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How To Get Faster Weight Loss Despite Having Hypothyroidism? Dr.Berg’s Advice

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You can get faster weight loss by improving your thyroid function.

So today we’re going to talk about how to lose more weight having a type of thyroid condition okay so if you have a slow thyroid this videos for you here’s the big problem when you do research on a hypothyroid it’s a bit complex because you have hashimoto’s hypothyroid condition you have nan hashimoto’s hypothyroid condition you’re given so much advice it’s almost

Impossible to know what is the absolute important things to know and what is the trivial in this video we’re gonna talk about the absolute most important thing you need to focus on to get results with weight loss if you have a hashimoto’s type thyroid case or just regular hypothyroidism a few basics you got the thyroid right here it’s located right in the bottom

Part of the neck two and a half inches wide it produces a hormone t4 okay the four represents the number of iodine molecules so you get four and then you got this t3 over here right so t 4 t4 is an inactive thyroid hormone it’s not active it doesn’t really do much it’s a pre hormone your body strips off this one of the iodine molecules and it converts to t3 t3 is

The active form of thyroid hormone okay it’s the thing that goes into all the cells and speeds up your metabolism as well as weight loss and here’s the most important thing to get from this t4 to this t3 it has to be converted okay eighty percent of the conversion happens through your liver and 20% happens through the kidneys and this is really important information

Because so many people that have a hypo thyroid condition have a fatty liver i mean it’s almost one for one if you have belly fat chances are you have a fatty liver you can get an ultrasound to find that out but a fatty liver decreases the capacity for that conversion so this will be your focus to get the fat off the liver and improve the function of the liver now

It could also be a problem with your gallbladder it could be a problem with not having a gallbladder it could be cirrhosis it could be inflammation or some damage in the liver but usually it is a fatty liver now you would think that all i need to do is cut the fat out of my diet and the fat will go away that’s not how it works and that’s not which one to do you do

Want to cut the carbs out okay that’s why i’m gonna recommend keto in a minute fasting but you don’t want to start cutting down the fat and your diet okay here are a few things to speed up the process choline is one of the most powerful nutrients to strip fat off your liver very quickly you can get into powder you can get into supplement i recommend you get a high

Quality choline and start taking that on a regular basis that’s going to assist this nutrient is lipotropic it’s it basically dissolves fat and guess what food has the highest amount of choline eggs egg yolks interesting right so you don’t want to start giving up those foods that are high in choline in fact if you have a choline deficiency you could potentially

Get a fatty liver next thing is selenium okay why selenium selenium is also involved in the conversion from t4 to t3 people that have a fatty liver are nearly always deficient of selenium as well as zinc we’ll get to this in a minute but selenium is an antioxidant so it actually gets rid of the excess hydrogen peroxide in your body let’s generate especially if

You have hashimoto’s hypothyroidism so selenium is essential if you have hashimoto’s this is really important because it’s it’s going to help your immune system okay so if you have hashimoto’s you want to take some of this as a supplement and you also want to do more strict in a minute fasting that’s gonna drop the inflammation because hashimoto’s is more of an

Immune issue okay but it’s also involved in the conversion of t4 to t3 yes there’s foods high in selenium like brazil nuts and seafood but i don’t recommend trying to get all of your selenium from foods if you’re deficient you want to take it as a supplement now i don’t want to get into the brands or dosages i would just look online for something that looks like

It has a lot of good feedback on other people that are getting good results with it okay and then follow the directions on the back of the bottle all right next one is iodine iodine is part of the raw material to build the thyroid hormone and a lot of people are deficient in iodine so i would get this from sea kelp next one is zinc zinc is really really important

Taking zinc will help you in almost every single side effect that hypothyroid produces like for example loss of hair thinning hair fatigue constipation zinc is good for that zinc is very very very very good for the thyroid it’s also good for the liver and if you have a fatty liver you are going to be deficient in zinc okay zinc is an oysters meat pumpkin seeds i

Recommend getting it as a supplement so these are the key things in addition to keto and i f as your primary focus the target inductance fatty liver to improve the thyroid function thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and i will actually keep you updated on future videos

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How To Get Faster Weight Loss Despite Having Hypothyroidism? – Dr.Berg's Advice By Dr. Eric Berg DC