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Dermatologist Dr Dray on how to CLEAR SCALP PSORIASIS. The best products for psoriasis in the scalp and how to treat scalp psoriasis naturally. #skincare #psoriasis #dermatologist #drdray

Hey guys in today’s video i’m going to be giving you my best tips and product recommendations for controlling your scalp psoriasis if you’re new here welcome my name is andrea i’m a board-certified dermatologist i would love it if you would subscribe to my youtube channel and hit the thumbs up it really helps my channel out a lot what is psoriasis psoriasis is

A chronic inflammatory disease with skin manifestations can show up in your scalp or anywhere else on your body including your nails when it comes to scalp psoriasis it can range in severity very mild cases have a very fine scale maybe diffusely throughout the scalp more moderate cases of scalp psoriasis there’ll be a thicker scale and sometimes more redness in

Severe cases you have very well demarcated large thick plaques of psoriasis with an overlying thick scale in paler skin tones these plaques appear red with an overlying white silvery scale however in deeper skin tones these plaques appear purple brown or grayish while the products and tips that i’m going to be recommending in today’s video can help calm down the

Psoriasis and in some cases clear the psoriasis temporarily remember this is a chronic disease so these are not cures if you have psoriasis i strongly strongly encourage you to see a board-certified dermatologist there are topical medications that can control the disease as well as oral medications like a primalast we can also inject anti-inflammatory medicine

Into the scalp to calm down the psoriasis or we can use a eczema laser to also calm it down but i do realize that it’s not always easy to get in to see one the tips and products i’m going to be recommending in today’s video they can help a lot and if you start them now and stay consistent with them it makes it more likely that when you do see a dermatologist

Whatever treatments that they recommend will have a greater chance of working number one is to shampoo your scalp as frequently as you can tolerate we recommend this for patients with psoriasis because it helps to slough off some of that built up scaly stuff and just kind of stay on top of it i recognize that not all hair types tolerate shampooing daily so go

Based on what your hair type tolerates as frequently as you can daily is ideal but again as i said i realize not everyone can do that it just helps with removing that built-up scaly stuff and if you don’t do that then that builds up and builds up and becomes itchy and you know it really kind of gets out of control number two is to use a salicylic acid shampoo at

Least a few times a week if not daily salicylic acid is an ingredient that is a keratolytic meaning it dissolves the glue between those skin cells and helps with the sloughing off of that scale so it really can help thin out the psoriasis especially in areas where you have thicker plaques over the counter salicylic acid shampoos i’ll list some of my favorites down

Below but the percentage strength is usually three percent and the way to use these is to a lot of them to your scalp and actually leave it on the scalp for 10 minutes while you’re in the shower and then rinse it off that allows it to really go to work breaking up the glue between those scaly cells and allowing them to then slough off if and when you’re able to

See a board-certified dermatologist we actually can prescribe salicylic acid for the scalp at a higher percentage strength than what you’ll find in the over-the-counter stuff but the over-the-counter stop is a very good place to start and again if you start it now and stay consistent with it it will help anything that is prescribed to you get into the psoriasis

And start working faster and better second product to incorporate into your routine as frequently as you can when it comes to the scalp cleansing is a coal tar shampoo neutrogena t-gel for example coal tar sounds really scary but it’s actually anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative part of why you get all that flaky scaly stuff with psoriasis is that it’s a

Hyper proliferative skin disorder and so the coal tar kind of helps put the brakes on that to help normalize things for you however it does smell unpleasant as a word of warning and it can stain in the shower and tub the way to use it is very similar to the salicylic acid shampoo just lather it to the scalp leave it on while you’re in the shower for 10 minutes

And then rinse it out you don’t necessarily have to use this every day but if you want to incorporate it say once a week that can help and it will help thin out those plaques calm down the inflammation and because it’s calming down the inflammation it can help with ish quite a bit if you use it consistently the next product that can really help scalp psoriasis

Is an anti-dandruff shampoo anti-dandruff shampoos with the ingredient zinc pyritheon or selenium sulfide can help psoriasis they are anti-inflammatory similar to coal tar and they help in reducing the burden of that little yeast that lives on everyone’s skin called malassezia malassezia is part of normal human skin flora i’ll say it again it’s part of normal

Human skin flora you don’t want to eradicate it but in people with psoriasis and people with dandruff their immune system sometimes gets annoyed with the malassezia especially if it is too abundant so these ingredients kind of help reduce that yeast amount and therefore have an anti-inflammatory effect which can benefit the psoriasis in the long term as well as

