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How to prepare and take apart exalgo ER hydromorphone HARM REDUCTION

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After many hours of research on the Exalgo ER hydromorphone. There really wasn’t much of anything out there that told you how get around the time release system. In this 3 part video I talk you threw how to completely extract the active ingredient hydromorphone.

Hey everybody this is jill three-box and i’m doing a little video on how to take apart the logo 32 milligrams six milligrams eight milligrams co milligrams 16 milligrams hydromorphone so saying so staying release when you get the pill it will be white you can suck off the coating i would advise it because it has hydromorphone on it already so you suck off the

Coating or you can wipe it off with a wet towel and you will end up with a pill with a plastic coating that you can see through one side is white which is the hydromorphone and the other side is either gray or black whatever you want to call it which is the release mechanism and once you do all the steps you will end up with something that looks like this this is

Completely shaved ball this the gray matter the non-drive matter versus um everything i use a eyeglass tool a flat head to help peel the plastic off the coating the ideal is to completely separate to completely separate the this part from the white part which is the actual medication so the first step you want to do is you want to cut it down the middle you can

Either use a knife scissors or you can also use a razor blade but unfortunately i don’t have anything sharp so what i do is i put it down the middle you want something with a serrated blade because it’ll kind of give you leverage and grip so you place it up like this and you put the knife directly right don’t put it directly on the gray side i put it more a little

Bit on the white you i end up losing a little bit in the medication but like for me who has 32 milligrams i’m not gonna miss 0.5 milligrams or milligram of diet or more flowing off the pills so it really doesn’t matter but the reason why i say you want a more cut it more thinner a thinner line from the website is that way you have less of the mechanism to cut or

Shave off so so we’re just gonna cut it down the middle like this it can take some time it’s not some time very easy so you gotta just it’s got to be practiced i normally will saw kind of give myself a dent and then once i have done that sorry you guys sometimes it takes a couple tries some and then once i make the dent in the pill i then apply pressure and this

Is what you get so the object of it is to get as much of this this part right here because it’s the time release mechanism what happens is is when you swallow the pill you get the first dose of medication which is the coating the white coating on the outside and then the plastic coating connick has a chemical reaction with some of the enzymes and acids than your

Stomach and it pulled in liquid in from your body and this purchase wells and there’s actually a little itty bitty microscopic holes on each side of this and when this wells it slowly pushes medicine out of the hole but for people who don’t want to take a time-release and walk all the medication and you want to do this thing so anyways so now that we have this

Part right here i’m going to pull it apart as you can see there’s a little bit of white on there just a little small small piece of white you can try to scrape it off i wouldn’t recommend it because they’re still gonna be blue in there or gray matter in there so now the object of it is to if you look let’s see my phone will focus if you look i got a pretty nice

Clean side right here but i have a lot clean side right here but i have a lot of this right here and again it’s wrapped in this plastic type casing sounds like tape and you want to take this part off too so you want to pull it off again i use this eyeglass flat they’ll peel it off i wouldn’t recommend cutting it in half this light this way like here’s the pill i

Wouldn’t recommend cutting it in half this way because then you will not have enough leverage because the pill so tiny to peel off the tape the bigger the tape the more surface space there is which gives you more leverage so right now i’m going to attempt to pull see pull the little tape off and get all this gray matter off again like i told you it’s part of the

Time-release mechanisms in the pill it has absolutely no hydromorphone word allotted in it whatsoever so it’s no good and there’s actually research that when is in the body it will cause issues with your veins so anybody who plans on whatever chui choice of route you choose after you have successfully taken apart the pill you definitely don’t want this in your

Body so i’m going to go ahead and pause this and then i’ll come back when i’m done

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How to prepare and take apart exalgo ER hydromorphone HARM REDUCTION By I love ALL things opiates the pill Guru