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How to Use and Clean Your Nebulizer

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This short video will help you learn how to use and clean a Nebulizer the right way so that you can breathe better. All medicine should be taken under the care of your doctor.

What is shared in this video does not replace advice by a medical professional your medicine our device might not look the same as what is shown in this video the name of a company or product in this video does not mean it is endorsed by atrium health all medicine should be taken under the care of your doctor many people have trouble breathing and take medicine

To help them breathe better medicine for your lungs can be taken many ways one way is by nebulizer a nebulizer is a special device that makes a mist with your medicine this is breathe into the lungs debut lasers come in many shapes and sizes every nebulizer has the same main parts this video will show you how to use and clean your nebulizer every nebulizer has

A compressor this pushes air to create the mist with your medicine the nebulizer tubing joins the compressor to the cup this cup holds the medicine the mask or mouthpiece is used to breathe in the medicine many nebulizers have a tea piece this joins the mouthpiece to the medicine cup the nebulizers with tea pieces also have a reservoir tube this tube holds the

Mist for you to breathe in before putting your nebulizer kit together you should wash your hands with soap and warm water then dry your hands with a clean dry paper towel you are now ready for your treatment when you give yourself a treatment you should make sure that all the parts of the nebulizer kit are in one place treatments take 10 to 15 minutes pick a quiet

Place and a good time to do this make sure the compressor is on a flat table or a counter if your compressor has a power cord sitting near a power outlet do not use an extension cord first connect the tubing to the compressor and the medication cup your medicine comes in single-use packages the right amount that your doctor order each package is open by twisting

Off the top in and squeezing the liquid into the cup never use more or less medication to what your doctor ordered next connect the tee piece to the top of the cup then connect the mouthpiece to one end of the tea piece and the reservoir tube to the other end if you use a mask it will need to be connected to the cup a tea piece is not needed when you are ready to

Begin your treatment turn on the compressor with the on switch make sure the device is creating a steady mist if it is not check the tubing it should be connected to the compressor and the cup while sitting up in holding the nebulizer level take slow deep breaths through your mouth your doctor may tell you to hold your breath for one or two seconds between breaths

This allows the medicine to get deeper into your lungs if you need to call or stop the treatment turn off the compressor to not waste medication after 10 to 15 minutes your treatment will be over you will hear a sputtering sound this means that you have taken all your medicine after each treatment take the nebulizer kit apart rinse the cup tepees mouthpiece and

Reservoir tubing with warm water shake the water off each piece place them on a clean paper towel to air dry once a week clean your nebulizer kit there are two ways to do this the first way is to boil the parts in hot water for 10 minutes be careful to not burn your hands when taking the parts out of the hot water using tongs is a safe way to do this after you

Take the parts out let them air dry on a clean paper towel the second way is to soak the parts in one cup of white vinegar and three cups of warm water for thirty minutes in a clean bowl after 30 minutes rinse the parts with warm water and let them air-dry on a clean paper towel when the parts are dry put them in a ziploc bag or a plastic bowl with a cover place

The bag or the bowl in a dry cool area when you’re not using it you need to keep your kit clean and free of germs this will help you to not get sick your doctor ordered this medicine as part of your care by following these steps you can use and clean your nebulizer the right way if you have questions or need help call your doctor’s office you

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How to Use and Clean Your Nebulizer By Atrium Health