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How to Make Your Engine Run Cooler | BLEED MADE EASY

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Too much heat is never good, especially when talking about performance cars. The biggest problem that race cars have to overcome when their vehicle is ALWAYS being stressed is temperature control. Whether it be the tires, differential, engine oil, or coolant, keeping the temperatures down is essential for reliability.

What’s going on guys welcome to another episode in today’s video i’m gonna be upgrading the cooling system on my z so if you guys plan on track in your car if you guys like beating on your car a little bit to keep it so that the cooling system is gonna be held reliable and so that the entire thing stays working as it should it’s not a half-bad idea to replace all

The stock rubber hoses that are found in the cooling system and upgrading them to silicone hoses now after about five to ten years depending on where you live these stock rubber hoses are going to crack they’re going to deteriorate and they’re gonna break down on you now that’s why i’m gonna be replacing those rubber ones with these upgraded silicone reinforced

Ones so these coolant hoses are made from hps and they come with a lifetime warranty i’m going to be replacing the radiator hoses along with the heater core hoses with these new upgraded ones now while i’m at it and i’m doing this entire procedure what i’m also gonna be doing is changing the thermostat inside the engine bay with a new one the difference between the

Old one and the new one is that this new one is gonna open up at a lower temperature which means it’s going to be able to keep the engine cooler longer the thermostat is gonna go into open-loop after the coolant gets to 68 degrees celsius versus the higher temperature that the stock one is rated for so if you guys plan on beating on your car or even just driving

It hard every once in a while this is a great way to keep those temperatures down and keeping your car nice and reliable all the hps kits can be found in blue red or black and they all come with brand new hardware so you’re not gonna have to worry about using the old rusty stuff that’s found in your engine bay so i like doing this kind of entire coolant overhaul

On my car regardless if i’m tracking the car or not this is just a really nice maintenance thing to do now one thing to keep in mind is that if you guys plan on replacing your thermostat with a lower temperature one what you’re going to notice is that in the wintertime when you go to use your heat because the coolant is gonna be colder it’s not gonna be as hot the

Heat that’s coming out of the vents isn’t going to be as warm so just keep that in mind shoot you guys daily your vehicle for the whole year so if that isn’t an issue for you don’t worry about it but as for all this stuff here we’re gonna be throwing all this in the engine bay so first things first we need to drain all the coolant that’s found in the cooling system

In order to drain all the coolant found inside the cooling system we have to get underneath the vehicle and we have to remove the petcock that’s found on the radiator to get access to that we first need to go ahead and remove the under shield that’s found below the engine bay and there’s also going to be some nuts and bolts that we need to remove so there’s going

To be 16 of these and you can remove them with either a 10 millimeter socket or a phillips head screwdriver after you take all those out there’s gonna be three additional plastic clips take those all out and then this entire tray can be removed from underneath the vehicle if we jump underneath the car with the shield removed you can see all the underneath of the

Engine bay so found over here towards the front of it you’re going to find this little pep so what it essentially is is it’s a philips screw that holds all the coolant inside the radiator we need to unscrew that and we’ll release all the coolant that’s found inside the rad before allowing all the coolant to drain from the red grab a funnel and an empty container

To catch all the coolant this way the coolant won’t spill on to the ground you’ll be able to catch it and should you want to you’ll be able to reuse that coolant when you remove the petcock the coolant will drain out at the bottom and it’ll come out at a relatively slow rate to make it come up faster so you’re not sitting there all day waiting for the coolant to

Drain go to the top of the engine bay where you’ll see the radiator caps if you remove both of them it will allow air to enter from the top of the cooling system resulting in the fluid coming out at a much faster rate with the coolant evacuated from the engine we can now go ahead to remove all the lines and the thermostat so we can replace them with the new ones

So i’m gonna first begin with replacing the coolant lines going to the thermostat along with the coolant line going to the radiator so all that is gonna be found on the front of the engine and you do have to go underneath the car and above the car to get access to both of them i’m gonna be addressing the lines going to the heater core after this so let’s begin with

Working on the front of the car now to make your life a little bit easier when you’re doing this entire procedure if you can take some components in the engine bay out it’ll make it so that you have a lot more room to work with so for instance if you guys are working on a z if you take out both air boxes if you take out the coolant overflow tank and if you also

