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How To Give a Cat Liquid Medication

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This was challenging. You all know that Kodi is suchagooboi, but he is not one of the many docile kitties online who just sit there and willingly take their meds without fussing at all. He hates getting his meds, and he also began to hate me a little bit and even avoid me. I wasn’t sure I would even address this with you at all. Thanks to the ShoKo Crew on my Patreon ( I was convinced to do a video showing the challenges of medicating a fussy cat and what advice I have to share. You know just how much I love my boy so seeing him go through all of this has been a little heartbreaking, not gonna lie. But I think I can offer some help to others who may be struggling and to help avoid unnecessary stress in an already stressful situation. In this video, I share 10 tips for giving your cat liquid medication:

Hi everybody i’ve had some questions about how i’m giving cody his liquid meds and so i’m going to record that for you and let you know that he doesn’t really like it i guess that goes without saying with cats but uh i’ve seen some videos online where cats just sort of sit there as you uh gently open their mouths and they’re very happy to uh to accept the the

Medication cody’s actually not like that even though he’s such a good boy oh he’s such a good boy yes he is but uh he doesn’t like it so much so i’m gonna show you what i do and maybe it helps you too who’s a good boy your cat’s liquid medication comes with a syringe or dropper so you can easily measure exactly how much to give them it’s important to prepare

This before you get your cat so you’re not trying to do too many things at once there are a few ways to give your cat liquid medication one is to give it to them when they’re calm and relaxed and not even expecting it simply grab the tops of their cheeks lift up and gently move the syringe into their mouths and squirt the meds to the back of their throat the

Problem with this maneuver though is that they can easily run away and spit it out but i do try to make sure after giving his meds to tell him he’s such a good boy sometimes it takes a while for him to forgive me but he eventually comes around another way is to hover over them while you hold them snugly between your legs unfortunately cody doesn’t like this at

All but it’s important to hold her head up for a few seconds after giving the meds to ensure he actually swallows it and sometimes they won’t open their mouths with the cheek lift so another way to do it is to gently insert the finger into the side of their mouth which encourages their mouth to open and then you can give them the meds i follow the whole procedure

With treats hoping that he quickly forgets the whole thing i do like to leave him alone and give him space afterwards so he knows that’s the end of the uncomfortableness one issue you may have is getting them to come to you when it’s medication time cody started to associate treats with the meds so even saying the word treat would make him suspicious so i just let

Him come to me but i was always prepared with the syringe in between the meds i always make sure to give him lots of cuddle time so he wouldn’t associate me only with giving him meds aside from making him feel uncomfortable without him knowing why it’s kind of devastating when your cat starts to avoid and even fear you the goal is to make the whole medication

Process as stress-free as possible for both you and your cat that leads me to the most important point and that is for you to relax if you’re stressed your cat will know it and could become stressed too take a deep breath and trust that everything will be fine no two cats are alike i hope this helps you but if you have any other tips please leave them in the

Comments for other cat guardians who are searching for answers that’s it everybody peace and purrs out you

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How To Give a Cat Liquid Medication By Sho Ko