Dandruff for those of you all out there with a hair type that does not tolerate using a shampoo on a daily basis i hear you another thing that you could do to stay on top of that scaly buildup is to get yourself some mineral oil mineral oil is a wonderful it’s not a demon ingredient i know people are terrified of it but it’s very very safe and it’s a nerd unlike

Many natural oils it’s not going to go rancid you can find it actually in the drugstore over in the laxatives section the way to use the mineral oil is just massage it into the scalp especially the areas where you have a lot of scale and put on a shower cap and stay that way for you know hang out that way for 20 minutes and then get into the shower and rinse out

The mineral oil if you do not like the idea of using mineral oil another alternative to use similarly is coconut oil coconut oil is will help soften and break up some of that scale allow it to slough off and it also has compounds in it that are anti-inflammatory so that may benefit the psoriasis the other nice thing about coconut oil is that for your hair it

Can reduce hydro fatigue the oil can actually help in reducing frizz long-term on your hair so it has benefits to the hair strand as well a word of warning though many people do find that they experience acne breakouts when using products with coconut oil or just straight coconut oil so be mindful of that especially if you have acne prone skin but here we’re

Just putting it on the scalp and then rinsing it out later so it shouldn’t be a problem but if you’re sensitive you know be aware and use mineral oil instead beyond shampooing consistently and using these specific ingredients in your scalp cleansing routine do not pick or scratch at the psoriasis i know the temptation can be quite strong but what you have to

Understand about psoriasis is that anything that causes trauma or injury to the skin will elicit more psoriasis this is referred to as the kebner phenomenon and so scratching picking those scalp massaging brushes that actually can rev up your psoriasis quite a bit so just you know anytime you’re applying things to the scalp just use very gentle circular motion with

Your finger pads don’t pick scratch um or you know dry brush your scalp you know i’m sure you want to pick and peel but really what you’re doing is you’re just beckoning more psoriasis and more additional scale to come about when you do that next tip gentle hair styles you guys very gentle hairstyles you don’t want to use if you use a blow dryer make sure you

Use it on the coolest setting and make sure that you’re constantly moving it around you don’t leave it on one spot scalp too long no curling irons or flat irons and don’t use any perms or relaxers because these things can be very irritating on the scalp anything that’s going to cause irritation or inflammation to the scalp will drive further psoriasis lesions

And more stubborn psoriasis so be very gentle no wearing tight ponytails that tight traction of the ponytail or a tight braid puts a lot of stress and strain on your scalp not only does this lead to traction alopecia another topic that i have a video on by the way but it puts because it puts so much stress on your scalp causes inflammation irritation further

Eliciting more psoriasis to come out so very very loose hair styles if you’re looking for a way to style your hair to camouflage the psoriasis i would recommend that you wear a low loose ponytail if you have long hair and you can actually tease the hair a little bit with a comb in the front and you know kind of comb it over to camouflage the scalp a little bit

As opposed to like doing hot rollers or something like that that you know creates volume but also puts a lot of heat and stress on your scalp so that’s a tip if your psoriasis tends to come out along your hairline consider bangs as another way to camouflage it then last but certainly not least actually probably the most important thing is your lifestyle habits

With psoriasis one thing you have to understand about this disease is it is a disease a systemic disease it affects your entire body and it happens to have these skin manifestations you know the scaly stuff in the scalp and if you have it on your body it can come there obviously but first and foremost it is an inflammatory systemic disease people with psoriasis

Are more likely and often have comorbid uh difficulties with weight management they’re more likely to be overweight obese and that puts them at higher risk for long-term chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease and when you’re overweight unfortunately it does generate a lot more inflammation in the body that further drives the psoriasis we don’t know if

People with psoriasis because of their psoriasis they’re more likely to be overweight and have difficulty managing their weight but they do go hand in hand and then that subsequently leads to a greater risk of not only heart disease but also diabetes um so you know you don’t have to go on some sort of you know body transformation if you do happen to have weight

Management issues just make some simple changes in your diet just shedding a few unnecessary pounds can really help a lot whether it be from walking a little bit more swapping out soda for water very very very minimal changes can yield tremendous benefit not only to your overall health but obviously to the skin so weight is very important for psoriasis and when

