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Hello everyone! In this video I show you how to make a wonderful strawberry and hyaluronic acid facial serum. Strawberries are an amazing fruit to add to your skincare formulas because of their high vitamin C content. They are used for their anti-inflammatory properties, they can help to brighten and de-puff the skin. Overall, strawberries are said to be great for the complexion! The hyaluronic acid is a wonderful anti-aging ingredient that helps bring a ton of moisture to the skin. I hope you love this tutorial! If you do, please give this video a thumbs up! Please remember to leave a nice comment or question and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and share this video with a friend!

Hi everybody welcome back to sunshine’s open candle company today we’re going to be making a beautiful facial serum infused with real organic strawberries strawberry season is at its peak right now where i live and so you’re going to see a few strawberry themed formulas coming from me in the next couple weeks strawberries are not only great for your insides but

They’re also great for your skin for several reasons strawberries are known for their high vitamin c content so they can help brighten the complexion they’re great for anti-aging they’re great to soothe skin and actually they’re very helpful for breakouts once you gather all the ingredients necessary to make this formula the recipe is super easy to put together

In this video today i’m going to be giving you a full visual step-by-step tutorial and show you exactly how to put together this beautiful formula and if you would like the full written recipe plus a detailed written tutorial with step-by-step written instructions and percentages please head on over to my patreon campaign where you can unlock this recipe for just

A five dollar pledge i’ll go ahead and place a link to my campaign in the description box below i really do hope you’ll check it out there are now over two and a half years in fact almost three years of archive recipes over there for you to take advantage of i post weekly recipes and tutorials just at the five dollar level there are also four other tiers to take

Advantage of over there if you’re interested we offer things like live classes live monthly hangouts coupon codes to my favorite suppliers and much more we’ve built a wonderful community over there i do hope you’ll give it a look all right let’s make some beautiful facial serum okay so before we get started it’s important to note that we are making a cosmetic so

Anytime you’re making cosmetics your workstation and everything that’s going to come into contact with your raw materials or your finished product needs to be cleaned and sterilized down you do not want to be adding any bacteria or germs into your beautiful facial serum so the first thing we’re going to do is go ahead and weigh off some water for this recipe this

Recipe is water-based meaning everything that we add to this beaker is soluble in water so it’s really important to know that because you don’t want to add any oils to this recipe without other things like emulsifiers and since this is a facial serum we aren’t going to be using any oils today so we’re going to be weighing off some distilled water next up we’re

Going to be adding in some vanilla hydrosol now i got this from crafter’s choice it has a wonderful very faint light vanilla smell to it which is going to add just a touch of fragrance to this product which is great when you’re making things for the face you don’t want the the fragrance to be overpowering this has a very light smell of vanilla and it’s going to

Give us some added hydration okay we’re just going to go ahead and weigh off our vanilla hydrosol okay next up we’re going to be adding in the strawberry infusion and the strawberry extract and the first thing we’re going to be adding in is some strawberry glycerite now i made this myself you can do it using food grade glycerin and organic fresh strawberries now

The reason why we’re using this method is because the glycerin draws out all the good constituents and ingredients that we want from the strawberries to put into our skin care so in my written tutorial on the patreon campaign i will be going into great detail on how to make this exact formula so you can add it to all kinds of skincare recipes if you don’t want

To use a glycerite you can just replace this with regular glycerin the glycerin is going to act as our humectant for this recipe meaning it’s going to help draw moisture to the skin this glycerin happens to be full of beautiful organic strawberries this is a great way to just add in some fresh fruit matter to your formulas using glycerites you can use vegetables

Dried plant matter you can use leaves petals all kinds of things so this is a great way to add some plant-based properties to your skin care okay the next thing we’re going to do is add in some organic strawberry extract i got this from formulator sample shop and the glycerite has a very faint i should note has a very faint strawberry smell it smells like fresh

Strawberries but not super super potent and so that mixed in with the vanilla just gives a really nice subtle fragrance and then the strawberry extract has just a very kind of a fresh clean uh almost green smell to it and it’s gonna impart a lot of those same properties that we want that i told you about earlier regarding the strawberries it has the anti-aging

The vitamin c it’s got deep puffing properties to it anti-inflammatory helps with acne and complexion so you would apply this serum i’ll give you a little demo at the end too directly onto your clean skin maybe after you use a toner and before you use lotions or oils okay the next thing we’re going to be adding here is some soy and rice peptides you could use any

Type of water-soluble protein here if you like or any other water-soluble extract i’m using the soy and rice peptides i got it from making cosmetics and i’m using these because they’re anti-aging anti-wrinkle they’re great for under your eyes they do help with de-puffing and also they help with complexion like evening out skin tone and stuff so i really like the

Soy and rice peptides okay the next thing we’re going to be adding in is kind of a new to me ingredient however i have been experimenting it with it behind the scenes it’s called dimethyl isosorbide and it also goes by dmi for short this is a solvent in skincare formulas like this it acts as a solvent so it makes the active ingredients in your formula penetrate

