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How to prepare enalapril tablet for your baby at home

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0.625 milligram daily for 14 days this is with respect to the prescription we have before us remember i say first thing you do is documentation you have to document the prescription or what you are about to do document it very well write the name of the patient the folder number the age which is the tremors in this case this is condition after ventricular

Septal effect then the prescription first fluorosimide 5 milligram meaning proportion for one month then a spinner atom 6.25 milligram daily for one month another 0.65 milligram daily for also one month remember we said we will not formulate for one month yes will only formulate for 14 days once it gets to 14 days the person comes for a field so that he will

Get the remaining 14 days and take the full dose yes so we went back on the one of another 0.625 dealing of one month so we do the one on 40 days then let’s thing you document is the calculation you do on that another approach will show you how to do the calculation when you document this the calculation finish you write the procedure yes you need to write

The procedure so that next time when the patient comes and you are not the one in the office another person can also be knowing for you when you documented work if there is any mistake you can be taken care of as immediate as as immediate as possible as fast as possible so you do the procedure to write it very well then write your name then sign and write date

Yes again this is a simpler way you can run your document tension let’s go for the calculation we say other calculation of another it must follow this rule total those strengths of one tablet yes number of tablets required then volume of vehicle required here we will select two meal you can use 2.5 mil you can find me you can use premium as case maybe but

You need to remember that in the video me we said you must consider several photos while doing this check the volume of the container you have to do this preparation and package inside check the follow from the container if the volume is like 100 ml and you are using volume of vehicle 151.1406 to not work out it means you change it panel of let us equal the

Word let maybe to change the two to three or four or five as case may be yes then if you know that the vehicle is very sticky or viscous you also need to consider that um that the preparation you will have when you used to milk would be very viscous you also need to do something on that to say that it is not too viscous so that the patients can make use of

It okay so i am taking x equals to two i mean i’m taking like two may equals to 0.625 milligram that is what i would take in my calculation then i will do other necessary things let’s go and do the calculation this is for another april calculation on nra pro yes total dose equal to 0.625 times 14 days because times 1 times 14 days that will be giving us 8.75

Now strength of another prayer we have to use the strength of another prayer we use is five milligram the strength is five milligram nonsense number of tablets required will be watched it’s the number of tablets required well-being to type those you got which is 8.75 all over 5 milligrams when you divide it that will be giving you approximately two tablets we

Approximate to us to take care of transference loss you know when we approximate it means we added overage let’s say we had 1.5 something we made into two so that the remaining fraction we added will serve as average to take care of transference loss we have in the preparation then next thing we do is we now say let x equal let2 equal to let’s um equal to 0.625

Milligram now we have two tablets to be used to times what is the quantity of a tablet you say quantity is five billion so two tablet times five that will be giving you what you cross multiply to get the value of x when you cross multiply you will be having 32 meals as the value of x immediate 2 meals is what we use tattoo meals on your vehicle and what is

The vehicle you say it is vitamin b complex why because another is basic vitamin b complex is also basic so we will kick off with the preparation first clean ensure your working environment is clean

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How to prepare enalapril tablet for your baby at home By Chydonns Daniel