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Hello what guys i’m your host gordon and welcome to the very first video of gordon daily tips so today we are going to talk about a treatment of adhd attention deficit disorder that can be done at your home without any medication first of all the person who suffer adhd has difficulty to filter out all information that came into the brain that’s why that particular

Person is very easy to be distracted a child for example who have adhd takes a longer time to settle down and to concentrate in whatever they wanted to do children with adhd usually have an above-average intelligence but for some good reason they find it hard to learn and sometimes they have problem in socializing as well adhd is usually long-term and it can

Continue throughout your entire life even though you are an adult but we’ll talk about that later on in probably the next video adhd are several names for example in 1930 it is known as minimal brain damage in 1960 it is known as minimal brain dysfunction in 1968 it is known as a hyperkinetic reactions in childhood further in the 1980s it is known as attention

Deficit disorder and right now it is known as attention deficit hyperactive disorder okay let us start with de very first treatment exercise yes exercise exercise is one of the easiest and most effective way to reduce the symptom which it will immediately boost the brains dopamine and even serotonin which affect a person’s focus and attention well let us dive in

The type of exercise that you need to go with first of all the exercise must be full of body movement such as you know dancing gymnastics and other vigorous sports of course the second most important treatment that can be done in your home is sleep what yes sleep by having a quality sleep it can lead to a very very big improvement in the symptoms of adhd but here

Comes the main problem children who have adhd found themself difficult to fall into sleep but sometimes these sleeps difficulty are actually being caused by you know of medication and you know what sometimes decreasing the dosage or maybe stop the medication prescription can solve the problem okay let us talk about how are we going to enforce everything i mean

For the sleep part first of all we are going to set a regular time in to set a time what time that your child should go to bed or maybe you should go to bed second thing is of course turn off all electronics such as television video games and stubborn possibly your smartphone having good nutrition can also help reduce adhd symptoms schedule regular meals and snack

Not more than three hours apart can help this is to keep your child’s blood sugar level in check the main purpose of this one is to actually prevent any you know sugar spike i mean blood sugar spike and stuff which will affect the concentration and the focus of your children and then you may want to try to include a little protein a little bit of little complex

Carbohydrates in the meal a little bit because these nutrients will have the child to be alert and while decreasing the hyperactivity of course other than that you will have to change a child’s iron zinc and magnesium level because charles who have adhd are usually low in these kind of minerals in their body by taking in supplements that help them to boost this

Kind of a mineral will help to reduce symptoms of adhd especially iron study have shown that taking an iron improved the symptoms as much as taking in stimulant medication and the last but not least is of course omega-3 fatty acid study have shown that omega-3 improved concentration impulsiveness as well as hyperactivity you can find omega-3 in salman tuna sardines

Or maybe you can just go straight up to the supplement store and buy yourself omega-3 supplement or chest fish oil links in the description feel free to check it out as well so ok guys let us off today if you find this video helpful please give me a thumbs up if you have any more questions leave a comment down below if you feel that this video is kind of waste of

Your time it is ok to dislike the video subscribe if you haven’t already because i will try to post as many video as often as possible to keep you guys informed so i’m going to see you in the next video

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