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How to inject Bydureon with the pen 2020. How to use it?

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A REAL INJECTION! Not demo! How to inject Bydureon with the injection pen. Teacher Sal teaches you how to use the 2020 Bydureon injector pen. How to set it up and how to inject.

Hey there you japan today i’m going to inject my by durian excellent tired two milligrams this is the latest pen we have in australia 2017 version so i’m going to go through the manual and inject this thing so first of all you have to take it out of your fridge needs to be stored in the fridge you have to take you out for 15 minutes i’m just going to open that

Pocket the top part is the needle head and that’s a pen so i’ll go step-by-step where they come with instructions so we’ve already waited 15 minutes and you’ve got a put open the little tab here put the needle head on top which it goes on then it’s crew is on okay there’s the window for the medicine bye next part is mix the dose so this is green i’m going to

Turn it turn it turn it turn it all the green up to here and tell you to click once it’s clicked you have to now mix it so to do that about 80 times turning the pan as you do it this is just basically mixing the madelung together okay so one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve any one person taking 7 8 9 20 1 2 3 4 5 8 9 10 11 12 database

May 9 2014 4 5 7 8 9 10 april 17 18 19 20 and p 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 29 2008 times after mix it so make sure that it’s not clumped together it’s nice and uniform and there’s a picture in the manual that shows you how okay 80 times or more my mind looks ready to inject it shows you exactly how it needs to be mixed they need to be uniform in the window you can’t

See it probably but it’s actually right that’s right now best place to inject within your stomach this area so you now have to turn this orange smoke until the bottom little injector button comes out and click do that and now there’s an injector button this one of course you’re going to take this top off to inject but i’m going to show my belly to the world if i

Had a smaller belly i wouldn’t need this shot what insulin resistance does to you so you’ve got to try two different flight you can see my stomach harry funk only going with over the side today i kind of use my belly button as a guide so i go to my left and my belly button that should be all right this is just the alcohol swab you know only the injection or any

Infection for me now you can take the top off the white pot you got this lovely needle kick it in and then feel that now you push this slowly in the potty slowly slowly slowly slowly then it clicked you hold it in laughter ten second one two three four five six seven eight nine ten pull it out you can rub it you want with that alcohol saw begin that’s it that can

I say that’s it ah now i want to get on point now you get a little bit of a you get a little bit of the medicine straight away so i’ve noticed the last few times that i’ve taken off felt is a little bit weird because it’s only the third hand that i’ll use so it takes a couple of months you want to want to cover that sharp and dispose of that properly okay yeah it’s

Only been that’s the third injection because it’s the third week so i feel a little bit weird when i take this because you get a little bit of the dough straight away and then it slowly releases over the leech it actually stays in your system for up to 10 weeks they say anyway but look what i’ve noticed is i can eat less i feel full up kinda have a full stomach i

Have had a few hypose though so hyperglycemia i had one up when it was three point nine in the australian systems you’ll have to look that up in your system if you’re in america different i will it was three point nine on my glucometer i started feeling really bad and i have had some high boat what do you do you get into your glucose and your sugar you do those

Things that you’re told to do by your doctor to raise your blood sugar back up and yeah that’s what i’ve been like i haven’t lost any weight yet but i think it’s a little early and i’m still getting used to the medicine i have noticed a bit more fatigue but that makes perfect sense because my blood sugar’s are lower so i’m insulin resistance or blood sugars are

Lower means of getting you know less glucose into my muscles so now until my body exact today so hope that’s been of help to somebody and it’s certainly going to help me next time i have to do it i don’t have to read the instructions i can just look at this video but now god let’s take care

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How to inject Bydureon with the pen 2020. How to use it? By Teacher Sal