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How to give yourself Enbrel with the Enbrel Mini

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Enbrel now comes as a new autoinjector, which can help you decrease medical waste. Learn how to give yourself Enbrel with the Enbrel Mini.

Hello my name is dr. chapman i’m a board-certified dermatologist i do not have any disclosures today what i’d like to do is go over how to inject the new and bro mini so the way that this medication differs from the emeril pen and the prefilled syringe is that you will actually reuse your auto injector so this is how it looks like and what you’ll receive in the

Mail is actually these cartridges which contains the medication so first things first before starting any injection you want to make sure that you have all your materials so that for medication something to wash your hands something to wash your skin like a an alcohol prep pad and a sharps container so for the medicine you know take it out in the fridge about

30 minutes before your injection and you want to be you know i picture when you actually eject and what you want to do is make sure that the medicine is not expired that it’s not it hasn’t been tampered with that it’s not cloudy a few bubbles air is fine okay all right so for the purpose of this demonstration i’m actually gonna be using my arm although this is

Not an appropriate place to actually inject you inject on your abdomen or on your thighs and if you do your abdomen you want to be about an inch away from your belly button the reason i’m doing like this that many the auto-injector will only recognize skin also on a side note never inject on a site where there’s broken skin where it’s red swollen you want intact

Again okay so let’s get started so first i’m gonna wash my hand with some hand sanitizer so the water is fine to take my alcohol prep pad and let’s just do it here on my forearm wash my skin okay now i don’t want to touch with that particular area anymore till after the injection so here is the auto injector you’ll have three different time settings so there’s fast

Medium and slow so even the fast setting is pretty slow so i’m gonna put it on the fast setting and then there’s gonna be a little slip here and this is where you’re gonna inject the cartridge goes to this little button on the side you’ll just press that open and there you go it’s open you’ll take your cartridge and with the sticker facing you know you like this

You just slip it in with the blue top on the bottom just literally just slip in this easy precedent that you’re ready so the blue thing is actually capped so you’ll remove the cap and then you’re going to hold the injection the the auto injector like a joystick and at a 90 degree angle you’re gonna place it on your skin so when you hear that chime that means that

You are ready to go and the top here you can’t see it but it’s green that means you can inject so one two three when it strikes the second time you know that you are ready so you can just gently remove and the cartridge is ready to be taken out so you remove the cartridge you place this cartridge in a sharps container close and that’s it very simple if you have

Any further questions i highly encourage you to contact your rheumatologist with that good luck

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How to give yourself Enbrel with the Enbrel Mini By Jessica Chapman