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How to Sinus Lift & Place Implants Webinar: Penicillin Allergy, Hammerless Sinus Kits

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What do you prescribe if the patient is allergic to penicillin? Should you use hammerless sinus kits? How do you start to develop your own dentistry techniques? Dr. Simon and Dr. Riman talk about these things on this video. To learn more, visit

Dr rebecca is asking what do you prescribe if your patient is allergic to penicillin so if they’re allergic to penicillin it’s not a big issue i usually prescribe clindamycin 150 milligrams take four times a day for 10 days two three days before until finish that’s that’s all i love the augmenting because it’s it’s great the ent’s use it but if the patient is

Allergic we’re gonna go with the alternative awesome uh dr coy is asking what’s your opinion on the hammerless sinus kits like uh the balloon the no hammers i like them i like i like them all guys don’t get hung up on the technology technology is important i’m a big fan of technology i’m going to share my technology not my technology technologies that i’m using

In my practice this saturday i want to share with you tools instruments setup piezo all the machines that i have in my practice i’m going to give you a review and and show you how to use them but don’t get hung up on it my recommendation to you don’t start the hammerless techniques before you know how to use a hammer okay that it kind of comes later i i know that

Some educators don’t agree with me and i’m okay with that i feel like stick to the basics stick to osteotome i just showed you the blueprint for that i showed you that these cases can be successful uh with the proper right selection case selection with the proper caution and if you then decide to move to hammerless densa balloon it’s all a variation on the theme

Remember the goal of sinus lifting is not hammerless or no harmless or or using that technology or another the goal of sinus lifting is to find the least invasive way to lift your membrane put some bone graft underneath create additional volume of bone that’s all if a hammer works better for you use the hammer i’ve been using a hammer for 25 years and i’m pretty

Light on the hand and i i i i have a good sense and you can develop that as well you feel like density burs balloons uh uh there’s other techniques for shot that you use maybe you can share your experience they all work it’s all about case selection and being very cautious yes it’s all about case selection learn the basics learn a predictable way here’s what i

Learned z uh when before mentorship with you you go out you listen to different lectures you’re on social media there’s a million and one ways to do something however we need a baseline we need to start somewhere so what worked well for me i took ziv and like a monkey i copied what he does i copied it i did it repeatedly over and over again until i felt i had

Confidence in it and then you know what i have my own mind i started developing even my own techniques and uh trying out different techniques but at least i have a solid way that’s predictable that a periodontist uses who is well known and that has great results and has a great reputation as well trusted because ultimately why are we scared we’re scared because

We’re general dentists trying to do implant surgery and everyone has told us don’t do that because you’re not a specialist well you know general dentists invented implants so uh if you know the ways if you know the uh you know the techniques predictable techniques then uh why not but you gotta start somewhere but i feel the as dentists we are i speak for myself

I love technology i love trying out different things it’s fun and and i appreciate the doctors asking this because they’re coming from a place of they’re excited about different tools and techniques you

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How to Sinus Lift & Place Implants Webinar: Penicillin Allergy, Hammerless Sinus Kits By Surgical Master