You are able to get in to see a dermatologist that’s going to make it so that any medications they prescribe will work better are more likely to work when it comes to your diet i strongly suggest an anti-inflammatory diet that’s so nebulous but what i mean by that is make sure that you’re getting fruits and vegetables into your diet these are rich in antioxidants

That can kind of help in reducing some of that burden of total body inflammation that drives the skin disease as well as some of these other health problems sleep is a tremendous benefit to psoriasis poor sleep drives more inflammation in the body when you don’t get adequate sleep at night your levels of inflammation are much higher somebody with psoriasis

Already has a high level of body inflammation so one night two nights of poor sleep adds to that it’s gonna show up in your scalp rest you know other skin lesions and it’s just not good for your health so try and incorporate some habits for sleep hygiene i’ve got videos on this so definitely check those out it is so important more so than any shampoo getting good

Control of your sleep will will help a lot it also will help with weight management if you’re also struggling with that just to improve your sleep less inflammation in the body makes it easier to drop a few pounds that then can even help even further so you see how these small changes can really start to add up next lifestyle tip is stress management so important

So important very challenging to give advice on that everyone has different things that stress them out and different ways of handling it there are healthy ways to handle stress and there are unhealthy ways to handle stress for me personally i enjoy exercising i find that’s a big stress relief for me but other things that you can consider are crafts hobbies make

Sure you’re making time for these things so i can’t tell you what to do for stress management it’s going to depend it’s going to be up to you and it’s up to you to be accountable to incorporate self-care on a daily basis that is key for managing your stress it doesn’t have to be this complex yoga retreat every day but something will make a huge difference in

The psoriasis i’m telling you guys as i always say lifestyle factors go a long way okay last but not least when it comes to the lifestyle factors this is probably i don’t know i mean this is real actually what motivates me to talk about psoriasis the most because i know you guys are really struggling i already told you all that people with psoriasis they’re more

Likely to have these other comorbid chronic diseases the other thing people with psoriasis are very likely to have is some comorbid mental health struggle whether it be depression anxiety bipolar disorder substance use or abuse disorder people with psoriasis are much more likely to abuse alcohol drugs and smoke tobacco alcohol drugs tobacco dump more inflammation

Into the body which further aggravates the psoriasis and all the chronic medical issues associated with it so if you are struggling with your mental health please please please seek professional help you know don’t don’t just rely on internet forums to get you by seek professional help of course those things can be helpful for support but seek professional help

Excessive alcohol really drives a lot of inflammation in the body creates you know it’s a set up for lots of chronic diseases you already have a chronic disease with psoriasis that’s just going to make it much worse even if you don’t think that you’re drinking too much if you if you have the thought like maybe i could cut back talk to your primary care doctor

Honestly they can give you the best resources for this just have a conversation with them it doesn’t matter you don’t have to be drinking a certain amount to benefit from from these interventions nobody’s gonna say oh no you don’t drink enough or you don’t smoke enough or you don’t do enough drugs yeah this video took a turn from anti-dandruff shampoos all the

Way to drugs and alcohol but hey it’s a day with dr dre that’s what we do here we cover everything and with anything in the skin it’s always always always going to come down to the lifestyle factors making the biggest difference psoriasis is a disease that patients feel incredibly frustrated and defeated by but listen everything i just told you these are things

That you can take ownership of make very very small changes start somewhere you can do it you can you can make these changes in your life in your habits and that is going to bode so well for your skin disease and your overall health and you can these are things that you can do even without the help of a dermatologist of course medications may still be needed but

They’re more likely to work if you have done these things this this is something you can do control you can have and that alone can give you a sense of calm having having a skin condition like psoriasis is incredibly distressing and anxiety provoking so making a small change perhaps that can actually give you some peace of mind at night to quiet your mind a

Little bit get some better sleep and then boom you see how these things they start to really build on one another because i know a lot of you guys at baseline suffer with psoriasis but this year in particular this past year with everything going on everybody is stressed to the nines and i know that for those of you with psoriasis my heart goes out to you um i

Know it’s i know it’s a challenging time i hope this video is helpful for you all i do have some other psoriasis videos they’re older but they are still relevant so if you’re interested in those definitely check them out if you would like more content about psoriasis let me know what kind of topics and videos that you would like to see and i would be happy to

Begin to put those together for you all if you like this video give it a thumbs up share it with your friends and as always don’t forget sunscreen and subscribe i’ll talk to you guys tomorrow bye you

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