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Yo what’s going on guys welcome back to a brand new video this video is going to be about how to properly do dxm now dxm isn’t one of my favorite drugs but i got a recommendation from youtube user known as snow i will link his channel in the description so let’s get right into the video for starters avoid taking dxm if you are prescribed any mao eyes or monoamine

Oxidase inhibitors they are prescribed for depression something some examples arm our plan nar del and par nate also if you are prescribed ssris or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors also prescribed for depression some examples are zoloft prozac in celexa if you aren’t taking any of these and let’s get right on okay so let’s start with the brains of dxm you

Should take only do things with pure dxm like see cvs tussin max i will leave a link in the description a full list of pure dxm otc products or you can do the pure powder i’ll also leave a link in the description for that the pure powder i found it on a website it sells 5 grams for $60 which i’m not sure how good of a deal that is it’s not too bad since you’re

Getting laboratory tested peer dxm at all costs avoid triple c’s or coricidin cough and cold triple triple c’s contain an ingredient that no other dxm products contain called chlorpheniramine it is a first-generation antihistamine similar to benadryl and it is much easier to overdose on also avoid nyquil am and pm products because they both contain acetaminophen

Or tylenol which is extremely dangerous in high amounts and will be a slow painful death if it kills you also nyquil pm contains doxylamine which is another hantai histamine the am kind contains phenylephrine a decongestant that will raise your blood pressure like no other in high doses but if you are going to do naik well do the pm version because it contains

30 milligrams of dxm compared to the am version which only contains 15 so there are two main types of dx m dx m hb r or dx m hydra bromine and dx m polyster x dx m hbr metabolizes faster and we’ll be out of your system faster the xm hbr has a duration of 6 to 8 hours give or take few hours on the other hand dx m polyester expandable eyes is slower and has a

Duration anywhere from 10 to 12 hours i’m not sure about the differences in potency but i have heard that the trips are subjectively different but if you are going to start off i will personally definitely start with hbr due to its shorter half-life just in case you don’t like it so this is just gonna be a quick point on how some people have something weird with

Their body where they metabolize the xm at a much faster rate which makes the drug much more potent so i would personally start by taking anywhere from 50 to 75 milligrams just to see if how it affects you okay let’s move on to plateaus so i’m just going to quote the trip sit vici i will leave it link in the description to where you can find this website but the

First plateau dose is anywhere from 122 milligrams to 200 milligrams these effects will fill anywhere from a few beers to being really stoned with a body high ii plateau dose is anywhere from 200 to 600 milligrams these effects will feel anywhere from feeling really stoned at the lower dose and had a higher dose feeling like a small dose of ketamine or pcp third

Plateau dose is anywhere from 600 milligrams to 1.2 grams these effects will fill anywhere from a lower dose of ketamine to a much stronger dose of ketamine fourth plateau dose is anywhere from 1.2 grams to 1.6 grams these effects will cause strong out-of-body experiences you will possibly feel like you are not on earth anymore you will have insane hallucinations

And ego death is a possibility at doses as high okay so positive effects euphoria and mood lift giggling and laughing empathy and forgiveness similar to mdma you are more social and music is much more enjoyable and the positive effects that larger doses if you want them like this are hallucinations out-of-body experiences in a dreamlike state okay so the most

Common side effects are nausea dizziness body itching walking weirdly like a robot also known as the robo walk pupil dilation difficulty achieving orgasm confusion disk coordination involuntary flexing of the muscles feeling disconnected and serotonin syndrome also known as a serotonin storm especially common in people are taking ssris so i wouldn’t not do

That serotonin storm is very dangerous and can be lethal if it hits you hard enough and like i said earlier ego death ego death is defined as a complete loss of subjective self-identity where you basically lose any feeling of yourself your personality your identity and your sense of self okay combinations i would avoid taking dx in with any other drugs except

Caffeine some people say this combo feels similar to him mdma i’ve never done it though so i’m not 100% sure on that avoid taking it with benzos pcp ketamine and psychedelic research chemicals just because the risk of an overdose or a bad interaction is very possible only take it with amphetamines or opioids if you are potentiating them and low doses such as a

30 milligram dose you can also use a 30 or 50 milligram dose to lower amphetamine and opioid tolerance okay so my subjective experiences most of the time i only use dxm to lower or potentiate opioids and amphetamines but i have done recreational doses a few times my only good experience was when i took 200 milligram robitussin max which is pure dxm i took 200

Milligrams and felt you know pretty good it was it was pretty awesome i felt pretty euphoric i was listening to music it was awesome but the other few times i have done it it was just terrible experiences when i took nyquil i am i was just my anxiety was through the roof i was having panic attacks most likely due to the phenyl efrain and with my qual p.m. i was

Just drowsy incoherent disoriented that’s why i would strongly advise just doing peer dx7 you know don’t avoid any product that isn’t pure dxm okay so i hope you guys enjoyed this video maybe you learned something maybe you didn’t but yeah i mean dxm really hasn’t been one of my favorite most enjoyable drugs i have heard that you know it’s you either love it or

You hate it i’m probably more in the hate side unless i’m using it to potentiate something but other than that not a big fan of it but anyways hope you guys enjoyed this video i will see you later good bye

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