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How To Reverse Heart Disease On A Plant Based Diet

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We won welcome to the third installment of the heart disease series before we start i would like you to watch a five minute video of how a plant-based diet is a heart attack proof diet and also watch the first two videos i made on heart disease to learn more about what it is it’s risk its cost and the conventional treatment methods as usual all the research

Links will be in the description box below talk about the fact that you love to eat and susanna um you know i like the stuff i yeah i like the vegetables or fruits the beans the stuff i eat now i like i like it do you call yourself a vegan allen well i suppose i am if i don’t eat dairy or meat or fish you’re doing this for your health yes absolutely clinton’s

Dietary guides dean ornish and discount caldwell esselstyn at the cleveland clinic every month the seventy seven-year-old esselstyn holds a day-long seminar attracting doctors and heart patients from across the country like sharon kent’s a retired private investigator from canton ohio kent’s had a heart attack six months earlier after a coronary artery became

Completely blocked what kintz did next may surprise you she turned the surgeon down cold said no to open-heart surgery and decided to take a chance using food as medicine like president clinton kent’s has given up the food she loves like butter and cheese she’s betting her life on dr. esselstyn’s diet she had a heart attack yeah i know you know sharon oh yeah

Doctors recommended she have an intervention she’s not doing it is there a downside could she be putting herself at risk no i think that’s an excellent question and hundreds of patients data now going back over 20 years and well this most recent study about a decade once they start eating this way you’ll make yourself heart attack oops blind it back over 20 we

Know that if people are eating this way they are not gonna have heart attack esselstyn has won some allies like dr. terry mason chief medical officer at cook county hospitals in chicago and the city’s former public health commissioner we’ve eaten ourselves into a problem and we can eat ourselves out of it esselstyn thinks heart disease is completely preventable

No matter what sort of family history you have simply by eating right during his research he came upon a stunning fact some cultures around the world like people living in central africa papa new guinea highlanders and tarahumara indians in mexico have virtually no heart disease none so what can we learn from them you have some easy-to-remember adages about how

People can decide what they should or should not eat we know what they shouldn’t eat that is oil dairy meat fish and chicken what do we want to be we want to beat all those whole grains for their story of bread and pasta beans vegetables yellow red green and fruit now what particular vegetables do we want them to have bok choy swiss chard kale collards collard

Green beet greens mustard greens turnip greens napa cabbage brussel sprouts broccoli cauliflower cilantro parsley spinach and arugula and asparagus and i’m out of breath president clinton’s diet no meat no dairy almost no oil got me thinking how different what he’s eating now as compared to what he used to eat and what most of us still eat make a habit of high-fat

High cholesterol meals like this and you can physically see the beginnings of heart disease i was curious about the science behind dr. s offense claims so i dug up some of these peer-reviewed journals they’re small just a handful of patients but the results are pretty impressive and one study here patients on the s wilson diet and cholesterol-lowering medication

And no heart attacks had no coronary events of any sort after five years and three-quarters these patients actually saw their blockages get smaller you’re not talking about just reducing your chance of heart disease you’re talking about potentially reversing her keys oh absolutely the late wisdom is that once you develop these plaques they’re there you’re stuck

With them try not to let him get worse is that faulty thinking i think it’s absolutely faulty thinking here’s a picture esselstyn likes the show of a heart patient with the blocked coronary artery and here’s that same patient after going on a plant-based diet you see the way the blockage is almost disappeared sharon kent survived a heart attack a year ago after

A coronary artery became completely blocked now she’s counting on the essence and diet to keep her from having another thankfully your heart muscle function is normal kent’s cardiologists adnan zaidi says so far so good with the diet it’s a difficult sell but you know those who get on to it have benefited from it without a question hints is a true believer so

Is former president bill clinton and nowadays they have a lot of high-powered company all of these ceos and former ceos are either vegetarians or vegans would you call yourself healthy now well i think i’m healthier than i was you know i lost 27 pounds all my blood tests are good all my vital signs are good and i feel good and i actually have believe or not more

When researchers took people with heart disease and put them on the kind of plant-based diet followed by populations that did not get epidemic heart disease their hope was that it might slow down the disease maybe even stop it but instead something miraculous happened the disease started to reverse to get better as soon as patients stopped eating artery-clogging

Diets their bodies were able to start dissolving some of the plaka waves opening up arteries without drugs without surgery suggesting their bodies wanted to heal all along but were just never given their chance that improvement in blood flow to the heart muscle itself on the left was just about three weeks of healthy eating let me share with you what has been

Called the best kept secret in medicine the best kept secret in medicine is that sometimes given the right condition the body can heal itself you know if you work your shin really hard on the coffee table it can get all red painful hot swollen inflamed but it will heal naturally if you just turn back up and let your body work its magic but what if you kept

Breaking your shin in the same place day after day in fact three times a day breakfast lunch and dinner it will never heal you go to the doctor and be like oh machine hurts and the doctor would be like no problem whips out a notepad and write you a prescription for painkillers you’re still working your shin three times a day oh it still really hurts like heck

