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How To Treat Outer Ear Infections

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Learn how to make your own ear drops for treating outer ear infections “Swimmer’s Ear” using ordinary neosporin cream and hydrocortisone cream. The information shown in this video is very good to know, not shown elsewhere online, and especially good for survivalists. You can also CAREFULLY apply the solution to your ear canal using a Q-tip soaked with the solution 3x/day.

In this quick tip video which is unrelated to electronics i am going to show you an excellent money saving tip which can be used by millions of people who suffer from outer ear infections if you are like me and greatly enjoy watersports swimming and diving then you may have had an outer ear infection in the past or you may have had an outer ear infection due to

Showering or taking a bath and not drying your ears outer ear infections also known as swimmers ear can certainly make you feel miserable and ruin your day on youtube you may see videos showing how to cure an ear infection naturally but unfortunately many of these methods rarely work based on my experiences we also have the problem that many people may be unable to

See a doctor due to a lack of money or insurance or they are in a remote area which lacks medical facilities the remedy which i am about to show you is also excellent for survivalists the first thing i would like to do is show you how i know when i have an outer ear infection if you feel pain as you gently tug on your earlobe downward and outward or if you press on

The tragus which is the little flap that covers the ear opening and you feel any pain then usually that means you have an outer ear infection you may also notice drainage from your ear which is usually clear along with a headache once confirmed by a doctor that doctor will usually prescribe a drug known as otic suspension otic suspension is an anti-inflammatory and

Antioxidant of drops which is placed in the affected ear three times a day and continued for a few days after all symptoms have cleared i’m going to show you how you can make essentially the same prescription only drug using products available over-the-counter which many people already have in first aid kits first we’re going to take a look at the ingredients in the

Prescription only otic suspension ear drops that is a 10 ml bottle and in this bottle it says each ml contain neomycin sulfate three and a half milligrams and it also contains polymyxin b sulfate 10,000 units along with hydrocortisone one percent ten milligrams in order to make this you’re going to have to pick up these two ingredients right here if you already do

Not have them the first one is 1% hydrocortisone cream keep in mind you want to buy cream you do not want aunt minh if you purchase appointment you will not be able to mix it and this whole thing will just be a mess you want plain hydrocortisone cream it doesn’t have to have aloe like you see here the other thing you’re going to have to pick up is neosporin cream

Now you notice i picked up the generic versions because i didn’t want to pay more money to have name-brand this is just as good so be sure to pick up generic antibiotic cream right here and if you look it contains neomycin sulfate polymyxin b sulfate and it also contains an analgesic to help with pain so we’re going to take one gram of the antibiotic cream now keep

In mind it’s not critical the proportion because you’re going to have something that’s similar but not exact – what’s in the ear drops so one gram is roughly i’ve checked this already right about there’s about a gram that’s around 3/8 of an inch in diameter if you made a ball out of this you want to make it around 3/8 of an inch then you’re going to take a smaller

Amount of the 1% hydrocortisone cream and you’re going to apply about about that much all right make it the size of a pea you’re going to take both of these place them inside of a little plastic cup like you see here take this right here scoop the two off together right in like this okay i use the q-tip you could use any little plastic drink stirrer whatever you

Use make sure it is very clean this is brand new out of the package now you see that this is a very thick mixture here you’re not going to be putting that in your ears drops so going to have to water it down slightly so you’re going to take some distilled water be sure to use distilled put a little bit of that time and you want to keep mixing until everything is

Dissolved alright i actually added just the right amount there looks pretty good you don’t want to overwater it and you don’t want to put too little you don’t put enough water it’s going to be way too thick and it’s not going to flow to the bottom of your ear canal and if you water it down too much you’re not going to be getting the full strength of the medications

In the liquid so you want it just right just keep mixing it and mixing until everything is dissolved until everything is blended together and you want to do this for maybe two or three minutes and if you notice it’s too thick then add a little more distilled water it should be when you move it around as your flow alright so this is actually slightly too thick so

I’m going to mix this a little more it does flow but it’s a little too thick so i’m going to add just a little more distilled water to thin it out a little better and this looks good yeah this will this will flow perfectly into your ear canal you’re going to mix this up until everything is blended together when i do once this mix is complete like you see here

I’ll take an eyedropper i’ll apply three drops to the affected ear three to four times a day after about two three days i’ll notice a great improvement in my ear if after three days of using this you don’t notice any improvement that i suggest you see a doctor as soon as possible if you enjoyed this tip please rate it a thumbs up subscribe and post links to this

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