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How to use a 12 drug testing cup with urine adulteration test from UK Drug Testing

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This is a product demonstration video showing the UK Drug Testing 12 in 1 urine drug test cup. This drug test screens for 12 drugs of abuse and has both a temperature test strip and a 3 pad urine adulteration test built in to the collection cup. It allows easy sample collection and testing and offers a comprehensive drug screen in a single procedure.

Welcome to this product demonstration video for the uk drug testing 12 in one year in drug test cup system the cup system is exactly as it says on the packet it is a collection cup system with an integrated 12 drug plus adulteration plus test strip feature now this one we’ve removed the window in the center of the cup which would normally be covered once you’ve got

Them out the packet to show you how that drug test membranes are loaded in here on the very end you have the three pad adulteration test now adulteration tester it is a little bit of chain of custody which just checks in the sample that somebody’s put into this is normal strength undiluted uncontaminated human urine so you’re looking at three parameters on this

Particular product and you get an interpretation card with the color changes that you would normally expect to see on the adulteration pass for normal strength euro so that’s an inbuild a little bit of chain of custody the other end is an lcd or liquid crystal temperature test tray again you’re looking to check that this width is within this range from 32 to 38

Degrees now that would what you would expect a freshly produced out of the bladder urine sample to be at once it have been peed into this cup so again it’s a little bit of chain-of-custody just to check that it’s not been diluted with system water or toilet water hasn’t been substituted with urine that’s been stored in a bag or pouch and brought in for the test

So first checks before you interpret this is accurate if you’re not doing directly observed sample collection will be to check the temperature is within that range on a green scale and the adulteration tests indicates of this normal strength human urine and then at that stage this particular product is loaded with these twelve tour groups and if we just run you

Through these mo p is your opiates green mdma is your ecstasy screen coc cocaine and crack cocaine tac for cannabis hashish to marijuana am pm fetanyl speed methamphetamine crystal ice empty is methadone ba are is barbiturates b0 is benzodiazepines ket is ketamine veterinary anesthetics increasingly abused by kids tca is all tricyclic antidepressants and bu p is

Buprenorphine commonly used in a field for treating opiate addiction but it is increasingly abused itself now you will get individual results for each of those 12 drugs once this test is filled with urine and to run the test it’s simply a matter of removing the lid giving it to the donor to take to toilet facility and to produce a sample into it and then to secure

The lid now the minimum urine level that you’re requiring is only about there it’s a very small sample so unless somebody’s got real problems with producing a urine sample there’s no need to fill it beyond that point okay and ideally we would advise you to advise them not to fill it more than halfway okay so you’re ideally looking for a sample somewhere between

That level and that level web flat there is an area on the side for id in terms of your your donor name and the date of the test and then the interpretation of the results is simply interpretation of a control and test line against each of these drug abbreviations reading test results has negative or positive if no control line is formed tends to indicate there’s

Either a problem with the loading or absorption of the test membrane or inadequate urine has been added to the sample in the first place so that’s a very nice neat testing solution in screens for biggest selection of drugs available anywhere in the uk that were aware of in terms of its coverage for drugs of abuse so it’s a comprehensive drug screen covering both

The common and some of the more rare drug groups that you’re going to encounter in drug screening the sample has to be added and then a time guide estimated from the time that the urine is actually produced into the cup now the other design of cups are water called split key cups now the 12 troy cup isn’t a split key so there’s no separation of the sample once the

Sample is added into this cup you need to estimate your start time for your read times and the read times on this from manufactures guidance is between three and sorry between five and ten minutes from the time that the urine is actually added into the cup so when it comes back to you it’s usually about a minute old anyway what you will normally see is once you

Peel this label off – to show the membranes in here quite often the pink dye is already traveling up these test membranes the idea once that starting is just to sit it flat until you’ve got all 12 test line and control lines showing okay and at that stage if you have got test lines showing in the presence of all control lines then you’ve got all negative results

And no further action is required if you’re screening in a workplace or healthcare setting and you’re getting a positive indicator of any single drug group we would recommend that you then move to a confirmation service or system to actually specifically identify the bad drug is what you think in all suspected is from your near patient screen and actually measure

The levels of the drug in that urine so that would mean moving to a collection of sample going to a gas chromatography mass spectrometry laboratory accredited service which will give you that confirmation test on any positive results this is the uk drug testing 12 drug cup test it’s available from the uk drug testing website it’s available individually and also

In cartons of 25 and 100 tests

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How to use a 12 drug testing cup with urine adulteration test from UK Drug Testing By Valuemed Medical Supplies