But oh it feels so much better with those pain pills on board then heaven for modern medicine it’s like when people take nitroglycerin for crushing chest pain tremendous relief but you are not doing anything to treat the underlining cause our body wants to come back to health but if we let it but if we keep with damaging ourselves three times a day we may never

Heal within about 15 years of stopping smoking your lung cancer risk approaches that of a life-long nonsmoker isn’t that amazing your lungs can clear out all data and eventually it is almost as if you never started smoking at all and every morning of our smoking life that healing process started until wham our first cigarette of the day we enjoying our lungs

With every path just like we can we injure our arteries with every bite when all we had to do all along is let the miracle cure it’s just stand back get out of the way stop with damaging ourselves and let our bodies naturally heal and bring us back towards health the human body is a self-healing machine sure you can choose moderation here yourself with a smaller

Hammer but why be yourself apparel with moderation damage to our body we can get on health consequences if you have diabetes and choose moderation you can get you can get just an amputation of half a leg of your toes instead of a whole leg we don’t help smoking patients to cut down to half a pack a day we tell them to quit sure half a pack a day is better than

Two packs a day but we should try to only put healthy things in our mouth we have known about this for decades the american heart journal in 1977 cases like mr fw here ha disease so bad that he couldn’t even make it to the mailbox but he started eating healthier and in a few months later he started climbing mountains with no pain there are all these fancy new

Anti angina and t chest pain drugs out now they cost thousands of dollars a year but at the highest dose may be able to prolong exercise duration – as long as that a tree and a half seconds it does not look like those choosing the drug route will be climbing mountains any time soon see plant-based diets are just safer and cheaper they can work better because you

Are treating the actual cause of the disease so what should you do it is recommended to go for a non invasive coronary ct scan and gram once every 5 to 10 years it is an imaging test that looks at arteries that supply blood to your heart it relies on a powerful x-ray to produce images of your heart and blood vessels these tests are non-invasive and do not require

Any recovery time it is cheaper than the normal ct scans and is 100 percent accurate and has the same radiation as a normal extreme as shown in a photo the scan allows us to look at the arteries that supply blood to your heart this allows us to identify any clogged arteries it is also important not to fall into the advertising traps of the supplement industry

For example the fish oil industry which is a multi-billion dollar industry but it has no benefits of overall mortality heart disease mortality sudden cardiac arrests heart attacks and stroke in fact fish oil increases cardiac arrest cardiac arrest death the american association heart association advised the public to stop consumption of highly marketed fish oil

Supplements instead consumed brazil nuts which reduces ldl bad cholesterol levels by 20 points in 9 hours even drugs do not explore fast cholesterol levels stay down even after a month it takes cholesterol-lowering statin drugs around four days to have such a significant effect it is recommended to consume for brazil nuts a man as high in a mineral selenium next

Consume a whole plant-based diet which is a heart attack proof diet as it has no cholesterol as stated in the video what causes heart disease the only factor of also cirrhosis is cholesterol a diet rich in fiber also helps in the reversal of heart disease now all add dr. michael greger explains how fibers reduce cholesterol what’s flowing through our intestines

Right now it’s gonna end up as waste that’s the default unless any bits can be absorbed we can imagine our antara sites the cells lining our intestinal wall as a vast array of trash pickers a resource recovery workers there sifting through the river of potential garbage flowing past and picking up anything of use of vitamin here or mineral there such that by the

End there really isn’t much left that’s desirable and truly gets dumped so our gut also acts as our body’s disposal system anything wants to get rid of it throws down the trash chute like excess cholesterol cholesterol plays a vital role in the body and that’s why our liver makes as much as we need but if our liver feels there’s too much cholesterol circulating

Around it dumps the excess into the gut to get rid of it knowing full well they’ll be an ever flowing torrent to flush it out to see we did after all evolved from of years on a plant-based diet like our great ape ancestors and so we weren’t designed for burgers and milkshakes we were designed for fiber and lots of it a hundred grams a day or more a massive quick

Flowing stream and so when our body throws some cholesterol down the trash chute it knows it’s gonna zip right out but what if our river dries up just a slow trickle of sludge because we’re not eating enough whole plant foods we still have the same number of trash pickers but the volume and speed of the flow is way down on a fiber deficient diet so they’re finding

All sorts of stuff that otherwise would have been lost so they’re picking back up estrogen that our body dumps cholesterol and putting it back into our system it’s like a it’s like you’ve litter and someone comes by and picks it up and says excuse me did you drop that fiber books up the flow speeds it up and dilutes everything so lots of stuff may never even

Make it to the banks of the intestinal river to be picked up and inappropriately saved the lifestyle huh trial found that 82 percent of patients diagnosed with heart disease who followed this plant-based diet program had some levels of regression of osteoporosis and 91 percent had a reduction in the frequency of angina episodes whereas the three percent of the

Control group in fact the american heart association diet had progressions of esco closest in addition the studies showed a reduction in low-density lipoprotein that is similar to the result achieved with lipid lowering medication similarly other researchers showed that compared with a control group the plant-based diet group had a 73 percent decrease in coronary

Events and a 70 percent decrease in all cause mortality

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How To Reverse Heart Disease On A Plant Based Diet By The Singapore Vegan