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I use Diane 35 pills to prevent having breakouts.

35 i’ve been using this for almost three months now and i started using this january nine yon i first 21 tabs adding seven days known i intended for interval para anti in menstruation my anti anti-androgen therapy an ebook netwo based on my research is that it is used for treatment of signs of physical male characteristics of physical male characteristics

Pimples acne white heads and so on and so forth well that’s the first thing recent called kumbhakata pills and a male characteristic characteristic male hormone or male sex hormone androgen um 35 i my anti-androgen therapy you own a malpine just make sure now you follow the direction and also based on my research diane 35 also lightens your menstruation

Although for me in my own experience first uh first ganto decrease period it impulse 21 days and then after the 22nd day hindi canada and for seven days within those times i allergic um ingredients uh leaflet so it opens 35 as you can see then you should not take this 35 that is according to my research so and then you’re taking this you should stop

You should stop now breastfeeding the child might take something from this so you should stop the breastfeeding or the other way around something like breastfeed then probably or yes you should not take this and then of course and so make sure to always check go on your expiration date so in terms of price among so it all i more expensive 700 or nasa 689

Something depends on mercury 689 then or 690 um seven hundred and most likely unite from resellers and it’s less expensive uh regular nagumagamit neto and then um you have to make sure that you have to consult your doctor if you’re going to consult your doctor you have to be open about your information first and foremost you have to inform your doctor about

Your allergies or you also have to inform them diabetes i recommend high blood pressure on my mind green kabba or um so you have to inform your doctor about those they have to consider those things it’s better if you consult someone or you consult a doctor not only watching youtube or something although for me i did not consult i’m sorry but of course disclaimer

Um you should always consult your doctor because the best so one thing that you have to remember in using this is first and foremost you should take this every day every day at the same time let’s say for example your first time in guma with neto is let’s say eight in the morning so tomorrow you should take this eight in the morning at the same time okay and

Another thing is so you have to take this with a full cup a full glass of water so that’s based on my research so kailan dao with full glasses of water so yuan and then another thing is um it’s not necessary though whether you drink it before or after your meal because normally and then you take the medicine however research is it’s okay as long as you drink

It with full glass of water it it’s not necessary whether it’s before or after your meal if you are using this for the first time you have to take this first day of your menstruation so if you’re planning it now you have to wait menstruation um you just have to follow the arrow so let’s say for example me i started saturday so every month saturday not going

To take lento uh seven days you know um interval and then saturday night i’m going to take so once he started saturday so you start in saturday and then arrow dito so you are union so make sure you follow the arrows and you follow the instructions and if you like this click like subscribe and comment down below thank you

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