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how to cure industrial piercing infection without going to the doctor!!!

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think you got an infected industrial piercing?

Hey everybody what’s up out there in youtube land my light is flickering must be a ghost in here anyway so today i am making a video as you can see by the title how to get rid of an infection in your industrial piercing without having to go to the doctor okay so first of all sorry that you have an infection that sucks i had it too i got rid of it i’m gonna show

You my piercing here as you can see is doing fine she’s not sick anymore and i want you guys to have unsick industrial piercing as well so let’s get into it how do you know that your industrial piercing is infected first of all if your industrial piercing like the area around it swells up then that’s a sign that it could be infected i know that when you first get

It there’s all there swelling and there swelling and pretty much any piercing that you’re going to get but once the swelling goes away and then you know it’s normal and then all of a sudden it comes back then it could be a sign of infection i mean you if it’s just swollen and there’s no other symptoms maybe you’ve laid on it and you didn’t realize it because

You rolled over in your sleep but um if it’s swollen you should take it seriously and think about other things that may occur so your second thing that is a sign of infection is itching if your ear is itching like crazy in that area then you may have an infection because ears usually well at least my ears don’t is usually don’t itch so if your ears itch it in that

Area and it’s my itching on the other side in that same area then most likely you have an infection in that industrial piercing and the last but not least sign which is the most gross is leaking your ear my leak fluid and that shows a big sign that is basically if you have all three of those your ears infected if it’s your ear is gonna leak when you first get it

And it’s going to form those little i guess they call them krusty’s that’s normal but if it’s like leaking like actual like fluid and it’s like leaking down your ear like down here then yeah you’ve got an infection and i would suggest that you do not wait to take care of it you better get on the first train smoking to get this figured out so how do you get rid of

It without having to go to the doctor and having them tell you to take your piercing out and taking all type of medicines and everything so what you’re going to do is first of all continue your sea salt soaks if you have stopped doing them you need to start back up or if you do them already you probably need to do them more i would suggest that you do it at least

Twice a day maybe once when you get up and once before you go to bed this will help wash out the infection i like to use antibacterial soap in the water when i do my sea salt soaks so i put the sea salt in the cup and the antibacterial soap and run water mix it all together and i soak my ear in it for about at least five minutes like five to ten minutes each time i

Do it and you know wash around it with a q-tip to get all the crust or any type of build-up that came in there out so once you do that once you do your seats all soaked that’s pretty standard for any and everybody you’re going to use antibiotic ointment this one right here in particular is the one that i used i don’t know if you guys can see that it’s the target

Up in the brand all it says is answered by antibiotic ointment i’ll probably try to find it on the target website and leave a link for it below just so you can know exactly what i’m talking about so but no note this there are different types of antibiotic ointment the one that you want to get is the one with bacitracin in it there’s other antibiotics in it but

The one that you really really really want to look for is the one with the bacitracin this is what’s going to help kick that infections ass this is what’s going to get it out of your ear this one has poly mics and be sulfate in it and neomycin sulfate and it has bacitracin this is definitely the one you’re looking for if you prefer to get a name-brand version of

This which i don’t really think you should do like why pay more money for anointment that’s going to do the same thing but if you prefer to get um name-brand version i think the name-brand version of this is neosporin but make sure make sure you read the back make sure it has the bacitracin and its essence going to help you so once you’re done cleaning your ear

With your soaks in your antibacterial soap and you let it dry what you’re going to do is take a q-tip and put this on the q-tip and rub it all in that area rub it over each opening each hole rub it over the the front the back everywhere rub it all over and yeah it’s gonna be like nasty looking it’s gonna feel gross it’s gonna be greasy yeah it’s gonna be all of

That but it is worth it smother your whole area in this stuff twice a day every time you do your seats all soaked right after put this on there i’m telling you this stuff works and it will get rid of that infection before it takes over don’t wait until it’s too late and your ear is looking crazy you don’t want that you do not want that i know everybody has probably

Seen that video of that girl with her infection and the ears all swole up don’t let it get to that point so hopefully this video helps you go out and purchase this this will help you get rid of your infection um let me know comment rate let me know if it helped you out let me know if you tried it and how it worked for you anyway follow me on instagram at dope chicks

Do pe ch ix and everybody have a blessed day and keep it dope

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how to cure industrial piercing infection without going to the doctor!!! By Shana Diggs