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How to slow down hair loss. At home remedies to slow down hair loss and for hair regrowth. Dermatologist recommended minoxidil and laser hair regrowth you can do from home. iRestore at home laser for hair growth at home. #hairloss #hairgrowth #dermatologist

Well hey guys in today’s video i’ve got an update for you all on minoxidil a few more pointers about how it works and what to expect with it today’s video is sponsored by i restore maker of my hair regrowth system okay i know a lot of you guys are coping with pattern hair loss it happens in both men and women it’s related to our genetics for whatever reason the hair

Follicles they’re very sensitive to hormones and as a result the hair miniaturizes into what’s called a vellus hair and that results in thinning and balding now the fda approved treatment that you can buy over the counter for pattern hair loss for both men and women is minoxidil there are a variety of different brand names that minoxidil is sold under minoxidil

Is a medication that you apply topically to the scalp how does it work for pattern hair loss it works by gradually increasing the duration of the growing phase of the hair cycle and with time it results in an increase in diameter of the hair follicle so that those miniaturized vellus hairs become long terminal hairs first thing that always scares people is that

In the first two to three months of using minoxidil you’re actually going to experience an increase in hair shedding and a lot of people become alarmed by this they think that their hair loss is getting worse but it’s nothing to worry about it’s to be expected and it’s not true hair loss it’s merely the fact that minoxidil is stimulating the hairs in the resting

Phase to enter the growing cycle of the hair cycle the growing phase of the hair cycle and as a result you’re gonna experience shedding two to three months into using minoxidil that hair shedding will begin to stabilize you’ll start shedding fewer and fewer hairs each day and you’ll notice that the miniaturization and the thinning of your hair it kind of starts to

Slow down and trickle to a standstill forty to fifty percent of people who use minoxidil will actually start to experience an increase in hair density and hair regrowth around six to eight months and of course there are some side effects with minoxidil while it is very safe you can even buy it you know obviously over the counter you don’t need a prescription for

It uh side effects can occur most commonly that’s going to be some type of contact dermatitis whether it’s just irritation or in some cases you can develop an allergy to the ingredients in minoxidil some of the formulations of minoxidil have propylene glycol as they’re in the inactive ingredients and that can be drying and cause some irritation for people it varies

From person to person of course and sometimes people report feeling light-headed for whatever reason the side effect appears to be more common in women but it’s not dangerous around 40 to 50 percent of people will begin to notice an increase in hair density around six to eight months and then they will continue to note increased hair density until they reach their

Own maximum and that’s going to vary from person to person unfortunately not everybody gets good results with minoxidil for whatever reason some people just don’t experience the improvement in hair density when using minoxidil patients are not satisfied with it it may be due to some underlying genetic variant that makes people less responsive to minoxidil we don’t

Entirely know the key with minoxidil is that in order to maintain the results that you get with it you have to continue using it you can’t just stop using it start using it you have to be really really consistent now if you do choose to stop using it what’s going to happen is you are actually going to experience hair shedding because minoxidil it doesn’t cure the

Hair loss per se it doesn’t stop the hair loss process androgenetic alopecia or pattern hair loss it is progressive hair loss so when you stop using it first you’ll experience hair shedding as those hairs you know cycle off and go into the resting phase and then you will experience miniaturization again and a lot of people feel like well i stopped using minoxidil

And now my hair loss is worse but to be clear it’s actually a myth that minoxidil worsens hair loss a lot of people stop minoxidil they experience all of that shedding as the hair cycle rearranges a bit and then they know that they have more hair loss a lot more balding the hair density is significantly thinner than before starting treatment with minoxidil and a

Lot of people mistake that for that minoxidil worsen their hair loss but it doesn’t minoxidil doesn’t cure the hair loss it doesn’t halt it it doesn’t stop it when you stop minoxidil the hair will return to the point where it would have been had you never started treatment because pattern hair loss is a progressive hair loss and minoxidil doesn’t cure it so when

You stop using it you stop applying it first you experience some hair shedding as the hairs are rearranging and then those hairs miniaturize because that is the nature of the hair loss process so in summary it is an effective safe treatment to use there are side effects of irritation but you do have to use it on a daily basis in order to maintain the results

That you see with it it doesn’t cure pattern hair loss and of course not everybody even gets good results with minoxidil a lot of people remain dissatisfied so what is an alternative to minoxidil something else that can help with pattern hair loss in addition to minoxidil though we also have low level laser therapy what is low level laser therapy it’s red light

That uses photobiomodulation in which your hair follicle converts the light to energy that improves blood flow to the follicle up to 54 and that brings in and growth factors and nutrients to support a healthy hair follicle and begin to help revitalize the hair follicle clinical trials have confirmed the efficacy of low-level laser therapy for pattern hair loss

In both men and women and it is being offered in hair loss clinics across the country as an adjuvant treatment for pattern hair loss something that is done maybe in addition to other hair loss treatments who can benefit from low-level laser therapy both men and women and while it is most evidence-based for pattern hair loss it also can benefit a variety of other

Types of hair loss like if you are undergoing a lot of hair shedding due to stress or hormonal hair loss it can help as well when it comes to hair loss first and foremost you want to see your treating health care provider to evaluate the hair loss make sure that there are no underlying medical problems that are causative or contributory take a medication history as

