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How to Rid Skin Tags and Warts Within 24 Hours – Dr. Berg on Skin Tag Removal

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Find out the best remedy for skin tags and warts—and learn about the hidden cause of them!

Let’s talk about how to get rid of your skin tags and warts within one day hopefully now many times it’ll actually disappear within one day 24 hours but sometimes it actually shrinks and it takes a little bit longer with some people it could take up to four to six weeks so give it a little time but this remedy is extremely effective so skin tags and warts what is

The actual cause well most of the information i could find points to the hpv virus human papilloma virus this is an extremely common virus that infects 325 million women worldwide and there are over 100 different types and 14 of them have the ability to cause cancer but realize that what determines someone getting cancer or not is really the epigenetic factors

Those are the things that are superior to your genes like the environment what you expose yourself to your lifestyle what you eat your stress level and so you can do a lot of things to keep this virus in remission now when you get infected with a virus your immune system is going to fight that virus but these viruses are very very stealth and so they go into

Hiding and they don’t necessarily bother anything so there’s no red flags for your immune system to find them and so they just wait and they wait and they wait until your immune system becomes lowered let’s say you get older you go through stress and then it comes out and it kicks you when you’re down in fact the cause of cervical cancer for women is hpv and this

Is the fourth most common cause of cancer in women so it’s a pretty big deal but there are several studies i’m going to list down below that show that you can use a simple home remedy called iodine to help make these skin tags and wards go bye-bye so one study showed 77 percent success rate but i’m not satisfied with 77 we want to bring it closer up to 100 percent

So this is why we’re going to add garlic now garlic is not only deadly to viruses but also to cancer the phytonutrient allicin in garlic suppresses viruses from invading different areas of the body including the cervix and anal canal now there’s some great day that i found in a patent someone was attempting to get the patent using topical iodine to help suppress

The hpv virus to inactivate this virus to decrease the risk of cervical dysplasia and to prevent cancer in the uterus and the anal canal so i’ll put that information below now in this natural home remedy you’re going to be using two things you’re going to be using povidone iodine which you can get pretty much anywhere in the drugstore and you’re going to be using

Some fresh garlic now there’s a few things that you need to know about pobidone iodine number one it’s less toxic than other types of iodine it’s very soluble so it can actually absorb into the skin and do its magic this type of iodine is also used to treat burns and vaginal infections and apparently microbes don’t become resistant to it like an antibiotic and

Other forms of treatment so iodine is really good to suppress viruses bacteria fungus mold parasites and so is garlic garlic is antimicrobial as well so the combination of both of these items is going to be very deadly to that skin tag and wort so this is how you make this concoction you take a little dish and you crush up some garlic okay crush it up to the point

Where there’s some juice in the garlic now you’re going to get another dish with a couple drops of pobidine iodine and then you’re going to take a very small amount i’m talking about maybe an eighth of a teaspoon of the garlic juice and some of the material just a tiny bit and mix it with the iodine just mix it all up in a solution then you’ll take that solution

And apply it topically right over the skin tag for the wart and then cover it up with a band-aid then you’re going to take this garlic cover it up with a little saran wrap keep it in the refrigerator it’s going to last one day because what you want to do is you want to do two applications per day so you can use the same garlic that you crushed in the morning and

Again just put a couple drops of iodine with it mix it up apply it to the same skin tag and wart and then cover it up with another band-aid so you’re just repeating the same thing twice a day and you’re going to do this every day until this skin tag or wart is completely gone now what determines the speed at which it goes away is probably related to your health

You may be a diabetic or pre-diabetic or have very severe insulin resistance because diabetics or people with blood sugar problems have a higher risk of getting skin tags and warts and so there’s definitely a discorrelation between insulin resistance and viruses so as a side note if you haven’t already gone on the ketogenic diet and practice intermittent fasting

I would highly recommend you do that because those two things are very powerful and can help you in the long run to prevent them from coming back now some people will see a complete disappearance within about seven hours but like i said before it could take some weeks even up to six weeks but you should see a gradual reduction in the size over time now the garlic

That you use when you crush it should last several days however we want to make sure that the potency is at its highest level so i’m going to recommend you use a fresh clove of garlic every single day and also when you crush the garlic it takes about 10 to 15 minutes for the phytochemicals to become activated but it doesn’t really matter because you’re going to be

Putting this material with iodine underneath the band-aid so it’ll have a time to absorb into the skin and do its magic now i also recommend that you eat garlic during this process and you use it in your food you can get garlic powder as a supplement and on top of that start taking zinc zinc is also very beneficial for viruses especially hpv so i would recommend

Taking about 50 milligrams of zinc every single day in a blend of trace minerals if you want more information on that i put a link down below but the fact that you have a skin tag and a wart could indicate that your blood sugars are too high your a1c might be a little bit higher you may have insulin resistance so this is why you should start the ketogenic diet

As well as in a minute of fasting i put a real simple to understand playlist of your exact steps right here check it out

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How to Rid Skin Tags and Warts Within 24 Hours – Dr. Berg on Skin Tag Removal By Dr. Eric Berg DC