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How to Give Canine Insulin Shots

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How to Give Canine Insulin Shots. Part of the series: Puppy & Kitten Care. dogs can get diabetes just as humans can but they must receive their insulin by injection, and these instructions will help you give canine insulin shots correctly. Learn correct insulin storage and administration methods in this free video on puppy and kitten care. Read more:

Hi i’m dr. laurie leach and i’m here to talk to you today with my friend monkey about how to give a dog an insulin shot now insulin is a protein and so that’s why it can’t be given by mouth it has to be given by injection and there are a variety of different insulins on the market and so if you’re watching this video your veterinarian has recommended an insulin that

He or she feels is best for your pet the insulins are purchased either from your veterinarian or from a pharmacy and there’s many different types of insulin because insulin is a protein it may you may have an insulin that’s milky if it’s milky you’re going to want to rotate the vial back and forth you never want to shake it if you shake the insulin you might render

It inactive you’ll do what we call bruise the protein so you’re going to rock it or you’re going to roll it between your hands you’re also going to want to keep your insulin in the refrigerator in veterinary medicine we make this recommendation even though your pharmacist may say that the insulin does not need to be refrigerated however the amount of insulin that

You’re going to go through with your dog is not nearly as much as a human might go through so we think it’s just prudent to keep the insulin refrigerated and then when you take it out to use for your pet just let it set out for a little bit on a countertop in a shaded area not in the bright sunlight that’s going to inactivate the protein think of it like cooking

An egg yolk you don’t want the insulin to get too hot so you’re going to roll the insulin or you’re going to rock it gently and then the next thing that you’re going to do is get an insulin syringe insulin syringes are specially marked there are special insulin syringes for each type of insulin and it’s going to either have a red or an orange top and it’s going to

Be marked in either you forty or forty units or you 100 units and so you need to make sure that the type of syringe that you’re getting is the appropriate syringe for the type of insulin that you’re using so this is a u-100 insulin so we’re going to use you 100 syringes and the color of the caps match so this is very important you cannot interchange syringes you

Cannot use au 40 syringe with au 100 insulin you must have the correct insulin syringe that matches the insulin or you will get the dose incorrect and then your pets going to receive too much or too little insulin and you’re not going to have good success so it’s very important to make sure that the insulin matches the syringe so to give your pet the insulin your

Veterinarian might shave a spot of hair off to help you know that you’re getting the insulin under the skin so talk with your veterinarian about that you may also need someone to help hold while you practice getting the insulin so we’re just going to have monkey be held now you’re going to take the insulin you’re going to insert the needle burp out any air remove

The amount that you need maybe a little more and then go up to the amount that you’re supposed to give in this case this is three units and the three units is to the bottom to the earth the top of the black the top of the black line okay now you’re going to take and tint the skin over the shoulders and then you’re going to inject at the base of the tented skin

So parallel and at the base and then out it is possible sometimes to go all the way through the skin if that happens do not give a second insulin shot you don’t know how much that might be under the skin so just wait and give the next insulin dose never give a double dose if you’re uncertain don’t give a second dose and that is how to give a pet an insulin shot

Thanks very much i’m dr. laurie leech

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