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How to quit smoking with Champix(Chantix)

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This video is to help people decide whether to use and ask your doctor for a prescription for Champix. It is based on my experience using the product and what happened.

Hello and welcome my name is howard today i’d like to discuss stopping smoking yeah i know it’s a problem for a lot of people the difficulty to get through the first 72 hours to quit which of course is the most important to get through the first 72 hours and then you you realize a certain amount of withdrawals that i yield you’ll experience in the first 72 hours

So they have various various things i want to discuss today and one of the cures that the medical profession has come up with it’s called camp x that’s in here in canada obviously in the states or maybe not so obvious is called chantix now this is a package that is a pill basically it’s a pill that you take and i’ve quit not once but several times really it’s i

Quit for like seven months at least for four different times using these pills so for seven months i didn’t smoke and i was smoke-free didn’t feel like a cigarette didn’t want a cigarette basically i was smoke-free didn’t crave a security i even thought i saw people smoking and i thought why are these people smoking because i don’t want a cigarette and i was like

The the worst smoker ever i’d be smoking a pack a day sometimes i went after the other and i always craved craved craved a cigarette but when i took these pills these 10 champ expels i didn’t crave a cigarette i didn’t want a cigarette it stopped me from smoking and i am within within a week or two it’s like completely off cigarettes so how it works is what they

Say is it starts off with one pill one weight pill this one’s actually a used pack but it starts off with one white pill for three days and then you take morning and night the same white pill twice a day and then after seven days you you pick your quit date and you take one one pill in the morning one pill at night after on the week two it’s a blue pill and that’s

The blue pills you take after all the time the white pills are like 25 milligrams of the varenicline tartrate the active ingredient in these pills and the blue pills after in week 2 is 1 milligram each so it’s 1 milligram the morning 1 billio day so believe me when it comes to week 2 when you take that one milligram that of those blue pills you will stop smoking

And it’s no question now i recommend the district to several people and the only thing that that came up with a problem with this was the side effects a lot of people experience extreme side effects i know there’s a whole list of things you can do like i can’t drink or you can’t there’s a whole list of i come to the whole package full of things you can’t do but if

You can and then there’s side effects like the dizziness and all that we some people have worse than other people the side effects but if you can get through the side effects and you can you’re able to take these pills you will quit smoking and i like i said i quit for like 7 months and i’m probably one of the worst smokers around and it really was what i’ll be

Talking about in the future videos is other ways i’ve quit smoking far as nicorette gum the nicorette lozenge the spray i also did the did the vapor the the vapor cigarettes you know the smoke free cigarettes the vapor cigarettes i tried that as well so and i quit for several months with the vapor cigarettes the only problem is to stay off that’s the only problem

The only problem really is to stay off the service once you quit you can’t take another cigarette for me and once i took that one cigarette it was like one cigarette a day one cigarette a day and then it just went up to like a pack a day within a month so once he get off make sure you stay off someone offers you a cigarette or you’re under stress or something do

Not take that one cigarette because that’ll be your undoing and good luck and hope you helped you have a smoke-free life in the future and we’ll see you later

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How to quit smoking with Champix(Chantix) By How to Quit Smoking