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How To Treat Coccidiosis In Chicks / Meet the new members of our flock

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How I treat Coccidiosis. I save one of my chicks who is on the verge of death by combining natural and modern medicine. Also meet our new additions!

And there are just enough holes for the numbers of chickens why did you move musical feed holes silly birds well guys we have a sick chick mr ruby here is not feeling very good so i had stopped like a dum-dum the apple cider vinegar and electrolytes in their water i was just giving them regular water and i noticed some slightly poopy stool so i started it back

But then i come out today and she’s all puffy and i noticed that there’s just completely bloody stool um and it was all over her belly so i gave her a bath and i’ve been sitting here blow drying her on the low heat setting blasting the cool button every now and then trying to dry her off and warmer up and i’m gonna try to get some food in her poor baby what

You got aidan oh oh two hands two hands saying mama did a you want thing hold the duck okay sit down oh no where’d she go oh she pooped she pooped you’re telling her it’s okay yeah the rivet head it might still be over here should we put her back with her friends no are you gonna pet her no oh yeah she pooped i’m gonna clean it up so we’ve got them in a

Smaller box at the moment because i wanted to change boxes completely clean everything um to help lessen the load if miss ruby did have coccidiosis we’ve got a medicated feed which miss opal is sitting on i have intensified the water solution a little bit and it’s got a whole bunch of like herbs and spices that are supposed to help he then has some honey in

There which is supposed to help boost the immune system she’s looking a little better today a little less puffy still not a hundred percent but she um flew out of the little basket i had her in last night and actually in with the baby chicks which i didn’t want because if she does have coccidiosis and she gives it to them they’re much smaller than the others so

I didn’t think they could handle the load even though i’m doing turbo water for them i guess that’s what i’m going to call it now and a medicated feed just in case because with coccidiosis you have to treat your whole flock and the medication it’s not an antibiotic it’s i’ll have to find the bag hold on just a sec okay so on the bag it says medicated crumbles

But then it says no added antibiotics or hormones so i was a little confused but it is medicated with this ambrosium to help with coccidiosis so hopefully that will help her so katrina from the future here i totally realized that i forgot to tell the story of how we ended up with more chicks or i actually lost the footage of it because i remember filming it but

Don’t know where it went so since miss ruby was sick and um i had been doing natural treatments and she was still getting worse and was practically on her deathbed i made the decision to go get the medicated feed well while we were in tractor supply every time we go into active supply aiden knows there are chicks there so we always request to see the checks so

I said okay so we went back and we looked at the chicks well through the whole process of getting chickens i had originally wanted americana chickens which lay the blue to bluish green eggs and could never find them it just so happened that tractor supply had four americana chicks left and they sell them at minimums of four so i was like maybe it’s meant to be

We’ll get four more chicks just in case something happens to miss ruby we’ll also um have a buffer there because if anything happened to her that would leave us with only four chickens and three roosters which is not a ratio that you typically want um so i was like okay great we’ll get the four baby americana chicks and it’ll be great well while we were there

A lady bought all the ducklings they had they had 10 ducklings which was fine with me because i didn’t want ducklings until the spring um we had plans on getting guests and we were going to free-range them in the pasture once they got big enough um and that way they had a pot um well aidan got really excited about the ducks and she was so sweet and that can hold

On while the gentleman was collecting all the ducks for and finding a big enough box for them so we eventually part ways and i had got my medicated feed and was waiting on the gentleman to gather my four americana ticks and she comes back and asks if we had a place for a duck and i was like well we have a pond and we’re eventually going to get ducks because of

Right now we’re in the process of building a coop and i think they can live with chickens in a hoop she goes right here’s a baby duck it’s already paid for the lady up front already knows that i’m giving you a duck and then it’s paid for and she gives a duck so that’s how we ended up with hijack and then four more ticks look at them you

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How To Treat Coccidiosis In Chicks / Meet the new members of our flock By Katrina Cryer