduced hunger and an overall feeling of joy however because of its potency

These effects lasted much longer than expected in addition to harming the central nervous system of the user 3-4 methylene dioxide methamphetamine 3-4 methylene dioxide methamphetamine also called mdma or ecstasy is an illicit psychoactive compound that has both structural characteristics and pharmacological effects of both stimulants and some hallucinogens mdma

Is often taken orally either as a pill or capsule and its effects typically last for around three to six hours halfway there do you have anything you want to share about the things we’ve mentioned so far let us know in the comments below now let’s find out how these drugs affect the heart in the past couple of decades the number of stimulant prescriptions have

Increased dramatically these medications which include amphetamines like adderall and methylphenidate or ritalin are often used to treat children with adhd however older people are also being prescribed stimulants at a rapidly increasing rate according to a new study this is causing a higher risk of heart attacks strokes and cardiac rhythm abnormalities in adults

But to dig deeper into how stimulants really affect our heart let’s look into their side effects there are several harmful consequences connected to the use of stimulants but their influence on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems is of particular concern stimulants have been linked to the following side effects 1. hypertension or high blood pressure 2 an

Increased heart rate and 3 an increased respiration rate stimulants have been found to cause extremely rapid heartbeat erratic heartbeat chest pain respiratory failure congestive heart failure cardiomyopathy stroke and heart attack when taken in large doses and for an extended period of time users of intravenous stimulants are also more likely to get bacterial

Endocarditis which is an infection of the heart’s lining more so than the general population if left untreated bacterial endocarditis may cause damage to the heart valves resulting in the heart’s inability to adequately pump blood throughout the body this could eventually result in congestive cardiac failure myocardial vegetation could also occur which is when

There is bacterial overgrowth caused by blood clotting and immune system deposition at the site of an infection the bacteria can then travel through the blood vessels extremities and vital organs resulting in emphysema and embolic damage to the lungs kidneys intestines and liver besides malnutrition and dental difficulties other major signs of stimulant addiction

Include self-harm and personality changes such as paranoia and delusion other serious consequences of stimulant misuse include coma seizures and death abuse of mdma may result in kidney liver and heart failure among other serious complications general stimulant misuse is also associated with an increase in high risk sex practices which thus increases the risk

Of contracting stds and other infectious illnesses such as hiv and hepatitis particularly when combined with mdma the user experiences feelings of emotional warmth and trust which may put him or her at risk of participating in dangerous sexual behaviors because of these potentially life-threatening repercussions it is critical to seek help if you or a loved one

Is battling with stimulant addiction of any type so with all these dangerous side effects of stimulants why are some people drawn to abuse them although there are some beneficial outcomes to stimulant usage there are still risks involved for example the usage of stimulants may result in sensations of pleasure sexual stimulation improved confidence and increased

Concentration it may also aid in weight reduction by diminishing one’s desire to eat stimulants may improve motivation cognition learning and memory in people who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder given the appeal of such side effects it is understandable why so many individuals take prescription medications when they are not medically necessary

Despite the dangers of adverse and even deadly outcomes studies have shown that college students are increasingly using prescription stimulants this is because stimulants help them to concentrate and stay motivated while also decreasing their desire for sleep according to research college students are more prone than their non-college attending peers to take

Prescription stimulants perhaps as a result of their need to remain awake in order to complete their school work in addition college students are not only abusing prescription stimulants as research shows but they are also abusing them to stay awake longer in order to party more this is especially detrimental because when taken together stimulants can mask the

Symptoms of alcohol poisoning as a result when a stimulant and alcohol are combined a person may wind up drinking more than they would have otherwise since they were unable to recognize their body’s warning signs increasing the risk of alcohol poisoning combining stimulants with other drugs may further increase the amount of stress placed on the cardiovascular

System increasing the risk of dangerously high blood pressure or irregular heartbeats which are already a major concern with stimulant use alone just like every drug stimulants are only beneficial when they are used in moderation and with the advice of your doctor while stimulants may provide temporary feelings of joy and satisfaction take note that this won’t

Last long did you know about these side effects before watching this video let’s talk in the comment section below also don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and turn on the notification bell so you’ll get updated of our future uploads again this is scope care and we will see you soon in our next video thanks for watching you

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