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How to feed your dog that has EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency)

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Hey everyone! I hope this video helps with your EPI dog! Also be sure to check out my video for traveling with your EPI dog!

Hi my name is jessica and this is shadow and elsie and shadow has epi or exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and what that basically means is that her pancreas doesn’t produce the enzymes that she needs to digest her food so every time that she eats she needs to be supplemented with enzymes and that’s what i’m going to show you how to do today so first you’re gonna

Start with the dry food in her bowl i have two cups here and then next we’re going to add the enzymes to that the enzymes that i’m using are the pancreatin 6x usp powder and that’s by enzyme dan and i will leave a link to that website in the description below and then i have a glove here because i don’t want to get any of the enzymes on my hand because the enzymes

Are activated by water so in case i have any moisture on my hands don’t want to get that there so i’ll get my little measuring scoop here and shadow get tap a teaspoon of the enzymes per cup of food that’s what works best for her but you’ll have to experiment on your own talk to your veterinarian to find out what works best for your dog and she is getting two cups

Of food so i’m doing one teaspoon this is a half teaspoon so two scoops about right there on the side let that sit there let me just go up anymore there we go okay so we have the enzymes and then next we’re going to add water to this so head over to the sink and warm water works best so we’ll go ahead and get that to warm okay perfect and then you don’t need a

Whole lot of water just add some i have the bowl tilted a little bit so that i can kind of see how much is in there that’s good there and then next grab a spoon here i like you using a plastic spoon because when i’m done i can just throw it away but you can use a metal spoon or whatever you’d like whatever is easiest for you then you can see this i’m going to mix

It up so at first thought tilt it to the side like thank you be a little brighter there we go okay so i tilt it to the side here i’m hard to do with one hand so the water is all on the side where the enzymes are and then i start by mixing it in this one little section right here i’m going to get all that enzymes dissolved you want anything to be left undissolved

And then once that’s kind of mixed in there i’ll make it flat again and mix it through the rest of your food i mix it for a few minutes or so you may find that you need to let it sit with the water and enzymes for about 20 minutes or so and some people need to do it that way but for shadow works just fine to do it or just to mix it up and not let it sit i just

Make sure that all the enzymes are completely dissolved and it’s completely stirred in there and if you have just found out that your dog has epi it may seem a little bit overwhelming at first but there are a lot of resources out there that can help you there’s a website called epi for dogs calm and i’ll leave a link to that website down below also and they have

A ton of information on there so it’s a great resource that you can utilize so don’t get discouraged if it seems like a lot at first okay so that looks pretty good nice and mixed in there the water is much thicker and i hope me asked you out it was ready okay yes you ready yeah okay there you go so that’s it that’s how i give shadow her food with the enzymes in

It and another thing to do also is make sure that your dog has fresh water to drink after they’ve eaten it’s a good thing for them to kind of like rinse their mouth out after they’ve eaten with the enzymes and if your dog is in the habit of drinking water after they eat you could put a couple ice cubes or maybe a couple pieces or their food even in there just so

That even if they don’t drink the water then kind of dip their mouth in and kind of rinse it out so i hope this video was helpful if you have any questions you can put them down in the comments below and i will answer them as best i can so thank you for watching bye

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How to feed your dog that has EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency) By Dog Lover