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How to Reverse Insulin Resistance NATURALLY! (3 EASY STEPS)

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If your insulin-resistant your chances of building muscle in the gym are pretty slim now you don’t have to be a type 2 diabetic to be insulin resistant and that’s the importance of this video because what we’re gonna go over are the three things that you can do to naturally reverse insulin resistance but more importantly i’m also going to discuss how you can tell

If you are insulin resistant so you’re gonna want to watch the rest of this video what’s up everyone eric bolling here in today’s video we are going to go over the topic of insulin resistance now a lot of people when they hear this you may instantly think of type 2 diabetes the problem is a lot of people associate type 2 diabetes with the chronically obese it

Could be mildly insulin resistant and not even know it and you can also look somewhat athletic but new research is showing that insulin resistance can occur in individual muscle tissue and this is a problem because if you have lagging muscles if you have muscles that just won’t grow or if you have some stubborn fat spots your problem may be related to an insulin

Related issue so this video is a little bit of a longer one but i want to hold your attention and just tell you how this video is gonna be broken down i’m gonna define insulin right now and i’m also gonna define what insulin resistance is so after we define those two things then i’m gonna give you different tools that you can use to determine whether or not you’re

Actually insulin resistant and then last but not least the last thing we’ll move into our three natural ways that you can reverse insulin resistance and make your body hyper insulin sensitive so that all of your hard work is not going to waste so let’s first define what insulin is now insulin is basically a hormone that is secreted by the pancreas to regulate and

Control blood sugar but it does a lot more than that it also acts like a traffic cop telling nutrients where they need to go now the problem is the more insulin you start to produce usually by abusing carbohydrates or sugary type foods the more resistant your body starts to become to insulin so insulin resistance is when your body doesn’t really respond anymore

To insulin it could do that in one of two ways either your cells aren’t working in conjunction with insulin or your body’s not getting the signal to produce insulin and your blood sugar levels are staying way too high and it’s not being cleared out and that can cause a whole host of problems eventually leading to type-2 diabetes but now let’s go into how do you

Know if you are insulin resistant but one way is hba1c another way is testing obviously your insulin levels and the third and final way is testing your fasting glucose levels now if you get all these things tested those are gonna come back with numbers now what do all these numbers mean well work with your doctor and look at them but where you want to be ideally

So what is optimal i’ve listed them in the description below if you’re curious what those numbers may be alright and more of a subjective way to tell if your insulin resistant take your hands go to your sub scaps so that’s basically if you look at your shoulder blade where your upper back meets that shoulder blade take the biggest pinch of fat that you can grab if

You can grab a huge chunk of fat more than likely your insulin resistant so just like in my last video which i’ll link up there on cortisol and stress there’s a lot of good research coming out that shows that storing fat in the upper back has some link to insulin another way to test is if you have love handles go ahead and take both of your hands and pinch your

Love handles on the site now if you can grab a huge chunk same thing more than likely your body is not utilising all that glucose and insulin the way that it should because you’re probably eating too much or it could be something else so now that we kind of have that cleared up both on what it is in definition why it’s important and what you can also do about it

To get it checked now let’s go into three things that you can do to naturally reverse it okay so the first thing that you can do to naturally reverse insulin resistance number one it’s going to be to use some type of herb that is known as a glucose disposing agent now there are many types of glucose disposing agents out there and you can take these things usually

With high carbohydrate meals they will usually have something in them known as chromium but there’s also a better one that i recommend so berberine has been shown to be very effective in lowering insulin resistance in people and the thing is is there’s real research on this i’m not just making this up the next thing you can do is get more sleep so studies have shown

That seven to eight hours is the most ideal area for sleep so if you get less than that or if you get more than that your chances of getting type 2 diabetes or becoming insulin resistant are a lot higher above 20% higher so your sleep is going to control your hormones sleep is the main regulator of hormones so it makes sense that if you’re not getting enough sleep

