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How to get rid of anaxiety and depression with niacin and other natural supplements?

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How I am treating depression and anaxiety with mega doses of vitamins, supplements, excercise and healthy diet. Vitamins do help for depression.

Hi guys this is katrina i’m 40 years old i live in poland at the moment i used to live in the state my english is a bit i think rusty now because i don’t speak it every day i’m an english teacher but you know how it is with speaking english with students anyway recently and now i’m on a sixth week of treatment of mayan acts and anxiety and depression with niacin

Mega doses of vitamins and good food i’ve always been anxious okay i’ve always been a bird depressed i had longer and shorter episodes and the thing is that my friends have always told me that my personality is not depressive i mean and everybody would ask me well if i tell them that i am i have depression that i’m treating depression they said oh my god you’ll

Depression this there is much there must be something wrong and i think that there is or there was something wrong because recently 2 months ago i’ve read a book by andrew saul doctor yourself and first thing they tell you is to fire your doctor so i did and ii think i watched a movie that vitamin movie yeah i think you can watch it online and you can pay for it

And it’s even i think worth paying for it to watch it it’s not on youtube and i found out that vitamin b3 niacin can help you treat depression and anxiety so i’ve been taking myosin for the past four this is going to be my sixth week i’ve been taking puritans pride niacin and swanson niacin their other there’s other an eiephant available in poland but i haven’t

Tested them i’ve been taking magnesium this is dr. spath this is the best-selling magnesium on american amazon and good food good diet i’ve been running i hate running but i’ve been running and i can tell you that i’m less and less anxious every week okay i see tremendous change over this past five weeks i’ve been before i’ve been taking lexapro often on three

Months six months then i after i gave birth to my kids i had a long break and now i’m thinking that this long break and this anxiety and depression was because for the few years i was at home with my kids probably i ate better and i slept better okay and because i noticed if i don’t get enough sleep i get anxious okay so a witnessin i sleep well i four or five

Don’t know when it was i think in april may april i think april i started march i started taking lexapro and i got big insomnia from it yeah this has never happened to me before this was a new thing for me as a side effect this is why i started searching the internet what to do with the insomnia now i’m not taking lexapro or any other medication if you’re taking

Any other medication if you’re taking medication i recommend you consult this with somebody taking niacin and and let me tell you five weeks of this niacin treatment i’m taking now about 1000 milligrams a day of niacin okay this is not a lot but i think quite a lot if you tell somebody you’re taking 1000 milligrams of something if they think you’re crazy okay my

Friends tell me my friends look at me like i’m doing something wrong but no i’m not doing anything wrong i’m doing everything right i’ve been for the past two months educating myself eating well exercising i was exercising before but and liam anxiety came back but guess what when i was exercising a lot i was on a diet off and my diet was so poor i’ve always thought

I ate right no i didn’t not eating fast food and junk food doesn’t mean you eat right so i what i recommend is few things i recommend reading that doctor yourself by andrewsl listen to andrew so he has a lot of movies on youtube watch that vitamin movie and buy yourself niacin remember niacin is a vitamin okay i’m taking 1000 milligrams but i read i read online

That people take six thousand four thousand milligrams i don’t know if i need needed it needs that much i been also baking for a few days 15 milligrams but i i was a bit sleepy after it so i cut down and went back to 1,000 milligrams i feel better i think i don’t look 40 and i’ve never looked my age but now i don’t think i look 40 i drink a lot of vitamin c also

Mega doses of vitamin c and i try to get i think that ten thousand milligrams a day okay which ten thousand milligrams is about two teaspoons i mix it with orange juice and this is how how i drink it my goals are to cut down on sugar or eliminate sugar from my diet totally and right now and i don’t want to eliminate a lot of things because i feel like i need to

Nourish my body give my body a lot of vitamins a lot of good food i buy a lot of organic food poland is a is a quite good country during summer we have a lot of fruits and vegetables okay and and they’re quite good they’re not dead gmo as there they are in the state and so i’m trying to like nourish my body give my body good food now so i’m not on a diet at the

Moment i think i even gained about two kilograms okay which is i think a long pound or four pound for pound anyway so i’m going to go on a healthy diet and lose weight when the time comes i think by dieting i ruined my health i’ve been on few diets not many but few but i was i’ve never been fat okay but oh i don’t know i’ve always been okay but you know how it is

You want to be on a diet and you want to be skinny and i started believing i don’t have a mental disorder and after this five weeks i started believing that you can treat your anxiety and depression with good supplements and vitamins and good food and it doesn’t have to be prozac so these are a few things that i wanted to share with you i’m going to try and record

Other movies cause i record movies in polish because because niacin is something people have no idea about intolerance and a lot of information about niacin and supplementing is in english so this is why i started making movies in polish just to translate for people people here and don’t speak english or if they do it’s their english is not that good so anyway i’m

Going to try to record another movie and tell you what i do to treat myself and how my treatment is going so have a nice day eat well don’t drink too much coffee cut down on sugar take magnesium vitamin c and niacin and i think your mental health is going to be much much better take care

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How to get rid of anaxiety and depression with niacin and other natural supplements? By Miss Niacyna Live