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How To Make Homemade Penicillin

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In this video I teach you how to make homemade penicillin.

Hey what’s up guys this is horror author james hershey jr. from the staring into the abyss radio show and this is going to be another of my survival videos and this one is going to be very interesting and it might just save your life one day this video is going to be on how to make homemade penicillin now right from the beginning i want to stress that unless you

Are in a survival situation where there is no other option you want to go see a doctor so if the world is the way it is now and there are hospitals and doctors and ers then you definitely want to go to one of those and get a professional to treat you but if you’re in a situation where society has broken down or you know a zombie apocalypse or some crazy situation

Like that and you get an infection you’re gonna be in big trouble now infection can come from like pneumonia something like that or it could be something as simple as you cut yourself you know you’re trying to to cut wood and you cut yourself or you’re trying to make food and you cut yourself whatever and the wound becomes infected now in a situation like that if

It is a end of society kind of situation then you’re not going to be able just go down to the hospital so you’re gonna have to figure out a way to deal with that now if you have been wise enough to stockpile antibiotics then you will have them on hand and you won’t need to do this but this video is to teach you how as a last resort you can create penicillin at

Home by yourself without having to go to a hospital if none is available and in a situation where you’re gonna die from an infection then this this is the way to go it might save your life basically all you really need to do this is a couple things that you probably have laying around the house anyway you can do this with like an orange or a piece of bread it’s

Really simple basically all you do is you just let them sit around and age you can put them in in a container or a plastic baggie or something and just let them sit there and they will begin to to grow mold once you’ve put the bread or the orange into your bag or your container then you just let them sit there and spores will begin to form on them spores of mold

Once this happens and the spores have begun to form you want to take your bread out and you want to break it up into smaller pieces in this example we are going to be using bread you can do with oranges as well but there’s not as much of a process with the oranges you just kind of let them sit around and then you peel it mold off of them but we’re going to do this

Example with bread so you’re gonna take your bread and you’re going to put it into a plastic bag or into some sort of container it can be like a tupperware kind of container or whatever just something to contain it and keep it from getting wet you’re gonna let it sit there until spores begin to form on it now once the mold begins to form on the bread you want to

Take the bread out and you want to break it up and do a lot of little small pieces and you want to put it back in your container and you want to add a little bit of moisture to it now you don’t want to get it soaking wet but like if you have like one of those little spray bottles that does spritzing you know for like spritzing your plants or we’re like spritzing

Oil on a salad or something something like that’ll work you just want like a light misting of the bread and then you’re gonna seal it back into the container or the bag now you want to monitor the mold growth and you’re not gonna take it back out for a long time basically you want to monitor it and watch the mold grow until the majority of the mold turns green hey

Cuz you’re gonna have multiple different colors of your of your mold because as mold begins to grow it will it’ll be white blue and green it has three different stages now the green mold is what you want that’s the good stuff it begins being white then it will turn to blue and then finally the end stage is green at the end stage of green that means that the mold

On your bread has matured and that is exactly what you want because the green mold is going to contain doses of penicillin now once you have the the green mold that has the penicillin in it you can begin to use it as a treatment pretty much right away now there’s a few different ways that you can do this the first way is you can take a large cup and you can put

Some of the bread clumps that have the green mold on it in the large cup and you can add warm water to it now you don’t want to do boiling water because that could damage the spores but you want to use warm water and then you’re gonna mix that all together and then drink it well drink / eat it because it’s gonna have chunks of bread in it now you’re gonna do this

As often as you need to do basically you’re pretty much going to do it once a day and to have your daily dose of penicillin to help you get better but in a more severe case you can do it a couple times a day now one thing i need to stress very important is you are growing mold therefore you are growing penicillin that’s a great thing but while you’re growing this

Mold you are most likely growing other things as well and not all of the things that are growing on that bread are gonna be helpful and good for you now when you consume the bread you are getting the penicillin but you’re also getting all that other bad stuff that you’ve grown with it and it’s gonna taste like crap i’m not gonna lie to you it’s gonna be gross but

In this situation what we’re talking about there is no other option so you’re just gonna have to suck it up and deal with the bad taste now what the stuff did you’ve also grown the other bacterias of stuff that you’ve grown on that bread they’re gonna give you probably diarrhea and an upset stomach but that’s really a small price to pay to save your life because

You’re talking about something that could turn into a major infection and eventually death so i guess it’ll be worth it now this method of doing it has been used for thousands of years in all kinds of different ancient cultures and it’s also seen in many of the folk remedies that are around the mountainous areas of the united states and in itself now that’s the

First option that’s the easiest way to do it but it’s really gross the second option takes a little bit longer you take your time and you’re going to carefully separate only the green mold from the bread okay so you’re not going to have the bread you’re not going to have any of the other colored stuff oh the green mold is gonna be separated and that’s what you’re

Gonna use and if you’re talking about a wound okay if you’ve cut your leg or cut your hand or something like that then you’re gonna take that green mold that you’ve separated out and believe me that’s not as easy as you would think it would be you think it would be easy just cut the green off but it takes a lot longer than you think you’re gonna take that green mold

That you’ve done and you’re going to clean the wound and you’re going to put them on the wound you’re gonna put that green mold on the wound topically like you’re using it as a wound dressing and then you’re going to wrap the wound up with gauze or you know bandages whatever you have pads work great in this situation like the ones women use when they’re on their

Period wonderful wonderful bandages you’re going to wrap it up and you’re going to repeat this this process often as often as you need to anywhere from every couple days to every day depending on how much mold you have on there and depending on the wound another thing you can do is wounds that isn’t penicillin and it’s not going to help an infection but let’s say

You cut yourself and you don’t want it to become an infection okay one neat thing you can do is you can put honey on it i know that sounds crazy but this is something that comes from ancient egypt all the way back to ill attempt now the doctors in ancient egypt used to actually dress wounds with honey because it’s extremely hard for bacteria to grow on honey that’s

Why honey lasts forever i mean there there is honey that they found in the tombs in egypt that was put there back in ancient egypt time and it’s still edible today so honey because bacteria will not grow in it it’ll last forever so that’s a great a great food source as well to think about maybe getting some bees and learning how to do beekeeping or just stockpiling

Honey before because it’s not only can you eat it and it’s really good for you but it’s also good for dressing wounds with there are other ways of make penicillin from bread and oranges if you have more time more resources than you can make almost pharmaceutical grade penicillin using this same basic process it doesn’t really cost much to get penicillin now you

Know in modern day it’s easy so this is not something once again that you should be doing in an age where there’s hospitals readily available in every town but if you’re in a situation where you cannot go to the hospital because they don’t exist anymore and you’re you’re in one of those up against the wall situations where you’ve heard yourself this little thing

Here could save your life so i hope you guys have enjoyed this little i guess you could call it a survival hack i don’t know it’s it’s something that that is really good for a into the world kind of situation or in the society at least situation but i hope you guys enjoyed it if you did please hit like and subscribe to the channel and until i speak to you again

Love many trust few and do harm to none i love you bye bye

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How To Make Homemade Penicillin By James Hershey Jr.