Into the skin a little bit deeper so that’s why we’re using it today in this formula just to kind of help these active ingredients to penetrate a little bit more deeply into the skin and then we’re going to be adding in our preservative today i’m using liquid dermal plus because it’s great for water-based formulas it works in a wide range of phs and we’re just

Going to give this a stir now because this is strawberry themed i’m going to give it a tiny tiny bit of color so i’m going to be using this colorant i’ve had for quite a while it’s rosy pink even though it looks blue we’ve had some seepage here this is a rosy pink la bomb colorant from bramble berry i don’t think they actually carry these anymore however you could

Use any water-soluble liquid dye or water-soluble powder dye that you like just make sure you’re not using too much in fact i’m going to put just the tiniest drop on my spoon because a little bit goes a long way so literally i’m going to start with that much and see what that does i just want a slight a slight tint i don’t want to make this super bright pink or

Anything like that so we’re starting to get a little bit of color i’m thinking just a tiny tiny bit more and that’s all i’m going to do is do the same thing i just did and put the tiniest little smidge on my spoon and you can see we’re getting a little bit of a pink tint um that’s all i really want so i’m just gonna go real slow until i achieve the color that

I want that actually might be a little bit too much got the paper towel i don’t wanna i don’t even want a full drop here i’m literally just going for a tint of color see what that does okay that’s perfect so this is all i want for color just a very very slight pink hue to go along with that strawberry theme okay the last ingredient we have to add here is

What’s going to create our serum basically it’s going to thicken up the water into a serum type consistency and what we’re going to be using for that is some medium weight hyaluronic acid i got this one from bramble berry and i’m using my little scale to weigh it off because these powders can be a little bit tricky to weigh off on bigger scales you just want to

Make sure you get a really precise amount and i find it easier to weigh off real precise amounts on this little scale so we’re using hyaluronic acid hyaluronic acid is a great humectant it’s great for anti-aging because it gets under your skin and kind of penetrates into your fine lines and wrinkles and makes them look real hydrated and plump so it gives you a

Nice plump youthful look and so we’re going to be adding this in and at the medium weight you can literally also use this as your gel maker or your serum maker so it’s going to create a very nice serum consistency okay so what we’re going to do is we’re going to take our hyaluronic acid this is the only thing that takes a little bit of time for this recipe as

You can see it came together very quickly but what we’re going to do is we’re going to hydrate our formula with the hyaluronic acid this takes time it can take up to a few hours for this to get fully hydrated resist the urge to stir this in if you stir this in the hyaluronic acid is going to stick all over your spoon and it doesn’t matter anyway because nothing’s

Going to happen to this until this is fully hydrated so you’re just going to frustrate yourself and make a mess so all you want to do is take the hyaluronic acid and sprinkle it over the top of your formula again just kind of resisting the urge to stir okay and then maybe just pick this up and give it a little swoosh with your just to kind of get get it going

Okay then you’re just gonna cover this with some plastic wrap and you’re just going to allow the water based ingredients to slowly hydrate that powder that can take up to a few hours and you’ll know it’s done when you don’t see any white powder left in there and you’ll have to give it a stir just to make sure you incorporate it and make sure it’s all homogeneous

But once it’s all in there you have a beautiful consistency so i will cover this up and i’m going to bring you back after it’s hydrated and show you what the next steps are all right it has been about four and a half hours and my hyaluronic acid powder is now all the way hydrated into my water-based ingredients and once you see no more white powder kind of

Floating around the top looks like it’s been hydrated and kind of sinking into the water-based ingredients you can give it a good stir after about four four and a half hours or you can let it sit overnight if you didn’t want to babysit it and basically you’re gonna see some transparent kind of globs or blobs just give it a stir until they’re all dissipated and

Dissolved into the water-based ingredients and you have a homogeneous looking solution so this is now all done and i’ll just give you an idea of the consistency here we’ve got a really nice serum like consistency and the last thing we’re going to do is go ahead and pour it into our little one ounce glass serum bottles here and then i’ll give you a little bit of

A use demo okay so okay so that little 100 gram batch fills up three of these glass containers well almost three i have a little bit of room in this one so we’re just gonna put on the lids here and i just wanted to show you close up how pretty these are so these are just tinted the slightest the slightest pink color they’re really pretty i think just very

Very lightly tinted because it is a facial serum we don’t want too much color in there you could leave it totally uncolored if you wanted to and then i’m going to go ahead and give you a bit of a use demo here i’ll use this one since it’s partially full i’m just going to draw some up into the little dropper and then see what’s a good angle here how it just

Turns into a gorgeous serum like texture and a little bit goes a long way actually i’m just going to rub that in it has a really nice velvety silky kind of finish to it it’s just really really gorgeous it’s going to sink right in like any kind of serum does and then you’re just going to allow it to sink in and dry and then this is when you would after this

You would apply any of your other creams or lotions right over the top of the the serum it’s just really a gorgeous formula with a lot of really beautiful skin loving properties to it all right everybody that is how you make a beautiful strawberry infused facial serum i hope you really liked this video if you did please remember to give it a thumbs up please

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