Some medications certainly can lead to hair loss so that takes priority but once you have the diagnosis of your hair loss you and your health care provider can begin to discuss appropriate treatment options we already covered minoxidil for pattern hair loss but low level laser therapy is an additional treatment option for pattern hair loss in both men and women

And we have clinical trials that support its efficacy what about using low-level laser therapy in combination with minoxidil can that be something that you can do do both absolutely randomized control trials actually support the efficacy of this and show that while both treatments independently are effective when used together it appears as though they exhibit

Synergy meaning together they are better than either one on its own and this is especially useful for people who got sub optimal results with either minoxidil or low level laser therapy on its own if you think about it the topical minoxidil it actually has to get into your scalp and again maybe there’s some genetic variability in terms of relative sensitivity to

It and why some people respond better to it than others but if you take that response and then you add on it another mechanism through low-level laser therapy where you have an increase in blood flow to the follicle bringing in more growth factors to support that healthy follicle well then you can see how the synergy would occur and you can get an improvement in

Hair density and hair regrowth when using both together low level laser therapy again is something that is offered in dermatologist office across the country hair loss clinics but you can also do it in the comfort of your own home and there is good research to support that this is an effective modality when used alongside other hair loss treatments there are a lot

Of low-level laser therapy devices on the market in the description box i’m going to link a video that i did a few years ago comparing the different ones on the market and far and away my go-to recommendation is the i restore hair regrowth system why well it combines both lasers and leds you may ask well are leds actually effective leds stand for light emitting

Diode leds are an effective way to deliver the red light energy and this helmet combines not only leds but also lasers and the advantage of combining both lasers and leds is that lasers they kind of just get a spot focused area and they can penetrate the scalp very well but you have some skip area so if you only have lasers you’re not really getting as comprehensive

Coverage adding the leds in there gets you more comprehensive coverage plus i love the overall design of this helmet it’s really comfortable to wear i’m just going to fire it up here it plugs into the wall and then to get started you just press the power button see now this is going to go for 25 minutes you just need to do it for 25 minutes every other day how

Long until you start seeing results you might wonder you can start seeing results actually in as early as six weeks in some cases now you’ll notice after about two to four months of using this that you will see a decrease in the rate of the hair thinning and the decrease in density so that’ll kind of stabilize and then with ongoing use you will begin to notice an

Improvement in thickness and density you have to be patient with that you may not start really seeing good results until you know six months but if you continue using it you can continue to experience an improvement in overall hair thickness and hair density one of the reasons i love the i restore professional hair regrowth system over others on the market is that

They have a 12 month money back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied after 12 months you can send it back and get your money back that is key because you know you should see results at that point and if you’re not satisfied well then you can get your money back so i think that in and of itself really just speaks to their overall integrity the other reason i like

This device is that it’s fda cleared and it has a 282 lasers and leds and in order for one of these devices to really be effective you know you need at least 100 so it has a good amount and you get really good coverage with this helmet it gets the back other devices on the market they’re more of like either a headband form or they are like a baseball cap and it

Misses it kind of misses the this part of the scalp now if you stop using it the hair loss process again it will proceed as it would this does not you know cure you of having pattern hair loss it merely helps to support hair follicle health to get you increase in hair thickness and in hair density now if you’re going to make the investment in this i suggest that

You take before and after photos take a photograph before you start using it and then take a photograph again at three months again at six months nine months and maybe even at you know 11 months and at that point if you’re not seeing an increase in hair density and hair thickness on photographs well then you know you may end up wanting to send it back but keep

Those photographs because it’s a very slow process and you may not really appreciate much of a change yourself and it can you know having hair loss it’s very distressing it really affects people’s self-esteem and overall emotional well-being so having that documented evidence of the of how the treatment is is affecting your hair growth journey i think is key and

You may be you may be feeling like is this really doing anything but when you see those photographs it really can it really can instill a lot more confidence in the treatment that it’s working you don’t have to use this with minoxidil but again people who use the combination often can see better results because of that synergy now if you use this and you decide

That you want to add on minoxidil say you haven’t been using that well you can add on the minoxidil but do you know that minoxidil will cause an increase in the hair shedding in the first three months as i said at the beginning of the video but that is not the hair loss getting worse it’s not that the that the um i restore is making the hair loss worse it’s just

Part of how again the minoxidil works i’ve been using this for a couple of years now and i definitely have appreciated an increase in hair thickness and density many of you guys have commented on it i’ve continued to use it i at this point i don’t use it every other day i just use it like a few times a week myself but when i was doing it every other day i saw an

Improvement in hair thickness and hair density probably into you know i have to go back and check on the video where i documented my i think it was my 18 month update so i’m going to link that video down below but i do continue to use this safe to use it’s easy to use and i have experienced great results with it personally and i do recommend it given that it is

Such an investment here are my tips first of all make sure you have talked with your healthcare provider your doctor maybe gotten a referral to a dermatologist to evaluate your hair loss and to determine the diagnosis that is key and then discuss with them if this is something that is going to be right for you and if you choose to pursue this then i do suggest

Taking before photographs and documenting your progress along the way that way if you’re not satisfied you can return it and get your money back but if you want to get started with the irish store today and use my code dr dre you can save like hundreds off of their hair regrowth system so thank you store for sponsoring today’s video and if you guys liked it give

It a thumbs up share it with your friends and as always don’t forget sunscreen and subscribe i’ll talk to you guys tomorrow bye you

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