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How To Care For Baby’s Umbilical Cord With Chlorhexidine Gel And The Effects Of Using Harmful Subs.

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Today’s Video Is About How To Care For The Baby’s Cord Using Chlorhexidine gel To Prevent Infection.

Hi charlene welcome back to my channel and welcome back to another video guys today’s video is about how to care for newborn babies cod so today’s video is all about care of the babies called okay so in my previous video i had the opportunity to make a video with a fertility specialist with dr gordon ato on infertility so leave all the link down below at the

Description box so you can go check it out the courses management and everything that you can think of when it comes to infertility okay so guys i chose to do this video with you because of what we see at the hospital if i show you what you’ve been seeing at the hospital you’ll be surprised by a lot of things are happening so now um chloe accident gel is

Being recommended to use and this chlorhexidine gel is an antiseptic with a broad and spectrum antibacteria acting against gems and the negative bacterias okay so we’ll talk about this chlorhexidine gel and that is what i am holding now okay so at the end of the video we’ll demonstrate for you to see how this is used okay such research has shown that that’s one

Percent of newborn death is by infection of which babies can get infection through this cold if it is not treated right okay so let’s see some of the um harmful substances that people use in dressing of this code you will see on your screen some of the things that some mothers used for their babies code okay so let we just talked about when we talk about some

For substances it’s anything that is not safe for the body and could cause a problem when inhaled or absorbed or if it is eating or come into contact with the skin okay so let’s see some of the what are some of the harmful substances we have ashes toothpaste chalk and salt breast milk cow dan baby lotion charcoal like a whole lot of stuff guys so let’s see the

Effects of this um harmful substances when we use those things the cocos fever in the baby pain around the cord the baby cries when you touch it smelling or redness around the cord bleeding from the cold sometimes you hear some foul smelling discharges from the coat and the cold area also develop a pink moist pump okay so this is my color accident gel 7.1 percent

And this is used for all newborn babies okay and this glycident gel is used once daily so when you use it in the morning that is it so before you apply this you have to wash your hands of course your hands needs to be clean because we are preventing infection so you can use your infected hand to apply this on the baby’s coat so you first of all have to wash your

Hands with soap and water and then you can air dry it or you clean it before you apply this gel on the baby’s coat so you remove the college danger from the box like this and then you use a cleanser or napkin to clean the pointer tip of the coat you see they’re called where i’m pointing the hat so after you have used that pointed tick to cork the opening of

The seal of the tube then you hold the cord clamp so that is the gel that is the gel so because i might work of course i have to wear my gloves before i apply it on the baby’s cord so you don’t need to put on gloves when you are dressing your baby’s cord at home okay all that you need is to get your clean water and then soap and then you wash your hands with

It and then you apply the clay accident gel on your baby’s but since i’m at work i have to use this hand gloves and then apply the gel for my baby okay so this is the gel so you put it on it and then you put some of the clay accident gel and hold the cord clamp and place some of the clothes danger from the stamp to the clamp so like this yeah or you can

Also if somebody is around the person come put it on your hands for you then you apply it from the clamp to the stamp okay so like this like how i am receiving it’s very slippery so you apply it all on the cord like how i’m doing you use your index finger and then you use the coincident gel to apply apply the gel from the stamp on the clamp to the stamp then

The surroundings of the skin okay so this is how you go about this and then right after applying this gel you have to wash your hands and then when you see some of the gel on the baby’s skin where the um call this just around today’s skin you see some of the gel on like this my baby um he was just putting his legs on it so i needed it to clean all i don’t

Have to leave anything i have to clean all the gel that’s was around the baby’s skin and leave the one on the cord like what i am done and you also make sure you always put the diaper below the cord you don’t have to put the diaper on the cord okay so as i said earlier on when you are done you wash your hand if it doesn’t wash your hands and the hands where the

Gel touches the babies touches the baby’s eye the baby might go blind and once you are done you have to expose the um sides where the cord a have to blown over it so it will be dry before you put on the baby’s dress so you don’t have to cover it up once you are done you have to expose this to a okay so clay filling gel takes two to three weeks before the coat can

Fall off so if you’ve used it for like a week and your code is not off don’t worry that is how it works like i read it this is all for today in the next video we’ll do the same processing with spirit and cotton so see you in my next comments bye kindly let me know down below at the comment section or you also used for your babies called okay and if this video

Is useful kindly give it a thumbs up like share comment down below at the comment section see you again in my next video and it’s bye love you you

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How To Care For Baby's Umbilical Cord With Chlorhexidine Gel And The Effects Of Using Harmful Subs. By Jane O Space