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How To Treat Internal Parasites With Metronidazole: Full Tutorial

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How to use Metronidazole to treat Parasites in your Ornamental Fish. Metronidazole (MNZ) is a very popular and effective antiprotozoal medication in aquarium and ornamental fish industry which is used to treat a vast variety and range of both internal and external protozoan infections and parasites (not worms) in discus and other tropical fish. Other than a strong and reliable antiprotozoal drug, metronidazole is also an antibiotic medication that can treat Anaerobic bacterial infections. #aquariumparasites #sickfish #seachem #jackwatley #metronidazole #fishparasites #fishtank #aquarium #metroplex #protozoan #antiprotozoal #aquarium Medications #internalparasites #flagyl #plantedaquarium #discusdiseases

So are those expensive discus fish or ornamental fish that you just bought a few weeks ago looking a little bit thin no matter how much you feed them no matter how much they eat they’re failing to thrive let’s talk about that today you may have a problem in your tank that you don’t even know about when we come back we’re going to discuss that hang in there with me

We’ll be right back hey everyone george here and welcome back to the channel so today we’re going to be talking about medications for internal parasites such as worms or any other kind of internal parasite hexaminia there’s all kinds of different things that ornamental fish can have when you get them and these fish are typically not cheap so we want to make

Sure that when we’re getting these fish and we put them in our quarantine tank that we are properly treating them so today we’re going to be talking about specifically metronidazole that is my go-to medication for these kinds of problems and i’m going to talk about that a little bit today so hang in there with me and we’ll be right back so since we’re treating

A very specific problem here and that is either worms or internal parasites of some kind metronidazole is used primarily for this specific kind of problem and it’s called flatulence and that can mean a couple of different things but we won’t get into all of that right now we’re talking about the medication itself so what i said i like to keep a bag of this on

Hand instead of buying it in a store in a a medication that contains metronidazole and the reason for that is is because it can be so much more expensive if you don’t buy it in bulk now i get it in 50 gram packs so that if you want to de-worm your tank you always have some of this on hand and like i said we’re treating something very very specific here so it’s

Really important for us to understand that we don’t need all the other things that may be in the metroplex or any of these other medications that are on the market so the first thing we want to do is we want to have our scale here on and we want to have it set on grams and at that point there we are going to zero it out and make sure it’s at zero and we’re going

To set our little container that we’re going to be using to mix the metronidazole in and we’re going to allow for that to read 11 grams which is what that little container weighs and we’re going to zero it out again now it’s important that you zero it out again because if you don’t you’re going to be way off on what you’re giving your fish i’ll move this out of

The way for a second because the next step here is to take your metronidazole and what i have figured out is that if you want to reference say a 75 gallon tank it’s important to understand that by the time you get your hardscape in there and everything else it’s probably not 75 gallons you’re probably around 68 or somewhere in there that’s at least how my tank

Would be estimated at based on the way i have escaped it so what we want to do we know that three grams is one level teaspoon and we want to be careful not to do more than that but i need 3.2 grams so what i’m going to do is i’m going to pour that in there and see what it weighs now sometimes your scale will vacillate between three and four and i’m going

To wait a minute for let the scale sort of settle itself out now it’s weighing three grams exactly now the question is do i have 3.5 3.2 it went up to 3.4 so i know that there’s a little bit more than 3 grams in here so i’m trying to get to 3.2 to 3.5 and the only way you’re going to really do that is guesstimate so what i’m gonna do is i’m because it’s jumping

Between three and four i am going to take just a little bit of the medication out and put it back in the packet and see if the scale settles out at that three and i know know that we’re probably somewhere around 3.2 to 3.5 grams and i’ll know at that point that i am going to have the correct amount and yes the scale has settled out and my guess is that if i take

Any more out we’re going to drop below that 3 and it’s going to jump between 2 and 3 and that’s not what we want so at this point here what i do is i take the container and i’m ready for the next day now i want to talk about preparing this stuff ahead of time because it’s very important to do that now with metronidazole you are going to treat for approximately

