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How To Apply A Compounded Transdermal Gel Medication To Your Pet

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Hey there i’m john from hb pharmacy how are you i’m a compounding pharmacist and this little guy is my buddy who’s a rescue finnegan or finn for short and he’s joining us as a special guest for today’s video right right so do you have a finicky feline who won’t take their uh prescribed pill or liquid that their vet your veterinarian prescribed for a medical

Condition so finicky cats we’re all familiar with that and sometimes it’s very difficult so you could consider having your vet write a prescription for a transdermal gel with that medication in there so we’re going to assume today that you’re watching this because your vet has now prescribed this transdermal gel and you want to make sure you use it properly to

Make sure that your pet gets the best medic of results from the medication um and again finnegan will be here to help us demonstrate there are many transdermal gel agents we can put into a transdermal gel uh i think in for felines and especially in endocrine conditions the most common uh prescription is for hyperthyroidism which would be treated with methymizole um

And used to have to give tapas all tablets but you know we we use the transdermal gel now and it’s it’s much easier and and the cats seem to like it as well um but we also do uh many other things things for heart conditions so if your your cat’s on amlodipine or pimlbendin um if you have they have neurological uh or neurogenic pain maybe they’re on gabapentin um

If they have emotional issues perhaps they’re on fluoxetine or which is a generic name for prozac um today we’re making a prescription for theophylline for a cat who’s you know in respiratory distress and and who’s an older cat and needs some help so you know so we pretty much can try anything and inside the ear of the cat there’s a lot of vasculature so there’s

A great absorption in that pinna but the first thing we want to discuss when applying a transdermal gel is safety so safety for you and for your pet so you want to make sure that you’re wearing gloves or a finger cut that’s very very important okay the other thing i really think is important is during this administration of medication is to try to create a a a

Relaxed atmosphere like this is play time this is where you’re going to get your ears rubbed and your your whiskers you know massaged and in your ears and backstroke and he’s just a happy little furble and he’s so excited right so you want to make this relaxing so that every day when you have to do this because things like a thyroid condition or a heart condition

It’s a daily thing so you’re going to have to do this you might as well create a nice environment so when your pet sees you sitting in that certain chair and getting out the medication it’s almost like a ritual and it’s a happy thing instead of like a big struggle right so try to do the best you can to create it as a positive uh you know thing speak kindly and

Softly and try to even give a treat whatever you can do to make them relax we administer the medication to the cat’s pinna it’s the inside hairless area very important to reinforce hairless area of the cat’s inner ear again the inner ear not the outer ear again it can be absorbed very well there but even though we at hb pharmacy use a special base specifically

Made for transdermal gels to be put inside a pet’s ear so that’s absorbed very well a residue can still be uh left so it’s important to do a little bit of gentle cleaning prior to administering the transdermal gel i like to do things this way just so i can remember on an even day um you know so most translucent gels are either done once a day or twice a day so

You’re always alternating ears so today being an even day i would administer the dose if it were once a day in his right ear and prior to that i recommend just getting out of the habit of so you’re always making sure you clean the ear clean the left ear before you administer medicine into the right and this way the left ear is good to go for the next dose the next

Day and what do i what do you clean it with i wouldn’t use a paper towel i would just use water that’s come to room temperature not cold tap water but maybe room temperature water um and i would use either a cotton ball or a gauze pad like a small two by two but cotton ball is nice and soft you don’t want the gauze or the cotton to be soaked you know you don’t want

Fluid running into the cat’s ear canal you don’t want medicine running into the ear canal you want the medicine to go to the pinna and you want to clean the pinna so it’s a damp cotton ball uh you know and or a you know uh not a soaked there shouldn’t be liquid running down okay so again water should be room temperature so it’s not uh shocking so you can always

Check with your vet i always recommend too to see what they think for cleaning sometimes even they recommend certain astringents but even that’s maybe once a week not every time mostly warm water is okay again so if the dose is administered twice a day i’d use the left ear in the morning and the right ear at night you know and again each time cleaning the other

Way it’s just an easy way to remember it i think that’s the way to go so anyway so when we’re going to do that we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to use an arc pharmacy here we switched to something called the topic click micro and we like that and and our pet owners love it because it’s not only easy for them to use but people have pet sitters coming in

Taking care of things when they’re going away or if they’re at work and you want something that’s easy for your pet sitter to use as well so this is a very easy device and it has it it has zero each click is 0.05 milliliters most transdermal gels are dosed in uh 0.1 0.1 ml so it would be two clicks so you would just take those two clicks on your pen and then

Either do one or two things you could take the device and apply it directly to the cat’s inner ear and then rub it in afterwards with your finger or you could apply the medication directly to your finger and then use your finger that’s gloved obviously your finger cut on there and then rub that in gently for 15 to 20 seconds again the cat loves all the attention

So you’re making this a positive experience so it shouldn’t be something that you have to rush and anything like that so again you would do that and you would apply it as i said where you going finn and just massage it and giving the cat some loving attention some positive reinforcement speaking again in that gentle tone and excuse me and then pretty much you’re

Done so once you’ve done that 15 or 20 seconds you’re all set you’ve cleaned the other ear so you’re good for the next dose and that’s exactly how you should use your transdermal gel for your cat and we thank you very much and we thank you finn as well for watching our video today

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How To Apply A Compounded Transdermal Gel Medication To Your Pet By HB Pharmacy