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How To Beat Depression Naturally

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From Recent Live Q&A – Can you Heal Depression Naturally?

Our moods are a result of our habits both the way we talk to ourselves our self-care habits our exercise habits all of those things um are going to have an impact on our mental health is there anything you do to get off of antidepressants to have more natural serotonin and yes you absolutely can so first of all i’m excited for you to be starting out if you want to

Increase your mental health there’s a lot that you can do so first of all there have been a ton of studies that have shown that the one thing that works better than any antidepressant is exercise uh cardio exercise high intensity cardio exercise so when people exercise on a regular basis they actually have decreased needs for antidepressants and when they put them

Head to head in clinical trials they have found that exercise works better than antidepressants so they looked at antidepressants alone exercise alone and then the combination the combination worked even better but if you were just going to compare the two exercises excellent and it doesn’t just increase serotonin but neuropath epinephrine other great endorphins

That can improve your mood dramatically as well as your health the other thing that really can improve your moods is going to be self-care when we talk about self-care as part of our programs we’re talking about activities that actually improve your happiness so not things necessarily that are just relaxing although those are self-care but things that are effective

Improving your mood so for example in rapid recovery i was just looking over my four-week rapid recovery people this morning and i had somebody who had four different activities listed you know reading journaling meditating but her mood was a four out of ten so i said you know what i love the variety of your self-care activities but it’s not working so if it’s not

Working then we’ve got to do something about it right if you took a medicine but there was no result then you don’t just continue on with that medicine you need something better right so uh so self-care activities that really change your mood so having relaxing things every day degree stress are really important but also active things that make you happier usually

Those are social things going out seeing a live show uh seeing music played live seeing friends who make you laugh uh going out into nature doing things that make you feel good we actually had someone who did our rapid recovery group that usually people join for either weight loss or disease reversal he did it for depression and he reverses depression he was happy

For the first time in years but he listened to us on doing everything he didn’t feel like doing um my husband was doing a lot of coaching with him because we worked together in the group and he was giving him stuff to do and he was going out and doing them so one it was getting together with friends and he actually did like a guys week or weekend with his friends

Uh then he had him going out in nature every day and he was walking through parks he started exercising and jogging and his depression went away so our moods are a result of our habits both the way we talk to ourselves our self-care habits our exercise habits all of those things are going to have an impact on our mental health so while i don’t recommend if you’re

Depressed and an ssri is helping you i don’t recommend you just stop it i do recommend that you start working on all these other areas so that you can improve your mental health that way and of course nutrition if you’re nourishing your body you’ll be nourishing your brain better too and all of those things can help you feel better so i hope that helps all right

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How To Beat Depression Naturally By Goodbye Lupus by Brooke Goldner M.D.