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How To Get The *VIRIDIAN MARKER* In Roblox Find The Markers!

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In this video I will show you how to get the viridian marker in Roblox Find The Markers!

If you guys don’t like unsubscribe in the next one second you’ll see this page again on roblox don’t risk it okay hello there and welcome back to another video today we are here instead of find the markers in today’s video i’m gonna be showing you guys how you can go and get the viridian marker in this video today this is going to be an awesome video that you all

Are not going to want to miss out on before i start anything off over here and show you guys exactly how you can go ahead and get this marker i first need to go ahead and tell you a little bit about which is my own roblox good website where you can find out game codes music codes and guides there is tons of stuff in there that you guys have to check

Out overall pick up for codes for over 300 roblox games so if you guys need the code for a game we’ll be there anyway guys i guess let’s just go ahead and go on into this video now okay guys so to go and get this marker what we need to do right now is just simply come all the way over here to the um the factory i’m telling you guys guess where we’re gonna go well

This the theme of this update is space so we’re gonna go ahead and travel by rocket to the mars area right now guys while i am walking there if you have not yet subscribed to the channel make sure you guys go ahead and do that because if you did not know already i have well i will be covering every single market in this update on this channel over here guys by

The time this video is uploaded i’ll i think i’ve covered about eight out of nine of them yeah that’s pretty cool um so make sure you guys are subscribing with that notification below if you haven’t already anyway guys let’s just drop down here right now and then in the corner over here you guys are gonna want to go in and teleport to gravity laboratory over here

Guys and essentially we need to go ahead and go in here and actually flip this gravity right now guys so we’re going to be put inside of here and then essentially guys after that what we are going to go ahead and do next is i think guys be flying yeah we flip it again um and then this time we move all the way over here and then drop down and then i think guys we

Flip it again um i think so wait yeah and then i think after we have now flipped it again we can go through here into this bit and then complete this bit of parkour hopefully wow and then he fell off over there guys and then flip this bit again and then um we want to go ahead and complete this bit of park over here let’s just try not to fall off so well i

Mean touch any of these bits and then guys you want to go and flip it again here no this is so weird guys and then yeah just get ready to go over here and then guys once we have done that we want to now um i think yeah flip it again guys and then this time we want to go ahead and go over here where we can after that do this great right this is horrible okay

I’ll meet you all back once i’m at that stage i’m so bad at roblox for call it’s literally annoying all right guys i’m here again let’s try this for a second time now wow that was close there i hate this so much i’ll meet you guys back once i’m there for a third time i guess i’m over this bit over here we want to go and flip this right now and now that we have

Flipped this what we want to go and do over here is come over to this bit so fall down the right then flip this and now guys once we have flipped this what we want to go ahead and do from here is actually go ahead and flip this again and then we want to just walk straight forwards over here once we’re on here all right come on maybe turn in on sprint and then go

In here right guys right there guys and then you can go to get the viridian mark over there which is nice and simple that’s going to be it for this video here i hope you all did enjoy this video if you did be sure to like and subscribe to show us some support and peace out you

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How To Get The *VIRIDIAN MARKER* In Roblox Find The Markers! By NoobBlox