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How to use an Auvi-Q Epinephrine Auto-injector

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We talk about how to use an Auvi-Q Epinephrine Auto-injector. Please remember to call 911 in a medical emergency. Practice, practice, practice if you or a loved one uses an epinephrine auto-injector. It is very easy to become disoriented or flustered in an emergency. Learn to identify the signs of an anaphylactic reaction! Carry 2 auto-injectors with you at all times (if you use them).

Hi guys this is john from happy allergy family and we’re here to talk about epinephrine auto injectors so in this video we’re gonna do a couple things one is introduce the epinephrine auto injector number two talk mostly about how to use it and then talk about common problems that occur my wife and i are big advocates of food allergy awareness and education so

We hope this video will help you out what we’re going to do in a second is i’m going to have a couple of my students come up with me and demonstrate how to use auto injectors so first and foremost what is an epinephrine auto injector so an epinephrine auto injector puts epinephrine into your bloodstream while there are many uses for it then what we’re going to

Focus on is our food allergies now contrary to what some people think food allergies are not just a minor nuisance they could be extremely severe and reactions that you can have in particular reactions called anaphylactic reactions can either you or possibly kill you so these are extremely serious conditions now while we won’t go too much at the biochemistry of

An anaphylactic reaction at least not in this video it’s enough for us to think of it this way an anaphylactic reaction is a severe possibly life-threatening allergic reaction which can affect multiple systems and literally cause your body to shut down all right so how does an iron injector play into this believe it or not that dose of epinephrine can mean the

Difference between life and death and seconds count so if you deal with food allergies or have a loved one that deals with food allergies i can’t say this enough you need to have that auto injector on hand because none of this will make a difference if you don’t have one available okay one more important thing before we get to the main point of this video and that

Is even though that auto injector is the whole point of this video right it is not the end-all be-all it does not replace calling 9-1-1 so once you’ve applied the auto-injector you need to call 9-1-1 okay you need to have that person looked at by a health professional and there are a couple of reasons for this one the epinephrine can wear off and in some cases

Believe it or not if the reaction is very severe and the symptoms are not being alleviated you might have to apply a second auto injector never reapply the same auto injector twice okay but we’ll talk more about that specifically in a later video for this video i want to get to the heart of the matter which is really how do you apply an epinephrine auto injector

We’re going to focus on two common ones even though they’re pretty similar in applications the epipen and the rbq all right so let’s get to work so the rbq applicator will actually talk you through it but like i mentioned before muscle memory is important so hopefully if you’ve done this enough times you won’t have to listen to it but it’s always good to keep

An ear out let’s try this so we take the guy we remove it from its case all right so like the epipen has that blue safety this one has a red safety and it’s actually telling me that if we’re not ready to use it we replace it so we’re going to take this red seal here and pull it off okay and so now like it says take the black end and push it firmly against the

Outer thigh so i’m going to apply it to the outer thigh like so so this one you’d actually apply for a couple seconds but it will actually tell you when it’s done all right so again like i said before i think it’s very good to have muscle memory especially when it comes to an emergency because everything in emergency seems complex so same steps so you take the

Epinephrine applicator you remove it from its case right there will be a red cap here you remove that red cap and you apply it to the outer thigh just like before all right so here we have the ov-cue the first thing you’re going to do is remove the case and once you remove the case you’re going to see a red seal take out that red seal you’ll see the black end of

The ova cue you’re going to insert into your thigh count to two and then once the count is done you will remove it and you’re all done so here we go removing the case taking out the right key and then we’re all done so i’m going to repeat this but i’m going to do it a little bit more quickly since we’ve seen the version where you’re sitting down this is the same

Thing so if she feels uncomfortable she needs to lie down that’s perfectly fine so we’re going to let her lie down we’re going to follow the same procedure we’re going to move the applicator from its case we’re going to take off the red seal and we’re going to take the black hand and press it against our thigh until you hear a click then you can count off two but

The rbq should actually do that for you so let’s demonstrate in real time so you take it remove it take the red seal remove that take the black hand against your outer thigh until you hear it snap then we count off to complete and then we remove it i’ve got offer a big thanks to all our staff that helped out and of course my wife for organizing and masterminding

This whole event and in fact hopefully what we’d like to do is do a series of events in honor of food allergy awareness week because the more we can spread awareness about food allergies the better off everyone is okay but now it’s time to fulfill the final point we made in the beginning of the video which is common mistakes i think might occur okay so number one

Um i just happen to have this one on me so i’m going to use in the demo but this applies of course to any auto injector i think a common mistake to be aware of is the fact that people sometimes forget to remove that safety okay now in the heat of the moment it’s very easy to get stressed out and confused it’s natural it happens to anyone okay whether it’s an epipen

Or an object or anything else it doesn’t really make a difference if you don’t remove that safety nothing’s gonna happen if in the heated moment something’s not working out and you don’t understand what’s going on it’s always good to check and make sure that safety is removed okay so one other thing that might happen is if you haven’t practiced it right it’s very

Natural when you start doing this motion you basically almost instinctively put your thumb back here as a support okay happen to grab it the wrong way okay the problem is if i brace with my thumb like this i’ve now injected myself it’s not so much an issue for the person that’s actually receiving the injection the dangers for the person that needs that dose so resist

That urge to put that thumb on top grab it strictly by the barrel but in an emergency situation the only way to really have this down is to build muscle memory which brings me to my third and final point which is kind of all-encompassing but as an instructor i can’t leave this out and that is you need to build muscle memory so now you might be thinking this procedure

Is pretty simple i don’t think i have to worry about it and that might be true but more often than not in an emergency situation everything counts things that seem so simple and obvious when you sit back and think about it become immensely difficult in the moment if you need an auto injector or if you’re a parent right then as a child that might need an application

Of auto injector it’s so worth your time to build that muscle memory even if you think the procedure is so simple my wife and i and the rest of the happy allergy family team we’re always looking for ways to improve our message so if you have any tips or suggestions or there any videos you’d like to see so if you’re curious about in that please let us know in happy allergy food week

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How to use an Auvi-Q Epinephrine Auto-injector By Happy Allergy Family