Remove the strut brace found on top it’ll give you a lot more room to work with to get started on removing all the old hoses we’re gonna begin with the upper rad hose so that’s going from the top of the engine block to the top of the radiator there’s gonna be two clamps that are holding it in place to take the hose out you have to remove the clamps that are found

On both ends of the hose slide it out of the way and then you can pull the entire thing up and out now you should be able to use a pair of needle nose pliers or channel locks to get this done you don’t necessarily need some fancy tools to get access to the hoses that are found right there however if you do have a set of these clamp pliers it’s going to make it super

Easy to get this removed because there’s going to be a locking mechanism attached to it you can squeeze the clamp and it’s going to compress and open up that hose clamp so that you can move the entire thing out of the way and then you can pull the hose off of the fitting the other rad hose is going to be found on the opposite side of the radiator and that’s found

On the bottom of it to take that out you have to remove the clamp that’s found on the thermostat housing and down low on the bottom side of the rat now you’re gonna have to go underneath the vehicle to get this one to remove because you can’t get access to it from the top there might be a little bit of residual coolant that’s found inside the lines but there’s not

Going to be much because we evacuated about 95% of it after that’s out you can get access to the thermostat itself so the thermostat is going to be bolted up to the block with three ten millimeter bolts two of them are relatively easy to get to now the one on the left side of it is somewhat difficult because you have to remove the electrical connector going to the

Cam phasor so that you have enough room to get access to that bolt but it’s not difficult if you use a pic or something like that to slide the electrical connector out of the way it’ll give you enough space to remove the entire thing when you do remove the thermostat though be sure to remove the thermostat along with the gasket for it now when you take it out there

Is going to be a little bit of coolant that’s gonna drain out but that’s not a big deal we’re gonna be replacing all that fluid afterwards with new fluid and we’re gonna top it back up now removing the lines that are going to and from the heater core they can basically be removed in the exact same manner now getting to them might be a little bit more difficult

Than the ones up front only because the ones in the back are gonna be tucked away on the sides of the engine and they’re gonna be connected to the backside of the firewall so the heater core is attached back there so if you can find the lines the stock lines that run from there and go to the front you’ll be able to change those out and swap them with the new hps

Ones now not every car is going to be as difficult as the z so for my honda for instance it’s a piece of cake to get access to the ones on the backside of the motor because there’s so much room the last room that you have inside the engine bay to work with probably the more stuff you have to remove which is why we removed the strut brace earlier now i’ll be honest

With you guys taking out those heater core hoses was a pain in the butt if you don’t have those hose clamp pliers the special ones that have like the little trigger on it it’s gonna be very difficult to get these things removed the concept is pretty much the same from every vehicle but once you take them out you can how much of a difference there is between the

Old stock lines and the aftermarket hps ones you can see there’s so much more reinforcement on the inside of the hose and the hose itself is constructed of a different material there is no rubber that’s found inside these silicone hoses it kind of feels like a polyurethane these hoses right here are a much better quality and they’re not going to deteriorate like

The rubber ones so if you guys install these on your car you’re not gonna have to replace them down the road putting everything back together is actually going to be a little bit easier because it’s already been removed now to make my life a little bit easier next time i need to do this what i’m going to be doing is putting a little bit of 3m silicone paste on the

Inside part of the hose or a little bit on the metal connector for each one of the heating components so if it’s coming from the backside of the firewall or it’s coming from the front part of the red those ends that come out of them if you can put some silicone paste on there the hose that you put on is gonna be able to easily come off should you guys need to replace

Them or get access to something later install each of the hoses that are coming to and from the heater core back onto the car and the same thing can be done for the hoses that are going to and from the red now when you go ahead to install the new thermostat the one that opens up at a lower temperature you’re going to want to install and torque each one of those ten

Mil bolts up to the proper manufacturers spec if you guys want to find that torque spec you guys can find more information in the description box but as for the install itself putting everything back together is me pretty straightforward when you’re putting the new thermostat on the engine block you do want to use a new thermostat gasket now if you don’t have one