Your chances of becoming insulin resistant are going to increase now the third thing you can do is implement weight lifting now weight lifting has been shown by lots of research to be one of the best ways out there to improve insulin sensitivity one of the ways it does this is by promoting new muscle growth and with muscle growth come something known as insulin

Receptor sites so on your muscle tissue you have these little keyholes and those are key holes for the hormone insulin so make sense the more muscle you have the more keyholes you have that way you have a lot of keys floating around in you which is your insulin they have places to insert into into go so that’s going to help you in reversing insulin resistance those

Are three easy things that you can do that have been shown by research to naturally reverse insulin resistance now let’s say you’re doing those things let’s say you you’re already weightlifting you’re already getting good sleep and a supplement can’t be the main thing that’s handling it well what else could be the problem well like i said in the beginning if you’re

Not deserving your carbohydrates then carbohydrates could be the enemy for you so research has shown that following a lower carb higher fat diet such as like a ketogenic style diet is superior to eating carbohydrates when it comes to lowering insulin so one thing that you can do is slowly implement a ketogenic diet and get on it for thirty to sixty days teach

Your body to become a little bit more fat adapted get into a nutritional state of ketosis give your pancreas a break from producing so much insulin and then what you’re gonna start to notice if you do your blood work is that that hba1c number and your total insulin in the body should start to come down now it is very important to know that there’s no such thing

As an essential carbohydrates outside of fiber and you can get your fiber from your veggies so that means because carbohydrates are a non-essential macronutrient they need to be deserved so if you have a lot of body fat on you why would you want to be eating carbohydrates to use as a fuel source when you have the ultimate fuel source on your body already but then

Again you have to think this does not apply to someone who’s a super lean athlete so let’s say you have a guy who’s nine to ten percent body fat doesn’t have any fat on their body obviously they’re gonna be a person who needs some type of carbohydrates to give them the energy that they need to do the work they’re trying to do this person doesn’t have a lot of fat

On their body to burn for energy but if you’re obese if you’re fat if you have a lot of fat on your body look you’ve got a lot of stored and potential energy on your body the problem is there’s something known as hormone sensitive lipase and this is basically a hormone not to get too scientific and not to get too technical what it actually is i’ll save that for

Another video but basically what it is is it prevents your body from burning the fat cells for energy because it says hey i’m getting carbohydrates i’m getting those are turning into glucose that’s turning into glycogen so i don’t need to burn the fat on my body because i have a fuel source that is being given to me from an exogenous source aka carbohydrates this

Is very important because a lot of people who are struggling with weight loss issues are struggling because they’re trying to follow a high carbohydrate diet because they think they need to get their energy from carbohydrates but they got all this body fat on the that they’re not burning that they’re not utilizing so that’s kind of like a fourth little bonus tip

Implemented ketogenic style diet to become more insulin sensitive so what i want you to do is i want you to implement those tips i guarantee if you implement them you’re gonna start to see a drastic change but remember it all starts with the blood work i always tell people you need to know what it looks like inside your body a lot of people step on a scale and

Then gives them a number what does that number tell you it doesn’t tell you much it’s not telling you how much fat you have it’s not telling you how much muscle you have it’s not telling you what your blood work looks like it’s not telling you if you’re healthy or not so you can’t just look at the scale get some blood work done i’ve listed a full panel that you

Can get done so you can give that to your doctor and have some of those tests run if you don’t have a practitioner to do that or i’ve listed something that you can click on basically they send you blood work and then you can basically go and take it to a third party lab get that drawn and then go mail it back and send it out you can do it anyway it doesn’t matter

The point is get it done so you know what’s actually going on in your body because if you’re dedicated to changing your physique getting the best physique ever not only looking good but feeling good then you need to know what’s going on inside your body and an insulin resistant type issue may be the number one thing that’s holding you back but if you liked this

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I will see you guys next time

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How to Reverse Insulin Resistance NATURALLY! (3 EASY STEPS) By Eric Bowling