10 days and you are going to treat the same amount every day metronidazole only lasts in your water for approximately eight hours once that eight hours is over there is no metronidazole in your tank any longer that is being effective towards any of these diseases so what i suggest you do if your person that works or if you want to get on a schedule with this

Stuff is to make sure that you are taking your medication and preparing it the night before and so when you go to work in the morning or if you are um just someone who works at home or whatever and you want to get on a schedule of this put this in first thing in the morning in your tank take a picture like this here take some water from your aquarium just about maybe

This much here and mix it up really well in there and give it a few minutes to dissolve before you pour it into your tank now you can pour it in there with some of the crystals not dissolved it doesn’t matter because it’s going to dissolve overnight anyway so at this point here you have mixed it up in here and you’re gonna pour it directly into your aquarium now

When we come back we’ll talk a little bit more about why we do this for eight hours why it only lasts that long and why ten days so when we come back we’ll talk about that be right back so in closing on this video here what i wanted to talk about is go over some of the very specific things that we talked about it’s very important as i said to make sure that you are

Treating your fish for 10 days and it’s important that you get the right amount of grams that you’re mixing up and prepare it maybe the night before whatever especially if you have a busy schedule and you’re someone who is feeding your fish in the morning you can literally just take a little bit of water out of the tank put it in that little cup that we have our

Medication in stir it in pour it into your tank by the time you get home if you need to do a water change like i said metronidazole is only good for eight hours after eight hours it’s not in your tank any longer so the important thing to do is to if you’re going to do that water change make sure it’s been eight hours by the time you get home and if you need to do

A water change you can do it then the best way to use metronidazole is not the way that i’m doing it but it is the most common way because sometimes your fish are not eating because of these problems if you have the luxury of your fish eating the best way to do this is to mix the metronidazole into the food and that is something that is a whole other calculation

You take basically the amount of food that you’re going to have on hand and put a small amount of metronidazole in there because you want to treat all of the fish in your tank you want every fish to get it if one fish has this problem it’s likely that your whole tank has it now if you have a uv light on your canister filter or in your aquarium somewhere that

Can help immensely with getting rid of these parasites or worms or anything that’s in there and so that is sort of a game changer so once you’ve treated your tank your whole tank or specifically your fish however you’re going to do it either by putting the metronidazole in the water or by putting it in their food once you’ve done that as long as you haven’t added

Anything new to that tank you should be doing fine but again make sure that you do the full 10 days figure out how much you’re going to need in grams for your tank like i said it’s 1 gram per 20 gallons so your best calculation is to just you know come as close to that as you possibly can and treat the fish accordingly this is a very effective medication and like

I said i’ll put a link down below as to where you can get this and you can go to that site it is jack watley and gabe pasada down there who’s been very very good to me is the gentleman that you want to talk to and also you can just go on their site and order metronidazole based on however size package you need now again if you’re a canadian resident you cannot

Get this stuff because they will not sell this across the borders this is only good for the united states and uh he has a video on his site which i will put down below in the description area so that you can go and watch that video it’s a little bit more in depth than what i’m telling you but it’s important that if you are going to order this from gabe at jack

Watley that you know how much you’re going to need because the last thing you want is to try to treat for 10 days and come up short with the medication and then have to wait a few more days for that medication to get to you so over by a little bit so that you’ve got it on hand if you have another problem and make sure if you’re getting new fishing do this in your

Quarantine tank if you have to do it in your larger tank and you’ve got a problem and it just popped up for whatever reason maybe you’re feeding blood worms blood worms are a common problem for parasites you can feed them to them all day but as long as you’re deworming them every three months or so you probably won’t have a problem my suggestion is to get them on

A very diet stay away from the blood worms if you want to feed them black worms occasionally the problems are not there with those it’s typically the blood worms where we have the problem but anyways thank you for joining me today i appreciate your time leave your comments down below give me a thumbs up and please subscribe and share with your friends i really

Appreciate it thanks again for joining me i hope this was an informative video for you and hopefully anybody who’s dealing with this problem got enough information here to help you solve the problem don’t get stressed out just take care of the problem and like i said the metronidazole by itself will do that thank you for joining me we will see you on the next

One until then we are out of here you

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