You guys can find a link for one in the description box i have the part number directing you right to amazon so you can buy one for yourself there under ten bucks and it’s just going to make sure that you guys don’t have a legal when you put kuhns in the system and turn the car on with all the coolant lines and the new thermostat inside the engine bay there’s two

More things that we have to do to complete the job so the first thing is put back everything inside the engine bay that we took out so that also includes reconnecting that connector for the camshaft phasor in the engine bay after that same go ahead and install both air boxes along with the expansion tank for all the coolant now last but not least the strut brace

Has to go back on and then we’re done for that part now the last part which is part number two that you still need to do is believe the entire cooling system the cooling system is now evacuated of all the fluid so we need to put all that coolant back in those lines so the engine can run properly now not only that the fluid that’s inside the heater core has been

Evacuated since we did this entire drain at the beginning of this video so to get all that fluid back in we have to put it all through the top cap found in the engine bay and i’m going to show you how easy it is to get that done if you have the right tools okay so you guys remember that funnel that i was using earlier well this thing is actually part of a kit and

The kit comes with everything that you need to rebleed your cooling system so it comes with many different attachments and other parts to get the job done now it doesn’t matter if you’re working with something japanese or american there are adapters and other parts to get it to work with any vehicle so what i’m gonna be using today is the green one this guy here

That other part that goes on top and i’m gonna be using the funnel to bleed the entire cooling system and put new fluid through the entire thing to begin with the bleeding we need to put the adapter and the cap or the radiator cap was the opening at the center of it will allow the coolant to pass through the cap and fill the system of coolant make sure that the cap

Is tight so it will not leak during this entire procedure following that we need to put the large funnel on top of the cap along with the funnel plug you can then fill the funnel with the appropriate coolant for your car by slowly doing this you will only be filling up the radiator of coolant in order to get that coolant to be flushed through the entire system to

Bleed out all the air put the funnel plug in the inside part of the funnel refill the funnel of coolant and then go inside the car and turn the vehicle on that’s going to get all the coolant moving and then remove the funnel plug to allow coolant to fill the radiator along with all the coolant lines since we remove the heater core hoses the heater core also needs

To be bled to do this go inside the car and turn the a/c system to as hot as the system will go along with on full-blast this will allow coolant to pass through the heater core and the hoses bleeding the entire thing refill the funnel if he begins to get low you’ll be able to see the air escaping from the system through the funnel when it stops bubbling turn the

Engine off but do not put the funnel plug in the funnel yet as more coolant still needs to enter the system let the engine cool down with the funnel attached and coolant inside the funnel only when the coolant level stays put can you insert the funnel plug and remove it from the car the extra coolant in the funnel can then be returned to the jug without spilling

Or making a mess following that you can run the funnel along with all the attack it’s through some water to clean everything out now what’s really cool is that all these attachments can be put back into the funnel and then the cap can be put on top at that point you can then store it and put it away if you go ahead to look at the expansion tank you should then

See the entire thing be right at the middle setting so the coolant level will be right above the min and below the max so if you want you can put a little bit more in but it isn’t exactly necessary you can take the car for a spin drive it make sure everything works properly let it cool down and then at that point you can check to see if the coolant level needs to

Be filled anymore if it does fill it but if not the job is done now something to note if you guys are doing this procedure and you have the funnel attached to the car if the coolant system is open and there is no rad cap on there to seal the entire thing off do not read the car don’t ask me how i know this but you will indeed make a mess so if you have the funnel

Attached to the car only let the engine idle after taking the z out for a spin there’s no leaks i checked everything out the coolant level is right where it’s supposed to be and everything seems to be working pretty good now i notice the coolant temps are a little bit colder but it’s kind of hard to tell because it’s cold outside so it’s 15 degrees outside now this

Will definitely pay off if you guys live in a warm area so if you guys live somewhere where it gets really warm this is definitely a great modification for you guys especially if you like beating on your car a little bit if you guys liked the video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you want to find any of the products that i used today in this video there’s

Links in the description box and directing you right to amazon everything that you saw in this video is available for you guys to purchase if you guys aren’t subscribed consider doing it about car videos coming up for you guys every single week anyways guys if you have any other further questions comments sections down there you guys know what to do thanks for

Watching guys i’ll catch you in the next one peace

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