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How to treat Chronic Hives (Urticaria)- 2 simple steps

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Have you ever wished that you could make chronic hives go away for good? I suffered from chronic urticaria for more than 30 years. After 30 years of steroids, my skin problems got even worse. So here are 2 simple, natural steps you can easily follow to heal your chronic hives…𝗖𝗟𝗜𝗖𝗞 𝗧𝗢 𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗗 𝗠𝗢𝗥𝗘 ↓

Hey you it’s sun zhang from hungary gopher today we’re gonna talk about how to treat chronic hives i’m gonna share two simple steps with you if you suffer from chronic hives that never go away you take some meds and they’ll go away and they always come back and you just want to cry because it sits so badly and pain comes afterwards this video will really help you

Because i had chronic skin problems including chronic hives for 30 plus years so let me show you some pictures of what kind of problem that i had so it’s just some pictures that i pulled up for you so you can see so rashes classic hives and more hives so these are just daily life of my life and i thought that was the way life was for 30 plus years and steroids

Are my best friends for 30 years to lower the inflammation and just make my life livable so i don’t have to scratch until bleeding every single day but the problem was after 30 years of steroids i got more and more skin problems more least of skin problems and the skin problems got worse i literally poured steroids on top of my scalp and it was so inflamed and

Raw and red and he stopped working so that led me to well digging in a lot of scientific research and finding out the causes and by removing the college and treat the the bottom um hello there someone showed up so that’s awesome so i’m talking about how to treat chronic hives today just sharing two simple steps so i was talking about sharing my story so if you

Have any questions or comments as we go um chat in the chat box so i can answer them for you also by the way i’m gonna go in depth about this um i’m gonna give a fun event of a master class so make sure you sign up in my newsletter to get posted at and it’s coming in february 19 11 pacific time so make sure you save the day it’s your once a year

Event and you don’t want to miss it i’m gonna give some super secret segment section there so make sure you join um so so there are two large steps going back to the topic again there are two large steps you have to address two treat your chronic hives for real and for good what’s usually happening is now a lot of people take the mess and you’ll go away and

They hello there more people are joining that’s awesome thanks for joining in um i’m honored to have you here and i’m very happy to have you here so if you have any problem if you have any questions or comments or just type them so answer them for you at the end um so two large steps you have to take so one step is taking out highly inflammatory foods at least for

A while to to work with your immune system and heal your gut so why is god healthy important to you because 80 of your immune system in your gut and the skin rashes and hives and all the reactions you’re getting is the consequences of your immune system trying to protect you because when your immune system sees something as a threat whether it’s protein from some

Food or the pathogens or allergens that you shoot out all these inflammatory chemicals then that becomes hyped rashes when your immune system is trying to protect you so that is a good thing the immune system is trying to protect you but it’s a bad news when it becomes chronic that’s when it becomes problems so what this inflammation looks like sounds like right

It’s hot it’s sweaty it’s like you see it on your skin you feel like it’s your body is burning so that’s where the problem is one of the quickest ways for you to try something to heal your gut is well eat something delicious so without my faith favorite superfood is kimchi especially white kimchi because it doesn’t have nice shade in it and you can get top three

Anti-inflammatory recipes for gut health at and i’m gonna put the link in the description box below so check that out um so that’s the first part and it seems like a lot of you that i talked to one of my students that i talked to or that you guys leaving a lot of comments asking questions it seems like a lot of you are already savvy at that so

That is nice that is super nice here aware of it but here is the huge gigantic listing component that no one talks about which is a big problem it’s that so why your immune system overreacting that’s a problem so you want to do some sort of mind-body exercise to calm your immune system down so let me give you an example i know it’s a little theoretical so think

About when you you have a really the best healthiest meal whatever right sharon gives you your best friend editing or your partner if you have an argument you feel that your god is just going upside down right and you you feel like throwing up you get a headache so see god brain connection right there and immune system like all your whole system is responding to

That so something like that is continuously happening in your body now if you have chronic hives when it gets you suppressed by some medicine it works but when it’s taken out well the lung goes off again but you’re not thinking this way so there are some ways you have to do some mind-body connection exercise to calm your immune system down because now it’s

Overreacting it’s a bad bad news for you because immune system overreacting you and your immunes tend to be calm and strong you don’t want to suppress it with steroids that i was on for three decades which i don’t recommend that so that’s another part so i’m gonna go in-depth and this is a huge miscomponent and i found this out by accident by i had a

Autoimmune-like lupus symptom that my blood was perfect but i had so little energy for over like a year and a half um so that’s and my diet didn’t move the needle at all so that’s how i found out and i’m certified to teach this actually because i have to give you those scientific information that actually is proven so i’m going to share so you need the system

Not just one thing or another you need the system to lower chronic inflammation down in your body not just diet alone not just mine by the exercise alone you need have that combo built in your daily life which is all very simple really it’s very very simple it’s all natural and i’ve been i don’t even use supplements and i’ve been up of steroids since 2015. so

It’s all possible so that’s good news so make sure you sign up to my newsletter at and sign up to um hungercooper youtube channel i’m doing unofficially calling this thursday thursday live i’m doing weekly live every day every week at 5 pm pacific standard time so if you have any questions or comments if they come later just leave a comment at

The video then i read all the comments and i’m looking at what you guys are struggling with so i can help you with those so make sure you download um top three korean anti-inflammatory recipes at and sign up to my newsletter so i can give you update of the upcoming free super fun event on february 19th at 11 11 a.m pacific time so it’s 2 00 p.m

In eastern time it’ll be super fun i’ll give you a super secret segment no i’m surprising a lot of gifts for i’m i’m preparing a lot of fun stuff for you guys so you’ll be super fun so get ready and i’m getting ready for it i’m super excited so hopefully this helped you and make sure whatever you do do something for yourself so you can stop scratching yourself

And crying because you changed so badly i feel your pain all right hopefully this helps and i’ll see you next week um at the same time bye

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